WATCH: Wrangler Captures 20 Rattlesnakes Found Inside Homeowner's Garage

By Bill Galluccio

September 15, 2023

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
Photo: Joe McDonald / The Image Bank / Getty Images

A snake wrangler was shocked to discover 20 rattlesnakes living in an Arizona man's garage. The homeowner contacted Rattlesnake Solutions, thinking there were just a few snakes living in his garage.

"I tried waiting them out," the property owner said. "I only saw them from peeking around the corner. I thought there was an adult."

However, when Marissa Maki showed up to remove them, she discovered there were 20 snakes calling his garage home.

"That is a lot of snakes. I'm not going to lie. This is crazy," Maki said in a YouTube video posted by the company.

Most of the snakes were coiled together near the hot water heater. She carefully removed them one by one using tongs and placed them in a pair of buckets. Maki said there were 15 baby snakes and five adults. She said that one of the snakes was pregnant.

She also found multiple shed skins and believed there were up to 40 snakes living in his garage at one point.

"This is our record for the most rattlesnakes caught in one call," company owner Byran Hughes said. "We'll never know how many rattlesnakes have come and gone over time."

Maki told the homeowner the snakes likely came from a nearby desert wash and entered his home through a gap in the garage door.

After Maki removed the snakes from the garage, she released them back into the wild.

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