Buzz Osborne Explains Why Melvins Fired Kurt Cobain As 'Houdini' Producer

By Katrina Nattress

October 6, 2023

In 1993, Kurt Cobain was at the helm of Melvins' record Houdini; however, in the midst of its making the band fired the Nirvana frontman from his producer role. The longstanding rumor was that the group canned Cobain because he insisted on writing all the songs on the album.

Last year, Melvins' Buzz Osborne revealed the revealed the real reason why they decided to stop working with the troubled rockstar during an interview with Loudwire. "We fired him because he was too screwed up to finish working on the record,” he said bluntly. In a new interview with Revolver, the frontman opened up more about the decision.

When asked if there was a "catalyst moment" that ignited the split, Osborne said: “Yeah – that’s exactly what happened. He didn’t show up for one of the sessions, and it was just really obvious [that he was unfit].”

He went on to explain that the decision was more of a feeling it wasn't "going to work" that "a judgement call."

“I went into [Nirvana manager] Danny Goldberg’s office at Atlantic and told him this. And he conveniently doesn’t remember any of it, which is crazy,” he added.

Cobain died less than a year after Houdini was released. He's still credited as co-producer.

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