New Mexico Town Honored As One Of The Most Beautiful Places In America

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

January 18, 2024

Rock formations against sky, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA
Photo: danny hancock / 500px Prime / Getty Images

Beautiful towns are cherished gems scattered across each state’s landscape, characterized by an individualized charm that enchants residents and visitors alike. These idyllic locales often feature picturesque streets, historic architecture and a sense of community that contributes to their timeless allure.

Condé Nast Traveler recently published a story about the most beautiful towns in America:

“While most travelers flock to New York and Los Angeles, the most beautiful small towns in America offer an entirely different—and, dare we say, better?—glimpse at what this country has to offer. You’ll find tiny enclaves filled with friendly locals, walkable downtown areas lined with mom-and-pop cafes, quiant boutique hotels, and incredible views of some of the best landscapes in the U.S.
Whether you’re looking for some over-the-top American charm (we’re looking at you, Stowe), a taste of the wild west (Deadwood, anyone?), or incredible ocean views (hello, Paia), these idyllic cities are well worth adding to your itineraries. And once you realize that the restaurant-to-people ratios lean way in your favor, you may never want to leave.
While wouldn’t dare tell you to avoid big cities altogether, we invite you to embrace the slower pace of life—and refreshing lack of crowds—in these amazing small towns.”

One town that made the cut is Taos, New Mexico, with its population of 5,950:

“The lovely high-desert town of Taos has a long and fascinating history. The Taos Pueblo, which is three miles from the center of town, has been home to native people for nearly a millennium, making it one of the oldest continually occupied places in the U.S. (Taos is also a UNESCO World Heritage site). Today, the town is known for its culture: Painters, sculptors, and writers began flocking here in 1899, and Taos now has a thriving artists’ colony. The town’s natural beauty—with red-rock canyons, clear blue desert skies, and snow-capped mountains on the horizon—inspires creatives people of every stripe.”
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