Here’s Where To Taste The Most Delicious Ice Cream In All Of Texas

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

August 2, 2023

Editable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cone
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Austinites and Houstonians are in for a sweet surprise.

Modern food and drink platform Tasting Table published a list featuring the best ice cream shops in the U.S. in July. The story highlighted must-try parlors from coast to coast known for serving appetizing variations of the delectable dessert whether that be soft serve or rolled, topped with rainbow sprinkles or drizzled with caramel or enjoyed in a waffle bowl or in a sugar cone.

For Texans, the cherry on top is that local bakery Tiny's Milk & Cookies is considered a standout counter in the entire country to treat yourself to a creamy confection.

Tasting Table gave an inside scoop on why the handmade ice cream spot is worthy of praise:

“Tiny's Milk & Cookies is an offshoot of Houston's Tiny Boxwoods, which began life as a café at a plant nursery. Milk & Cookies has three locations in Houston and one in Austin, which I visited weekly for most of my five years living in that city. It's a cute little shed with a walk-up window serving some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted. The house-made ice cream offers rich dairy flavor and an impeccably smooth mouthfeel. But unlike other high-end ice cream places that serve a similarly decadent product, Tiny's doesn't try to get too weird with its flavors. Instead, it sticks to nostalgic classics like Milk & Cookies (its take on cookies & cream), mint chocolate chip and vanilla.”

Tiny's Milk & Cookies is accessible, too, with its walk-up style approach for the neighborhood ice cream lovers to order their favorite flavors quickly and with ease. However, the convenience of Tiny’s never takes away from its high quality.

Smith elaborated,

“The thing that makes this place special is the care it devotes to these comforting tastes. Its seasonal strawberry ice cream explodes with fruit flavor. The vanilla is complex and intense, nothing at all like bland grocery store vanilla ice cream. The birthday cake ice cream makes you feel like a kid licking the whisk all over again. An added plus is that Tiny's is also a top-notch bakery. I never left without a warm, fresh chocolate chip cookie to dip into my ice cream. The combo is the closest thing to dessert perfection I've ever experienced.”

Ice cream options at Tiny's range from Vanilla Caramel Crunch, to Coconut Milk Chocolate, to Milk & Cookies. Tiny, single or double scoops can be selected as can pint sizes. Both sugar and waffle cones are available, but cups can be chosen from as well.

Scattered across the two cities are Tiny's Milk & Cookies locations at West University, River Oaks, Memorial and Kerbey Lane Village.

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