2 Ohio Cities Among The 'Worst Run Cities' In America

By Sarah Tate

June 6, 2024

Photo: Photo by Mike Kline/Moment/Getty Images

If you've ever traveled to another city, you likely noticed some differences, big or small, from where you live. Maybe the roads are a little smoother, or the traffic is more congested. Perhaps the crime rate is higher than you're used to or you feel safer walking down the street alone. A variety of factors influences the way cities are run, and some run better than others.

Engineer Your Finances compiled a list of 21 "worst run cities" in America, basing its list on findings from WalletHub, that includes factors like high crime rates, financial stability, budget management, education and more. Among the list that includes cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans are two right here in Ohio: Cleveland and Toledo.

Keep reading to see what the site had to say about these two Buckeye State cities:

"Cleveland rocks, but besides the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, there's no reason to visit or living in the city. [...] Residents agree, with more people fleeing Cleveland every year. According to the 2020 census, the city was down to a population of only 320,000, losing 600,000 people over the past 70 years!"
"Toledo, Ohio, has a lot in common with other mid-size cities throughout the Midwest; it was once booming, but now that factories have been shutting down and industries are moving overseas, it's a shell of what it once was. [...] There's little opportunity in Toledo, which is why the population is decreasing alarmingly. With no job prospects, people are leaving, bringing down the cities' income, which means less money for education, health, and safety."

Check out the full list at engineeryourfinances.com to read up on the site's picks for the "worst-run" cities in the country.

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