Jury Begins Deliberations In Hunter Biden Gun Trial

By iHeartRadio

June 10, 2024

Hunter Biden Gun Trial Continues In Delaware
Photo: Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images News / Getty Images

A jury has begun deliberating in the federal gun trial of Hunter Biden. Biden is facing three charges related to his purchase of a revolver in 2018, which prosecutors claim violated federal law because he was using illegal drugs at the time. Federal prosecutors argued that Biden should have marked "yes" to a question about illegal drug use on the gun purchase form.

The defense countered that Biden did not consider himself an addict at the time of the purchase.

Biden's daughter, Naomi, testified about visiting her father at a California rehab center prior to the gun purchase, stating that he seemed to be improving. Many members of Biden's family have been present at the Delaware courthouse throughout the trial, with some testifying for either the prosecution or the defense.

The prosecution's case relied heavily on text messages sent by Biden in October 2018, which they said suggested he was either using or about to buy drugs. The defense, however, argues that these messages were merely an excuse to avoid his sister-in-law and past partner, Hallie Biden, and do not provide sufficient evidence of drug use.

The defense also criticized the prosecution for cherry-picking evidence to present a more favorable timeline of Biden's drug use. They argue that the prosecution has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Biden was knowingly violating the law when he purchased the gun.

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