South Carolina Eatery Named The 'Best Seafood Restaurant' In The State

By Sarah Tate

May 15, 2024

Photo: njekaterina/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Thousands of miles of shoreline across America allows many states, even those not bordering an ocean, to have ample access to fresh seafood at the drop of a hat and that would please any seafood lover, pescatarian or really any foodie who wants to feel like their meal was the catch of the day.

According to a list compiled by 24/7 Tempo, the best seafood restaurant in South Carolina is 167 Raw. You don't have to be right along the coast to find incredible fresh and tasty seafood in the state, but this Charleston eatery with a stellar menu certainly gets a boost from its proximity to the water. 167 Raw is located at 193 King Street.

Here's what the site had to say about South Carolina's "best seafood restaurant":

"A bustling modern eatery with a patio and a cozy bar — complete with happy hour — 167 Raw serves crudo and raw-bar fare along with tacos, po'boys, and a selection of favorites including lobster rolls, tuna burgers, and swordfish pastrami. It's a great place to celebrate or splurge on wine and shares plates with friends."

To determine its list, 24/7 Tempo looked at lists, ratings and reviews from sites like Guide Michelin as well as local and regional sites. The list includes eateries that run the gamut from ultra-casual seafood shacks to establishments that require a dress code to dine in. Check out the full list highlight the best seafood restaurant in each state at

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