Kentucky Bakery Named The Best In The Entire State

By Dani Medina

March 29, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Bread! Croissants! Muffins! Cookies! Cake! Donuts! Who can resist a good bakery!?

Mashed compiled a list of the best bakery in every state that will have you itching to go on a cross-country road trip in search of the best baked goods. "Each state is home to a multitude of bakeries, but there are a few that stand out, offering the flakiest pastries, the most beautiful breads, or even the most innovative concoctions. By scouring reviews, looking through awards, and, of course, a bit of eating of our own, we've put together a guide showcasing the best bakery in every state," the food site said about its list.

In Kentucky, the best bakery is Bluegrass Baking Company in Lexington. Here's what Mashed said to back up its decision:

Known for freshly stocking their selections of treats each day, Bluegrass Baking Company has been named one of the best bakeries in the South. Sweet options range from cookies and pies to beautiful fruit tarts and croissants, but it's the freshly baked bread that puts this spot on the map. The baking process offers a chewy and crispy crust with perfect crumb inside, and fans have boasted that it's definitely the best bread in town — and maybe even the whole country.

Check out the full report.

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