How Much Money A Single Person Needs To Make To Live Comfortably In Arizona

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

August 30, 2023

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The recommended income required to live comfortably varies greatly across towns and cities in the United States due to significant differences in the cost of living, housing expenses and other important factors. Generally, a comprehensive standard of living for the average resident includes covering essential expenses such as housing, food, transportation, healthcare and personal expenses.

GoBankingRates identified the living wage a single person needs in all 50 states.

In high-cost states, the income needed for a comfortable lifestyle is notably higher, and the cost of housing tends to be the primary driver behind the various income requirements because cities with vibrant job markets and amenities often come with higher rents and property prices.

Other factors such as state taxes, healthcare costs and transportation prices also contribute to one's overall financial picture.

Ultimately, achieving a comfortable lifestyle is not solely about income, but revolves around budgeting, managing expenses wisely and making informed choices based on the specific location.

In Arizona, the income required for a single person to live comfortably is $60,026. It is ranked number 37 as the most affordable state in the U.S. for this demographic.

Ranked number one as the state requiring the least money to earn a living wage is Mississippi.

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