T-Pain Shames Driver For Fleeing After He Was Involved In Hit-And-Run

By Tony M. Centeno

April 23, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

T-Pain may be calm and collected after his recent car accident, but he still wants revenge against the person who hit him and dipped.

The Florida native was surprisingly calm when he recorded footage from the scene of the hit-and-run incident in Atlanta on Sunday night. In the video his Instagram on Monday, April 22, T-Pain shows a preview of the damage that was done to his black truck and shows paramedics tending to his driver, who was injured in the crash. He also issued a tranquil, yet stern warning to the person who rammed into the back of his car and fled the scene.

"Whoever just ran into the back of my g*ddamn truck and whoever just hit me, my wife, my road manager, my driver — whoever just did that and drove the f**k off... my n***a, life’s about to get so much more worse,” he said while laughing.

In the comment section, Pain shared more details about the accident, which happened about a mile from his home in Atlanta. He described the suspect's car as "a 2003-2007 Chevy SUV that probably looks like they hit something super hard and missing the grill.” He also pointed out the offending car's bumper that was left behind along with a baby toy that appeared to be attached to the bumper.

“Look, I know times is hard and I know things is rough out there but I’ll tell you what, s**t is going too great for me to not make me want revenge right now," Pain said. "‘Cause you drove the f**k off, and boy, that was the worst part. It wasn’t even the wreck.”

After he posted the video, the Nappy Boy Entertainment founder posted an update about the situation.

"UPDATE: WE GOT HIS ASS," he wrote in his Instagram Story.

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