Millie Bobby Brown Reveals New Details On Jake Bongiovi's Ocean Proposal

By Logan DeLoye

March 1, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed adventurous new details surrounding the moment that fiancé Jake Bongiovi proposed. The actress made an appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, February 29, where she revealed that Bongiovi actually asked her to marry him underwater during an early morning dive. The "Enola Holmes" standout spun the story to the audience, describing why her fiancé chose that setting in the first place.

“Well, I haven’t told anyone this because there are moments, key moments, but I’m like, ‘Fallon is the best’ and also I think this is too good of a story to not tell. Basically, Jake and I bonded over diving. We love diving, we got our diving licenses together.”

The pair were relaxing on vacation when Bongiovi sprung news of an early morning dive on the actress, relaying that it would be in the "same spot they usually go to."

“I was like, ‘8 a.m., dive?’ ... And he’s telling me, ‘We’re going to the same spot we usually go to,' I’m like, ‘It’s boring, let’s go somewhere new.’ He’s like, ‘No, we have to go to this spot.’" The next morning, the couple set off for their diving adventure. When the lovebirds are "many meters" down under the sea, Bongiovi pulls out a shell with something very unexpected inside.

“He gives me like a shell and I like, turn it over and it’s a ring." Unable to properly hear what Bongiovi is saying as bubbles rise around his mouth, Brown signals an "ok" sign with her hand and Bongiovi attempts to put the ring on his future bride's finger.

“Anyways he puts the ring on my hand and as I go to show him the ring falls off my finger, plummets like, so fast, it was like a cinematic movie. Jake threw himself, like so deep, like the diver was like, ‘You can’t do that, like your ears ... literally your brain will explode.’”

After a few moments of panic, Bongiovi was able to capture the ring before it sunk too deep below the surface, and the rest was history! The adorable couple announced their engagement in April 2023 and have yet to share details regarding a wedding date and venue.

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