Space Force Planning First-Ever Military Exercises In Orbit

By Bill Galluccio

April 16, 2024

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Photo: Stephen Maturen / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The United States Space Force is planning a military exercise that will take place in Earth's orbit. The agency is teaming up with Rocket Lab and True Anomaly to demonstrate how the U.S. would respond to "on-orbit aggression" from another nation, such as China.

The Victus Haze Tactically Responsive Space will involve launching a True Anomaly Jackal satellite into orbit aboard a SpaceX rocket. After the Jackal satellite is deployed, Rocket Lab's craft will have 24 hours to launch its spacecraft and rendezvous with the Jackal satellite.

"When another nation puts an asset up into space, and we don't quite know what that asset is, we don't know what its intent is, we don't know what its capabilities are, we need the ability to go up there and figure out what this thing is," said Gen. Michael Guetlein, the Space Force's vice chief of space operations.

Officials said they expect the two spacecraft to be ready for the mission by Fall 2025.

"We recognize the significant opportunity to leverage the commercial space industry's innovations to counter China as America's pacing threat," said Colonel Bryon McClain, Space Systems Command's program executive officer for space domain awareness and combat power. "The United States has the most innovative space industry in the world. Victus Haze will demonstrate, under operationally realistic conditions, our ability to respond to irresponsible behavior on orbit."

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