The Top 'Hidden Gem' Tourist Attraction In Massachusetts

By Logan DeLoye

October 20, 2023

Foggy morning farm fence at sunrise
Photo: Moment RF

Do you seek out popular tourist attractions to check off your bucket list when you explore a new place, or do you prefer quiet, less traveled venues? Some attractions are known for being overcrowded and over-hyped. That's why people include them on their must-see lists. On the contrary, there are a handful of tourist attractions worth seeing that are less talked about but still provide an enjoyable experience for travelers. These hidden gems are scattered throughout the state, just waiting for you to make a pit stop during your next trip.

According to a list compiled by Hawaiian Islands, the top hidden gem attraction in Massachusetts is Luina Greine Farm located in Groton.

Here's what Hawaiian Islands had to say about compiling the data to discover the top hidden gem tourist attraction in each state:

" went in search of the little-reviewed but highest-rated museums, landmarks, parks, gardens and historic sites to be found in every U.S. state and major city. Based on their average rating, we went in search of the top five highest-rated attractions within each state and five major cities that have fewer than 100 (but at least 25) publicly available reviews. We could then isolate the highest-rated attraction of a certain type (e.g., parks and gardens) within each state."

For a continued list of the top hidden gem tourist attractions across the country, visit

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