Texans Are Literally Horrified At This Terrifying Sight On Texas Highway

By Dani Medina

March 24, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

One driver's commute turned into a viral social media post thanks to a rather terrifying sight on a Texas highway.

Reddit user Fransisco Flores shared a photo online of a pick-up truck driving on U.S. Highway 75 in Dallas with a massive haul on the bed, including sacks of insulation and ladders strapped to the already-overflowing truck bed, MySanAntonio reports. Part of the load was even hanging over the tailgate, making it a scary sight on the road. "Beautiful day to drive behind this," Flores captioned the photo.

"Items started leaning to the point of them dragging. I honked endlessly until they pulled over," Flores told the news outlet. When Flores shared the photo on Reddit, he received over 250 comments of people reacting to the insane sight.

"What the actual F---. How did they even get that loaded in the first place?! It’s an engineering s---show/marvel," one user wrote.

"Not sure if I should also be afraid or impressed," said another.

Another user said they saw the truck earlier that day "after he left his shop." They said," Everything was completely vertical and the ladder was on top. It seemed like it was 20’ tall from the ground to the ladder."

Check out the photo for yourself.

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