Iran Launches Strike Against Israel

By Bill Galluccio

April 13, 2024

Photo: - / AFP / Getty Images

Iran launched an attack from its own territory against Israel on Saturday (April 13). Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari said officials are "following the threat in the airspace."

"It's a threat that will take a number of hours to arrive in Israel," Hagari said.

All airspace over Israel has been closed, and Israeli citizens were urged to take shelter.

Officials believe several waves of consisting of more than 200 attack drones and cruise and ballistic missiles were fired at targets in Israel. The drones and missiles must pass over Iraq and Jordan, causing both countries to close their airspace. Jordan said that any drones over its airspace would be intercepted, prompting a response from Iran warning of retaliation if the drones were destroyed.

The United States has fighter jets in operation over the skies in Iraq.

Hagari said that many of the drones and missiles were intercepted by Israeli allies. However, several missile struck Israeli territory, damaging a military base and leaving a girl with undisclosed injuries.

The attack was expected following an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria that left several Iranian generals dead. While Iran blamed Israel for the attack, the IDF has not claimed responsibility.

U.S. National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said the attack was expected "to unfold over a number of hours."

Watson said that President Joe Biden has been briefed on the attacks.

"President Biden is being regularly updated on the situation by his national security team and will meet with them this afternoon at the White House," and the team "is in constant communication with Israeli officials as well as other partners and allies," Watson said in a statement.

Before the drones were launched, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country was prepared for attack.

"I established a clear principle -- whoever hurts us, we hurt him. We will protect ourselves from any threat, and we will do so with coolness and determination," he said.

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