WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Fights Off Hawk In Home Amid Son's Return From Hospital

By Logan DeLoye

May 30, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly arrived home from a long Memorial Day weekend at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles following their son Billy's successful open-heart surgery, to find a hawk in their kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly. The talk show host debuted video footage of the crazy event during the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and viewers could hardly believe their eyes.

Kimmel opened the segment by commenting on the current state of his son's health.

"After an extra extra long holiday weekend we spent most of it at Children's Hospital [Los Angeles]. Our son Billy had an open heart surgery, he's doing very well. We went in the hospital on Thursday morning and we got home Monday and not even an hour after we walk in the house, from the hospital with our son, this happens."

The comedian rolled the clip of himself swatting at a hawk that made its way into the kitchen through an open window.

Kimmel attempted to usher the large bird out with a broom, and told Billy to go upstairs as Molly recorded the entire event. He eventually got the bird to fly back outside and Molly capped the video with a candid, "welcome home Billy!"

Kimmel explained that he was playing video games with Billy when the child discovered that there were not one, but two birds in the house.

"Billy and I were sitting there playing video games and he's like Dad there are two birds in the house. What we didn't show you is the hawk killed [a bird] and brought in the dining room as a little welcome home gift."

He went onto explain that Molly saw a mourning dove resting on Billy's bedroom window the day before, commonly believed to be an "omen of death," and that was the bird that they found dead on their kitchen floor the next day.

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