Cae Cartier Responds To Critics On His New Single 'GO'

By Tony M. Centeno

May 2, 2023

Cae Cartier
Photo: Dangy

Cae Cartier is in go mode and isn't stopping no matter what his critics say.

The Atlanta rapper recently dropped off his new single "GO" produced by Hard Knock. On the song, Cartier sounds off on all his haters over a hard-hitting instrumental that will motivate anyone to get up and go. The young artist uses the record to address people who had something to say about his aggressive flows and gun-filled visuals.

"I've been on some f**k everybody type s**t," Cartier tells iHeartRadio. "'GO' is just on some s**t like bro you gotta go. Ain't no more waiting. Just go with everything you do in life just go."

"As I'm creating the record, I'm giving you that aggressiveness but I'm also criticizing what came about as far as me going viral," he continues. "A lot of people was on some s**t like 'we tired of music like this' or 'we tired of hearing --' but it's like this is actually what got me where I'm at."

Cartier has spent the past year enticing the industry with his rough records like "Quicksand" and "Smoke." Towards the end of 2022, the Special Entertainment / Geffen Records signee released his song "Tuci," in which he mocked New York's drill scene and TikTok dances. The music video has over 649,000 views on YouTube. Since then, he's followed with other intense tracks like "Mozart," which also arrived with controversial visuals that has people talking. Although the visuals for "GO" are still in the works, Cartier says he's constantly creating everyday.

"I go on what inspires and influences me throughout this s**t," Cartier explains. "I'm not a robot. I don't got a set plan, but I do have a lot songs that a lot of people need to hear. So after 'GO' does what it's initially set out to do, I'm coming back right after with this record called 'FWM'."

Listen to Cae Cartier's new single "GO" below.


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