Here’s Where To Go For The Best French Fries In New Mexico

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

January 17, 2024

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French fries have earned a nation adoration that surpasses state and cultural boundaries. These golden, crispy sides hold a unique quality, captivating taste buds in all regions throughout the U.S.

The magic lies in their perfect blend of comforting texture and irresistible flavor, making them a culinary favorite across diverse demographics.

Whether enjoyed on their own or accompanied by an array of condiments, French fries possess a broad appeal that goes beyond simply food appreciation.

Their simplicity becomes a canvas for nostalgia, invoking memories of shared moments and satisfaction.

From late night bustling city streets to cozy homes, the ubiquity of French fries maintains their status as a convenient yet beloved treat.

In each bite, individuals find not just a snack but a source of joy and connection, solidifying their place as an enduring symbol of delight.

Mashed tracked down the best places to eat French fries in every state:

“The humble potato is really one of the most versatile crops on Earth, but perhaps no form of the potato is more widespread — and more beloved — than the French fry. The fry is thought to have originated in Belgium in the 1600s, but America has really adopted fries as a central facet of our culture. And we all have our favorites. No, it's not McDonald's or Five Guys, although those both showed up repeatedly in our research. There will always be fast food favorites, but there are crispy, pillowy fried potato goodness of all varieties to try. Some states even hang their hat on fry-inspired food inventions, like New Jersey's disco fries or the fry-stuffed sandwich at Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.
Some fry facts may surprise you. For example, we all know Idaho produces the most spuds, but it's actually their neighbor North Dakota that has an annual French fry festival. Whether you like them curly, thick, sweet, truffled, or topped, we've rounded up the best spot for french fries in every U.S. state. Who knew your frying liquid of choice, from duck fat to peanut oil, made such a difference?”

New Mexico’s Jake’s Cafe serves the most appetizing French fries around:

“New Mexicans love their green hatch chile and will put it on just about anything. For a true Southwest experience, head to Jake's Cafe in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and order the green chile cheese fries, smothered with green enchilada sauce and cheese. They may just be the best fries you ever taste in your life since they have a bit of a kick. With a 4.4-star rating from Google, you know you can't go wrong.”
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