Todd Matthews Reveals Unsettling New Details In Franklin Floyd Murder Case

By Logan DeLoye

March 11, 2024

Photo: Florida Department of Corrections

Todd Matthews, a Tennessee-based missing-persons investigator continues to dig into the criminal profile of late convict Franklin Floyd in this week's episode of Hello, John Doe on iHeartRadio.

"CHAPTER FIVE: The Fugitives" is a continuation of an investigation that began when 45-year-old Steve Patterson discovered his own missing person's page online. The episode opens with context that was divulged during previous episodes, with the first airing on February 5th, 2024.

In an effort to uncover details about Patterson's unsettling discovery, Matthews dissected the criminal history of convicted murderer, Franklin Floyd, who began his decades-long crime spree when he was only 19-years-old.

"In 1962 a man kidnapped a four-year-old from a bowling alley in Georgia."

And unfortunately, that was only the beginning of what would evolve into an extensive criminal record. Authorities captured Floyd for kidnapping the child and he was taken to the psychiatric ward of a hospital where he made a swift escape. After some time on the run, Floyd ended up in Macon, Georgia where he robbed a bank and was captured once again and taken to prison. The fugitive was released on parole and (almost immediately) attempted to kidnap a woman in Atlanta. This time, he was not captured. He fled Georgia before law enforcement officials could step in, and sought refuge in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During his time in Charlotte, Floyd met a young woman by the name of Sandi who had multiple children from a previous relationship, including eldest daughter, 6-year-old Susan. Sandi and Floyd ended up getting married, and while she was serving time in jail for writing a bad check, Floyd dropped two of her children off at an orphanage and ran away with Susan.

Susan (nicknamed Suzie) and Floyd were on the run for years, both recognized under a variety of aliases until Suzie's sophomore year of high school. Floyd enrolled the 16-year-old at Forest Park High School just outside of Atlanta under the name "Sharon Marshall." Sharon (a.k.a. Suzie) remained at the school through graduation. She was extremely bright, kind, and popular and ended up dating a few of her classmates in the process of making friends.

Her friends and boyfriends were never allowed to meet her "father," and grew to fear the mysterious man. Mia, one of Sharon's high school friends, told Matthews that she had no idea what was going on in Sharon's personal life.

"People didn't talk about what happened in people's houses. After the story came out, it was eye-opening for all of us." What started as mere assumption of a troubled home life, soon became common knowledge among Sharon's friends. Floyd was sexually abusing Sharon amid forcing her to move to a new state every time he committed a crime.

Just before graduation, Sharon was accepted into the aerospace program at Georgia Tech and would receive a scholarship. Sherry, (another friend from high school) told Matthews that going to college on a scholarship with the possibility of future space travel was "all Sharon ever wanted."

Around the same time, it became evident to all of Sharon's classmates and school faculty that she was pregnant. This being the 80's, the ambitious teen lost her scholarship and ended up not going to college or walking at the graduation ceremony, despite being salutatorian of her class. Her then boyfriend, Curtis, assumed that the baby was his, so he followed Sharon and her "creepy" father all the way to Arizona.

"We sold everything we had so we could have money to move out to Arizona. There was a few times where I tried to talk her into running off to somewhere else just the two of us, but she didn't want to leave her dad." One day, Sharon revealed to Curtis that the child was not his, and that she would be putting it up for adoption.

That was the last time that Curtis ever saw Sharon Marshall.

Two years after graduating high school, Sharon became pregnant with what Floyd assumed to be his child, and named the baby Micheal. Floyd, Sharon, and Micheal moved into a trailer park in Florida where Sharon found a job at a nearby strip club. Floyd and Sharon were married in what Floyd described to the court as a "marriage of convenience so that Micheal could have a father." A few months later, Floyd ended up murdering one of Sharon's co-workers and the "family" of three headed across the country once again, en route to Oklahoma City.

The move involved another name change for Sharon (originally Suzie) who would now be known as "Tanya Hughes." Tanya found a job at another strip club, and Floyd worked as a handyman for a local apartment complex. Not too long after making Oklahoma their home base, Floyd was arrested for assaulting a female resident at the complex. It was this incident that led police to discover that he murdered the young woman in Florida.

Days after Floyd was convicted, Tanya (a.k.a Sharon a.k.a Suzie) was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Oklahoma City. The podcast episode closed by bidding the question:

Was Franklin Floyd somehow behind the wheel of the hit and run?

To find out how all of this information plays into Steve Patterson's missing person's page, and to keep up to date with additional details regarding the case, listen to Hello, John Doe on iHeartRadio!

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