New Mexico Small Town Named One Of America’s Most Charming Destinations

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

October 19, 2023

Sandia Tramway
Photo: Getty Images

America is renowned for its major cities, yet its beauty extends far beyond New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago.

While these highly populated and vibrant metropolises are undeniably appealing, there's a world of charm waiting to be discovered in the prettiest tiny towns in every state across the country.

Whether you desire natural landscapes, authentic dining or unique cultural experiences, the qualities of a fantastic destination aren't confined to the most crowded regions. Across the United States, memories can be made in the most quiet areas, and Country Living has uncovered them.

From coast to coast, the site curated a selection of the finest small towns in each state for the perfect lowkey getaway. These communities, with populations averaging 5,000 or fewer, provide unforgettable adventures for every preference, ranging from thrilling outdoor escapades to top-tier antique shopping.

Whether one is plotting a wholesome family vacation, an essential getaway with friends or a romantic retreat, this all-encompassing list has something for everyone.

Incorporate the charming small town of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, into an upcoming travel itinerary. After all, the heart of America's allure isn't only found in its grand cities. It’s also in the idyllic serenity and distinct character of its smaller, often overlooked, towns:

“Set within stunning mountains, Cloudcroft is surrounded by 480,000 acres of open forest—ideal for hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and horseback riding. If you don't fancy outdoor activities, Cloudcroft is also home to big events like the Badass Mountain Music Festival and the July Jamboree Arts and Crafts Show.”
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