This Bus Driver Is Facing Charges For Doing This, Should He Be?

By Woody

May 17, 2024

Think back to when you were in school, and if you rode the bus to school this really is for you. Did your school bus driver do anything crazy while they were driving to or from school? If you took the bus, we are guessing that close to 100% of people have a story about the school bus driver doing something out of the ordinary. This school bus driver is facing 30 counts of CHILD ABUSE after he decided to brake check the kids because they were not listening, and were not sitting correctly on the bus. Keep in mind the bus was doing 9 miles an hour when he did this. Not 50. Not 40. 9 miles an hour and some parents think this was child abuse. Parents that think this is child abuse need to cut the bus driver some slack and drive their own bratty kids to and from school.

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