This College Had The Worst Announcer For The Graduate's Names Ever

By Woody

May 13, 2024

Graduation is a major accomplishment and hearing your name called out in front of friends and family can be one of the greatest days of your life, unless they screw up the pronunciation of your name! Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia had to apologize after a bunch of nursing students' names were mispronounced at their graduation on Thursday.  The woman reading the names didn't just mispronounce them, she butchered a ton of names that weren't hard, like "Sarah", "Elizabeth" and also "Thomas" even though it's in the school's name. Possibly the worst part is that they blamed it on poor phonetic spellings of the cards she was reading. Wouldn't that be the RIGHT way to pronounce something?  They ultimately swapped in a different announcer halfway through.


Please tell me how one can be allowed to speak at college commencement and mess up that badly 🫠😬

♬ original sound - Col

Here are some more "highlights":


My daughters Thomas Jefferson University 2024 Graduation 😂. This announcer was fantastic !! #announcer #phoneticspelling #hillaourius @New Heights @Comedy Central @Barstool Philly

♬ original sound - STRiKE CoACH MUL🥊

People online have been comparing it to the classic "A-A-ron" sketch from "Key & Peele".

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