You Need To Make This Much Money To Live In New Mexico’s Richest City

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

August 15, 2023

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Financial news authority 24/7 Wall St. released an article identifying the wealthiest areas in every U.S. state.

In the heart of New Mexico, where opulence and grandeur meet, lies the crown jewel of prosperity — the suburb of Tano Road, the state's undisputed capital of wealth and extravagance. An upscale neighborhood with a resort feel and a quiet home to spacious land and nature outings, Tano Road is concealed by a tapestry woven from the threads of more lowkey lavish lifestyles from those who live in different zip codes.

Here is how much it costs to live in New Mexico's richest city as well as more interesting facts about the subtle Tano Road :

  • The median household income in Tano Road is $121,750 compared to New Mexico's overall median household income of $51,243.
  • 74.2% of adults living in the town have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, only 28.1% of adults statewide have graduated from a four-year undergraduate program.
  • The percentage of households with incomes above $200,000 in Tano Road is 48.5%, although in the entire state of New Mexico, that number drops significantly down to 4.1%.
  • The average home value in Tano Road is $846,000. In New Mexico, it's $175,700.
  • Tano Road has a humble population of 1,596.
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