Drummer Reveals Daft Punk Have An Unreleased Album In The Archives

By Katrina Nattress

February 2, 2024

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Daft Punk broke up three years ago, but according to their Random Access Memories session drummer there's a whole album's worth of unreleased music in the archive — and it might get released.

The musician, who goes by Quinn, opened up about the album in a new interview. “On RAM, I was pretty much the last person to come in on the record,” he said. “The next record [Daft Punk] were working on, I was the very first person.”

Of course, that album never ended up coming out, but Quinn made it sound like its release is a possibility in the future. “That unnamed record, I think will be a lot of spontaneous things,” he added. “I remember playing this one thing — my piano board, the insides of a piano — I put my kick pedal on the strings and played it like a kick drum. I remember those guys really loving that. I don’t know if it’ll make the record. It was the craziest, weird-sounding things.”

When asked about the album's status, Quinn was unsure. “I keep checking in," he admitted. "I’m told they’re working on it. It’s coming out of the locker." RAM was released in 2013 and ended up being Daft Punk's last album.

Daft Punk
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