Rasheeda Makes More 'Boss Moves' With Nelly, Jermaine Dupri & More Stars

By Tony M. Centeno

September 12, 2023

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Rasheeda has flourished as an entrepreneur over the past decade. Now, her fans can watch her make more boss moves with the biggest celebrities in the game.

The accomplished artist and reality star is back with the second season of her new TV series “Boss Move with Rasheeda.” In the Philo original, Rasheeda Widad Buckner-Frost takes fans along with her as she builds her empire alongside her husband Kirk Frost and their beautiful family. Frost owns her own make-up brand Poiz Cosmetics, Frost Bistro & Bar, and her Pressed Boutique in Atlanta and Houston. On top of all that, the multifaceted hustler also stars in MTV's “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta."

Season two of Rasheeda’s new series features eight episodes full of behind-the-scenes action of the boss hard at work as she runs her multiple businesses. In between, fans also get to see exclusive conversations between special guests like TV personalities Toya Johnson & Reginae Carter plus “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Marlo Hampton & Cynthia Bailey.

In addition to entrepreneurs Egypt Sherrod, Mike Jackson and chefs Virgil Harper, Gocha Hawkins, and Tamara Young, Frost also chops it up with her old friends, Grammy award-winning rappers Nelly & Jermaine Dupri. During our conversation with Rasheeda, iHeartRadio discusses her new series, the immaculate success of her multiple businesses, Hip Hop 50 and more. Make sure to watch all-new episodes of "Boss Moves" every Tuesday on Philo TV.

Reginae Carter, Rasheeda & Toya Johnson
Photo: Philo TV

iHR: Congratulations on the show. You're entering the second season. How do you feel about the growth of not just the show, but all of your businesses overall?

Rasheeda: It feels good. It's a lot of work. People sometimes don't believe that it is, but it really is. But it feels good to be able to keep going as an entrepreneur, to be able to come with the second season of “Boss Moves” and us continue to elevate. And I'm just looking forward to just forward motion in a positive light.

You’re definitely doing that with everything that you're doing this season. You have a lot of celebrity guests that have come through to support you, and I know that one of them is the great Jermaine Dupri. What was that experience like reconnecting with him?

Having Jermaine on was great. He's a friend of my husband's and we've all known each other for such a long time and been in this industry. We've worked together and they do cars stuff together and all of that. So really just kind of talking to him and digging in and allowing people to see and hear different experiences and different things that he has going on and his influence in Atlanta Hip-Hop was a lot of things that we discussed, just putting it out there and just bringing it together full circle. So it was really just great conversation and now he's turning into a businessman coming doing his vegan ice cream and stuff. He’s been talking to me and my husband about different things and it's just great to be able to just really engage and talk and help each other and put businesses stuff out there.

Now I know that another guest that's on your show is Nelly. You guys talk about his relationship with Ashanti in the preview, but what else went down during your linkup?

Nelly's a great person. I wanted people to understand and hear about his longevity in the game and the moves that he made and his education on the music industry as well. He's very educated when it comes to the business and that's one big part of his success still. He's also an entrepreneur. He has this brand MoShine that we were talking about, his liquor brand of course, and we got to do a little cross collab with us having a restaurant and supporting his brand. We were able to open up and let him speak on the things that he had going on and give some of these young guys a little bit of juice and a little bit of information because you can get in this game and be hot and cool or whatever for a minute, but you can get in the game and have longevity. That's what we wanted people to understand --- look at someone like Nelly who's been in this game this long, still relevant, still going and just signed a multimillion-dollar publishing deal.

It’s great to see you guys connect on a business level. Let’s touch on your music a little bit. I know it's been 22 years since your debut album, Dirty South. How do you feel about your overall success with your music career within these two decades?

It's funny because we were having this conversation not that long ago, and I say success is measured on all different levels, especially once you really know and understand the music industry and the music business. It’s such a blessing to have had an independent career. Although I had never been a super big mainstream artist, being an independent artist, I definitely liked that better. We have a very huge publishing and we've been blessed with the success of records like “My Bubble Gum” and “Marry Me” who's gone freaking viral 50 million times. When you own your masters and your music and you're able to really eat and enjoy the fruits of that labor that you put in all those years ago, that's a real 401K plan for you right there. So God is good and I can't do nothing but give him the praises for having a great music career.

Speaking of Hip-Hop, how do you feel about the 50th anniversary and the impact that ladies like yourself have made on the genre over the years?

Of course I'm like, damn, it's been 50 years already?! Ain't that crazy. I feel like it's just beautiful, honestly. When Hip-Hop originally started, we weren't sure what it was going to do or if it going to be here for a hot little minute and then it turns around and it's like the cultural phenomenon of the world all over everywhere. Everybody just wants to be a part of this Hip-Hop culture and this is the lifestyle of a lot of people. I just pray that it evolves and it has an evolution over years of different things. We have different styles of music, different stuff, and I feel like this style and the things that are going on now in music, I'm looking for that to elevate. For us to have more substance, for us to be a little more responsible with some of these songs. We can keep on for another 50 and another 50 and another 50. It has provided so much for our community and showed so much talent from our community. You don't want that to ever stop.

And just like Hip-Hop, you're never going to stop. What's the one thing that you want your fans to walk away with after watching the show?

Listen, whatever it is that you want to do in your life, what you want to accomplish in your life, it can be done. But it starts with yourself really being real and true to who you are and going after your goals and dreams. People want to be successful, but a lot of times they don't want to put in the work. Sometimes they put in the work and things don't go right. And sometimes you just need somebody to push you into gear or help you with a shift or just as simple as giving you some information or a little bit of something to get you back on track. I feel like that's what “Boss Moves” is about. It's just about helping each other uplifting and it's okay. You don't know every answer and you ain't always going to have it together and we all fall apart here and there, but it's okay. That's a part of life and that builds character, keep it moving and make boss moves.

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