03/29/23 Blog: Weather Wednesday and Tech That Identifies At Risk Students

March 29, 2023

WEATHER WEDNESDAY AT 12:35 TODAY As we are joined by Fox 31 Meteorologist Dave Fraser so he can answer your most excellent weather questions.

WHAT IF THERE WERE A WAY TO SEE AT RISK STUDENTS BEFORE THINGS WENT SOUTH? There is and I've got Harvey Hughes with Smart Data Dashboard on to discuss how his platform uses data points and AI to identify students who may be at risk for suicide, dropping out, or even violence before it happens. Find the website for more information here.

WHAT IF THIS SIGN WERE OUTSIDE YOUR KID'S SCHOOL? Thanks to listener Faith for sending a photo she snapped outside a school in Peyton, Colorado. I bet they don't have any shootings there.

BUSINESSES IN PHOENIX SUE AND WIN OVER HOMELESS CAMPS A former Denverite who left and moved to Arizona sent me this story. A group of businesses whose livelihoods were being affected by a huge homeless encampment called The Zone sued the city and won. Read this from the court's ruling:

If you own a business downtown, you really should read this entire ruling, it's full of very damning evidence about the City's lax policies when it comes to how they treat homeless people. Even going so far as to NOT arrest them when they do commit a crime. You can click through on the news story to read it, I can't embed it here. .

AND NOW A GENRE OF MUSIC YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED If you've heard of Norwegian Reggaeton you and listener Ralph should hang out as he sent me this. I've decided this is Norwegian-Puerto Rican goth metal. I'm going with that. I honestly don't know why I can't stop watching this but I can't.

LET'S PASS A BILL TO STUDY NUCLEAR FOR COLORADO A bill being proposed in the Legislature would simply create a study of the feasibility of small modular reactors for Colorado. Not authorize them, just study the feasibility of adding them to our energy production mix as we move towards greater reliance on unreliable renewables. This is a great editorial on the bill.

DPS IS LETTING KIDS GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING All in the name of "restorative justice" which really means no consequences even for violence or bringing a gun to school. How do we know? Because teachers and administrators are finally talking to the media about it. Read this story for more on how just letting kids get away with stuff is supposed to be better. Does what we're doing now feel better to the kids at East High School? Do they think it's working? For the record, over my many years in different markets the number one complaint I hear from teachers is that they administration does NOT have their backs when it comes to disciplining kids. This is a horrible situation that has led to kids thinking they can/should bring a gun to school. It's horrible.

DPS ALSO HAS NO CLUE HOW MANY STUDENTS ARE CURRENTLY INVOLVED IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM "involved in the justice system" means facing some sort of criminal charges to be clear. When the Denver Gazette pressed DPS to get even a rough number of how many students are facing criminal charges or are on probation, DPS simply said, sorry, we don't have any info on that. WHAT??? How is this possible? How can you manage what you don't measure? This is a shameful example of DPS hiding from unflattering statistics. They know the number would probably freak everyone out. This must change. This district is a virtue signaling clown show.

AURORA BANS TIK TOK ON CITY OWNED DEVICES And I fully expect things like this to continue, although nothing will stop people from having the app on their personal phones.

CHRIS CHRISTIE COMES OUT STRONG AGAINST TRUMP As he signals that he is planning to run for President in 2024. I think this is a strategic error of his, taking on Trump in this way. He's going at Trump full force, saying this:

“You know, Donald Trump said a couple of weeks ago, ‘I am your retribution.’ Guess what, everybody? No thanks. No thanks,” Christie said to applause from his audience in an early-nominating state. “If I was going to pay somebody to be my retribution, I guarantee this, it wouldn’t be him.”
Christie, who has been publicly critical of Trump as he weighs a White House bid, continued, “Here’s why it wouldn’t be him, because he doesn’t want to be my retribution. That’s baloney. The only person he cares about is him. And if we haven’t learned that since Election Day of 2020 to today, then we are not paying attention.”

Now he's going to make himself the target instead of DeSantis, which is just dumb. But if people want someone who is going to take Trump on full force, I guess they are Christie people for now. For now.

THE META VERSE IS OVER NOW It was great for the two years that it lasted, but big money is moving away from the metaverse after most people choose to live in the real world instead. It's been a quick pivot to AI in the tech world.

GEN Z MAY BRING BACK THE DUMB PHONES One of the first fully digital generations is turning its back on the tech they have been slaves too. Now they are limiting their own screen time by buying dumb phones with only a few features like gps or a hotspot. Read about it here.

THE FOUR DAY WORKWEEK IS GAINING TRACTION IN THE US And I'm here for it, though I doubt it will ever become my norm. Read more here.

BOLO FOR RADICAL TRANS ACTIVISTS As they are committing crimes of death over and over again. This story from HotAir.com goes over a few things you need to remember and some you may not know. The "Trans Day of Vengeance" is something you should pay attention to. The fact that four mass shootings, including TWO in Colorado were done by non-binary or trans people (Colorado Springs and STEM school) and now in Nashville. Trans people are being told they are being killed for being trans when that is not at all being proven by statistics about murder or hate crimes against trans people. But they are angry, and now they are armed and because some seem to be very unstable (some, not all) we need to pay attention.

THE CLIMATE CHANGE CABAL HAS CAPTURED SCIENCE CLASS This is a GREAT column on the pushback being given to the National Science Teaching Association and its decidedly ANTI-science position on Climate Change. It's not just that they want to children to be taught the "consensus" on climate change, and that is it is absolutely caused by CO2 emissions even though that is far from proven and has led to spectacularly wrong conclusions so far, but that no OTHER theory may be allowed to be taught or discussed. A group of scientists wrote a long paper explaining how ANTI-science this is, and I bet it has zero impact. Pay attention to what your kids are learning in science class, parents.

THE ONLY GOOD THING TO COME OUT UVALDE Is that no cop going forward is going to wait and let little kids get slaughtered. Two cops rushed in and stopped the Nashville murderer in her/his tracks. I haven't been able to sit through the body cam footage, but it's linked here. I just can't.

I'M NOT SURE THIS BABY CONSENTS TO THIS Because frankly this baby does not look happy. Watch below or click here.

GARY V TALKS WORK LIKE BALANCE And I kind of hate him for this because he's the original GRIND GRIND GRIND guy. I find his acolytes to be insufferable most of the time. I'm glad he's finally getting it. Watch below or click here.


We really, really need to change the conversation of what success looks like .. enjoyment, peace, good health and well-being .. that’s what needs to be the ambition ❤️

♬ Ambient-style emotional piano - MoppySound

IT MAY BE IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE BY YOURSELF BUT... I'm a Gen Xer and we had NO expectation of living by ourselves throughout our 20s. What we DID have the expectation of being as self sufficient as we could, so roommates were what we did. Living with parents meant a lack of freedom and being locked in a childlike position by that dynamic. So don't whine about it like this dude does. Get some roommates and shut up. Watch below and click here.

THE NEW AROD AND RICE IS OUT! Okay, I know it's Rice and Arod but I like Arod and Rice better, just saying.

THIS TIK TOK CAUGHT FIRE YESTERDAY And the comments came from a lot of people who didn't listen to our conversation with Laura Carno. Watch below or click here.

CHINA THINKS THEY CAN TELL US TO NOT MEET A SOVEREIGN LEADER And I sure hope Speaker Kevin McCarthy not only meets the President of Taiwan, I hope they take a bunch of photos hugging just to piss off the Chinese Communist government. China says if he does meet her, they will "retaliate". By doing what? Meeting with Vlad Putin? Too late, they already did that last week. Who gives a crap what China says about our diplomacy policies. I sure don't.

THE NOISES WE MAKE WHILE WAITING FOR PAGES TO LOAD This is eerily accurate. Watch below or click here.


they can’t stand one singular second of silence

♬ original sound - stephen rigatoni

WHITE SNEAKERS ARE BACK, BABY! When I was in 8th and 9th grade you were the HEIGHT of fashion if you worn Stan Smith Adidas or Tretorn white tennis shoes. I LOVED them but couldn't afford them at the time so I was stuck wearing my plain old sneakers that weren't cool. Imagine my delight when I bought a pair of Tretorns at COSTCO this past weekend! Oh how the mighty have fallen, as they are just 19 bucks now, but whatever. This is a great article on the best white sneakers for men because I want you to fit in wherever you are.

HORRIBLE CULTURAL ROT ON DISPLAY A 12 year old Milwaukee boy was mad that a grown man wouldn't sell him a gun, so he shot and killed the man to steal them. The boy, being 12 and an idiot, did a bad job concealing that he was at the scene of the crime when he ordered pizza from his cell phone. So much wrong here.


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