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11 plans global elites have for YOUR FUTURE

By Staff, Glenn Beck

October 2, 2023

Global elites and the media are hard at work to convince you that everything they are planning is a "conspiracy theory." But Glenn argues that they're really "conspiracy FACTS." Glenn reads an article titled "11 assumptions about the future" from Doug Casey's International Man that can be used to guide our actions moving forward, and it lines up with the warnings Glenn gave in his newest book, "Dark Future." Glenn reviews these 11 plans global elites have for your future: CBDCs, digital IDs, a "Greater Depression," a rise in crime and censorship, and even World War III are either already here or likely around the corner. So, here's how you should prepare ...

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GLENN: I'm -- I'm -- I'm wondering, if I should share something with you, that I found very, very true.

Eleven assumptions about the future. And it's from Doug Casey. And, I mean, I don't want to bum you out, it's a Monday.

But I included it on today's show prep at

Because I think it's really important. Because I think it is true.

And this -- the reason why I say these things.

Because there's a lot of people who listen to this program. And you're like, I know. I know. It's coming, right?

I know.

Yeah. If you ever hear me say, I'm going to the mountain, and I probably won't be back. Then you know. But it's coming.

And here's what's coming.

Change. That's it. Change.

Everything in life changes. We're under constant change. The America that was 100 years ago, has changed so many times, the people I think if we had a time machine. People from 100 years ago, would come here, and they would say, oh.

I don't want to live there. And we would go back to their time and go, I really don't want to live back there. We're all born for a specific time.

And now is our time. And change is coming.

Now, this is -- I would classify it as catastrophic change, not because it's all bad.

It could be really, really great. We're not headed towards the great basket right now.

We're headed towards the other basket. Catastrophic basket. Basket.

And that's a choice, that we all have to make.

But the biggest problem with this is, the politicos have done such a good job in dividing all of us. And I would put myself in this category too. I've had my share of dividing people.

And it has been --

STU: You? You've --


STU: You -- you think you're decisive in some way? I've never heard such a claim.

GLENN: Well, not intentionally. In today's world. Just telling the truth.

STU: That's plenty.

GLENN: Just telling the truth is enough.

And we have to get past that.

Because when I'm looking at these things.

I think, if people could just wake up, we could fix this.

Now, Doug Casey has Doug Casey's take on podcasts. That I want you to listen to what he says, is coming.

Here are the 11 assumptions that I'm using today, to guide my actions.

One, less freedom of movement is coming.

There will be more effort, is to restrict and regulate our freedom of movement from vax passports, to increased visa requirements. And 15-minute city initiatives.

The grid is being constructed to regulate our freedom of movement. That is absolutely true.

And if you read Dark Future, you'll know it to be true because we outline it.

These are not conspiracy theories.

These are facts, that are also conspiracies.

Conspiracy just means, there are people plotting and trying to cover their tracks.

And trying to deny, to throw people off their trail.

Well, they're not even denying.

They're just using the media to say, conspiracy theory!

And then they do it anyway.

For instance, the gas stoves.

Do you know that every single appliance, and you can read about it in today's show prep. At

Get my show prep. Because I can only get to maybe I don't even know.

10 percent of the stories. Get my show prep every day.

It's so critical, that you read that. It's free at

But these are things that every time, they say, it's a conspiracy theory. They throw you off the trail.

They divide us even further.

And then what happens?

They just do it, because it's too late.

Second, CBDC is coming.

Cash will be eliminated. How restrictive it may end up being, I don't know.

But CBDC, is a foregone conclusion.

Timing, some say, by 2030, there are indications that major economies are working to be ready to deploy by 2025.

The digital ID is already here.

It's number three.

Biometrics are the future. If you have a government issued ID, associated with your photograph. You're in the system already.

How the ID is developed and deployed. And enforced is the question.

Number four. The greater depression. Timing is hard. But can any thinking person imagine how the outcome can be avoided altogether.

Suggest, a market pullback of up to 30 percent between now and early 2024.

Okay. This I've heard from several people, 30 percent pullback. That's the stock market falling 30 percent.

And everyone I've talked to. And I don't know about stock markets. And I -- I hate the stock market.

But everybody I talked to said, about 30 percent or more is coming. And we might already be in it.

It will be followed by a pump, and deflationary wipeout in 2025.

Most financial assets, number five, will disappear at some point.

Inflation, bank bail-in. Market wipeout.

I don't know the cause. But I assume -- I assume physical assets are where I need to be ultimately.

This is important for you to understand.

That land, your home, anything physical, any gold, silver, food, seeds. Anything physical, is important.

Anything that is money, it will -- you can bury it all you want. It will slip through your fingers.

Because that's all going to be taken. Debt is going to be a real problem. When the banks start to collapse, they'll just start seizing assets.

Six, increasing crime and disorder. You've seen the videos. Whether driven by economic desperation, mass migration. The inversion of law. Or in the name of social justice.

Crime and disorder will grow and lead to greater physical threats to our lives and property from our fellow man. This makes urban environments, especially but not exclusively a real risk, absolutely true.

How many times do I tell you, a week, Stu.

You really don't want to be near the city. You really --

STU: You do mention it to me, a lot.

GLENN: A lot.

You don't want to be near the cities. Number seven.

Supply constraints are increasing around all commodities.

From food, to energy.

Did you see the story in the show prep today, Stu. About what he's done. What Biden has just done with oil and gas.

He's passed the toughest standards on drilling and finding natural gas, in the history of America.

He is shutting it down from food to energy. Tight supplies are showing up everywhere.

Live cattle, long dormant, hit an all-time high recently. Oil prices are up 30 percent in the last three months.

Forty percent of Argentina's wheat crop is in poor to fair condition, and protectionist policies are on the rise globally.

Eight, World War III is coming.

A good case can be made. That it's already begun.

I don't know if you saw this, this is also in the show prep today.

The Army War College recently published a study suggesting that the all-volunteer force had reached the end of its useful life. With the military struggling with recruiting, conscription is likely at some point.

I don't know if you saw this, also in the show prep.

Russia is holding for the first time ever.

Let me see if I can find this.

Russia is set to hold a nationwide exercise, early next month.

According to new reports.

In preparation, for the danger of armed conflicts, involving nuclear weapons.

Russia authorities will hold a large-scale trillion across the country, on October 3rd. Is that tomorrow, or is that today?

That's tomorrow.

Because of the growing danger of armed conflicts, including with nuclear capable powers, near Russia's borders. The drill is the first time, that Moscow has held such a drill.

Which will imagine that Russia is at least partially under marshal law. And that up to 70 percent of the country's housing facilities, have been destroyed.

That's what they're preparing for.

Now, we're saying, well, I don't -- what are we -- are we?

Yeah. We should go to war. Because my party says, we should go to war.

You have noticed, by the way. That that is something that the parties are saying. But the American people are not?

If you look at the latest poll numbers. It is showing, that the American people are not in step with the parties.

It's the parties that are pushing for war. The average American is saying, I don't want to go to war. I've no desire to go to war. I don't think we should even be there.

STU: I mean, the parties are not outwardly saying that. But their actions are taking us down that road.

GLENN: Definitely.

STU: And the American people are now getting to the point to where they're opposing even the funding of the war effort in Ukraine. Republicans are already there. Independents are getting closer. Democrats still, very low level of opposition to it. But rising.

GLENN: And look at this, conscription is likely, at some point. That means, if they missed your child in school, they'll indoctrinate them in the military.

I mean, the military, even with everything that's coming up, the military is still saying, no. Abortion and DEI, much more important than -- you know, that's going to kill us. I'll tell you that. This stopping those programs.

STU: That's the kind of thing an election can solve. Right?

Having a Republican president that makes some sense, could put an end to that quickly.

GLENN: A change in our policies, less freedom of movement. Number one.

Goes away. CBDC. You already have DeSantis saying, day one. No CBDC.

The digital ID. That could be stopped with an election. The greater depression.

Maybe not. If we don't turn this around quickly.

Financial assets will disappear at some point.

Maybe -- maybe not.

Increasing crime and disorder. That could be changed. Supply restraints. Increasing around all commodities. Oil. That can change. Food? That can change.

World War III is coming. That can change. Censorship, and digital control, will enter a new phase.

Deplatforming. Debanking. Shadow banning. And social media account suspensions will increase.

Centralized digital services of all kind should be considered suspect.

And very likely dangerous to use. In the future.

Wow. By the way, I can't believe I'm saying this, but in today's newsletter. There's a story about Canada. Trudeau is now pushing to regulate all podcasts.

They have tight regulation for all broadcasts. There are things that you just can't and cannot do in Canada.

You notice, they don't have talk radio in Canada. Not like this.

It's not popular. Any time, they tried this, you would have to balance this. So it's all Milquetoast, awful.

And it's tightly regulated.

To the point to where the Blaze, which is here in America, our sister. I mean, we're not actually sisters.

But our sister, news outlet out there is Rebel News. And they have had trouble with the government over and over and over again.

And they won't shut up.

And they're not radical.

They just believe in freedom of speech.

Number ten, the US election. Regardless of the outcome, is an inflection point, and potentially a flash point.

GLENN: So number ten on this list, is the US election, regardless of the outcome, is an inflection point. And potentially a flash point.

If, the writer writes, if that happens, the outcome will not be accepted by half of the country.

We can be sure, that running up to and shortly after the election, things could get wild.

In advance of the 2020 election, we had COVID and BLM. Shortly after, January 6th and state overreach.

What will 2024 bring?

I think this is something that we need to begin to talk about. Because I think everybody knows it. We just don't talk about it.

I think everybody fears that if Donald Trump or whoever is the G.O.P. candidate, wins, the left will scream, that it was stolen.

And they'll be in the streets, for every cut. And everything that happens.

STU: Sure. Any doubt about that?

GLENN: None. None.

STU: I mean, the last two elections have been this scenario, where half of the country says, it's a fake. Last two. And I don't see -- there's any possibility of this one. Unless you had some Reagan-esque landslide. Maybe. Maybe you have a chance.

GLENN: Maybe. Maybe. If Donald Trump doesn't win, does anyone believe that there aren't a lot of people that -- and I would seriously question the election. Even -- I don't care who wins.

I haven't seen anyone do anything of significance, in the states that are the swing states.

All of the states that Donald Trump lost last time, because they stopped -- they stopped counting.


I don't know what that was.

I haven't seen anybody actually really look into it. With any credibility.

So I don't feel confident.

Now, those states, they have either enhanced those laws. Or strengthened those laws. To give us the same kind of election, we had last time.

STU: Some -- you could argue with some of those states. I think, for example, Georgia has improved their laws. There have been some that have done it.

Again, here's the thing, Glenn. I don't think anyone actually is looking -- going to be looking at. Well, let me -- bring the evidence to me. Place it in front of me.

Let's have a real discussion of what happened.

People just feel. They feel it. And it doesn't matter if it's honestly issued or not.

The problem with the system is that everyone feels like we're in this state of constant chaos.

And nothing is real.

GLENN: Correct. Correct.

STU: And I guarantee you, if Donald Trump wins the election. The other side will claim fraud. And if Joe Biden wins, then the Republican side will claim fraud.

It will just happen. It's just part of our landscape right now.

GLENN: And then final point from Doug Casey's 11. There's a war happening today. It's a war on us. For most of this cycle, they will rely on the same approach, if and when we see a move toward a kinetic force.

We should be alarmed. Because we've entered a new phase. And a more dangerous phase.

It's out of your control. But your life is not. Fix your life.

Get that at We'll send you the link to today's show prep.

This story originally appeared in Glenn Beck

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