Man Seeks Answers After Finding His Own Missing Person's Page Online

By Logan DeLoye

April 15, 2024

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On a day that started out like any other, 45-year-old Steve Patterson decided to Google his name with no idea that his world was about to change forever. Upon searching, Patterson came across a missing person's page that piqued his curiosity...his own. In an effort to uncover answers to the many questions he now possessed, Patterson, who disappeared as an infant and was presumed dead, called an investigator who tells the story of a "sordid family past" in ten-episode true crime series Hello John Doe on iHeartRadio.

"Desperate to uncover why he had been included on the list, Steve called Todd Matthews, a missing-persons investigator, in search of answers. Together, Todd and Steve discover a sordid family past that includes long-lost relatives, kidnappings, and murders. It turns out that Steve was presumed dead because around the time he was born, his biological mother had married a serial killer who tore their family apart," the summary details.

Each episode dives deeper and deeper into Patterson's relatives and the insane events that surround his timeline.

In the latest episode, "CHAPTER 10: The Reunion," Matthews unites Patterson with his sisters as a surprise guest enters the plot to close out the season finale of the riveting series.

Jump into the thrilling case and follow along as Patterson reconnects with his roots in each episode of Hello John Doe on iHeartRadio now!

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