4/19/24 Blog: Whiskey Lovers Listen Up, And Fixing School Funding

April 19, 2024

TAKING FROM PETER TO PAY PAUL IS NOT HOW TO FIX SCHOOL FUNDING School funding in Colorado is a complex matter. A lot of people think that what they pay in property taxes stays in their local district but that isn't how it works. Now members of the Legislature are working to "fix" the funding formula but I see some glaring flaws in what is being discussed, not the least of which is how are we going to pay for all of this when the Education fund runs dry in a couple of years? You can read the bill here if you'd like but hoo boy is it complicated. That's why I asked DougCo Superintendent Erin Kane to come on at 2:30 to talk about what this would mean for her district and others.

WHISKEY LOVERS, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU The Veterans Whiskey Society is an organization that hosts whiskey themed fundraiser to give money to veterans causes. My colleague Jack Gelley is one of the founders and he's in at 1:30 today to talk about their upcoming event. Find out more about the Society by clicking here.

SHE DESIGNED THIS YEAR'S GORGEOUS SHOW HOME FOR THE MIGHTY MILLIONS RAFFLE And I've had a chance to see it and it is SPECTACULAR! Joanne Brutsch with Casey and Company has the most perfect tastes and has designed the most perfect house that someone is going to win. Find the house and buy your tickets to support Children's Hospital Colorado by clicking here! Joanne joins me at 2 for a chat about the house.

FUZZY, SPRINKLES, CLARA BELL, AND SNOWFLAKE ARE ALL DEAD Murdered by wolves that liberals though should be brought in to rip cows to shreds in a painful death. It happened in Grand County and now ranchers are asking if they can use lethal force on these two wolves with a history of livestock depredation that are killing their livestock. If you're keeping score by adding Pickles and Buttercup (RIP) to the list, we're up to six cows in 16 days. This is not okay, as ranchers were told that no wolves with a history of killing livestock would be imported and now two have been. The government lied. Again.

COLORADO IS A HOTBED OF SYPHILIS And babies are being born with the disease at an alarming rate. Syphilis is easy to cure but can cause significant issues for babies who get it from their mothers. The state is creating an all-hands-on-deck response to bring those numbers down, as they can lead to stillborn babies and congenital birth defects which are entirely avoidable. I'm super annoyed with Denver7 for reducing women to "pregnant people" throughout this article though. Only women can have babies. Full stop.

SURVIVORS OF OCTOBER 7TH SPEAK AT CU-BOULDER And their accounts of what they went through are chilling. Read them here.

IT'S SOFT OPENING WEEKEND FOR ELITCH GARDENS! And this article has all the info you need to go have fun in the iconic amusement park. This weekend is just for season pass holders and all the rides won't be open but they should be by the actual opening on April 27th.

BIBI STRIKES BACK Israel launched a few missiles at an Iranian military site in response to the direct attacks by Iran last weekend. They may have hit a base in Isfahan and seemed to do little damage in what was really a weak strike designed to posture rather than do real harm. Iran says their air defense took out the missiles and no damage was done. The nature of this attack suggests that after Iran's weak attack Israel doesn't want any more trouble but they could not let that attack go unanswered. I think this was the right move, because if they hadn't responded at all it would have been seen as weakness and capitulation in the Arab world and that would have invited more attacks.

THE TRUMP HUSH MONEY JURY HAS BEEN SEATED And this story has a list of the jurors and a bit about each of them. Seven men and five women is good for Trump in this case I think. Men are far more likely to "understand" the situation more kindly I believe. There are a few on the jury that could spell trouble, like the single woman who works in tech who said she doesn't have any strong feelings about Trump. I think she's lying. Read about each of them here.

MATT GAETZ IS A CREEP So it's fitting that Dave Williams brought him to Colorado to speak. He is still embroiled in an ethics investigation into whether he "partied" with and had sex with a 17 year old girl while he wa a member of Congress. I frankly find these accusations completely believable, but there is not evidence as of now that is convincing enough for criminal charges. Read about the ethics investigation here.

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF IN LIFE More from Huberman Labs with Timothy Ferris from the 4 Hour Workweek.

WHY FEAR SETTING CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE I saw this after I watched the above and it is OUTSTANDING.

WOULD YOU MARRY YOUR SPOUSE AGAIN? A Reddit thread asked the question and the good news is a vast majority say yes. That being said, about a third said no. I am an enthusiastic yes on this one.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA ISN'T HAPPY WITH JOE'S LIES ABOUT HIS UNCLE And they are quite salty about the suggestion that a white dude who fell out of the sky would be the next snack. They are calling his comments out as disrespectful, as they are, but hey, that's just Joe being Joe, amright?


OZEMPIC FACE IS NOT A GOOD LOOK I love that we are having conversations about Hollywood celebrities ruining their faces to their butts look small. It seems fitting somehow. Ozempic face is a real thing and it happens with the rapid weight loss some achieve with these drugs. It's not pretty, as you can see here.

TAYLOR SWIFT DROPPED A SURPRISE DOUBLE ALBUM LAST NIGHT And The Q was up late listening to it on repeat. This review says the album is full of tortured lyrics about heartbreak which is exactly what Taylor Swift fans want. After the album was released, a SECOND set of songs was released right after. I'll let you know if the vinyl is a double album as it should arrive tomorrow at my house.

APPLE LOVES CENSORSHIP And they willingly removed WhatsApp and Threads from the App store after the totalitarian Chinese Communist government demanded they do so. They aren't willing to exit the lucrative Chinese market on principle so now Chinese people can't communicate easily with friends and family outside the country with Whatsapp anymore. As it's an encrypted messaging app, which means the government can't spy on people with it, it has only been available for people using a VPN to hide from the government. Now people can't even do that. What do you expect from a company that has Uyghur prisoner make their phones?

THOSE IDIOT KIDS AT COLUMBIA WERE ARRESTED And I hope they get kicked out of school for illegally taking over the green in support of Hamas. Of course noted anti-Semite Ilhan Omar's daughter was arrested along with 107 others. The apple doesn't fall far from the poison tree. Check out the shambolic testimony of the President of Columbia, who can't figure out if changing "F*ck Jews" is anti-Semitic.


NIKE PUTS FEMALE TRACK AND FIELD STARS ON DISPLAY And not in a good way. The new Olympic Track and Field uniforms for women are causing a whole bunch of hullabalou with their high cut legs and skimpy design. Of course they are. Now let's talk about the rules for women's volleyball outfits. This column takes Nike to task.

ANOTHER GENDER CLINIC STOPS GIVING KIDS PUBERTY BLOCKERS In light of the Cass Report which showed shoddy science and unclear benefits along with long term harm when it comes to puberty blockers for kids, a Scottish gender clinic will no longer give puberty blockers to kids. Good news. When will our medical system wake up?


THIS BABY MET ITS MATCH And it's adorable. Watch below or click here.


THE REAL LIFE SIMPSONS I miss the Actor's Studio with James Lipton a lot because you never knew what was going to happen. Like this. Watch below or click here


AROD'S NEW VIDEO IS OUT! And you should watch it and subscribe.

FIVE FEMALE ATHLETES REFUSE TO COMPETE AGAINST A MALE And I am so proud of these teens for standing up for what's right. Here is the full story.

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