'Find My iPhone' App Glitch Keeps Leading Apple Users To Texas Home

By Jason Hall

April 6, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas homeowner said he's had nearly a dozen people knock on his door at random hours looking for their missing Apple products due to a 'Find My iPhone' app glitch.

Scott Shuster, whose lived in his Richmond home since 2018, said the issue has taken place every few months for the past few years, as captured on doorbell footage he shared with ABC13.

"I lost my cell phone, and I clicked Find My iPhone, and it says it was at this address," one person is heard saying in the video.

Many of the people have been visibly upset or frustrated with Shuster with the full belief that he's actually stolen their items and is lying, which included one person who threatened to call police.

"Well, the cops are on the way, so you may want to talk to me before they come here," the person said in the video footage.

Schuster said he's unaware of why his address continues to ping in the 'Find My iPhone' app, but as a software engineer himself, has theories and is concerned about upset people continuing to show up at his door in relation to the safety of his young children.

"There are plenty of irrational people if they are angry, drunk, had a rough night and lost their phone and thought it was stolen," Schuster said. "That's my biggest concern. Someone coming to the house potentially with a weapon."

Schuster provided evidence to ABC13 that he contact Apple Support multiple times but never got a resolution, with the latest incident of a person coming to his door taking place a few days ago.

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