New Poll Shows Tight Race Between Trump, Biden In Battleground States

By Jason Hall

June 10, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

A new CBS News poll shows President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are "neck and neck" nationally and in battleground states.

Trump is reported to have a 50% to 49% advantage nationally, while Biden has a 50% to 49% edge in battleground states, CBS News reported on Sunday (June 9). Additionally, 55% of respondents said Trump recently being found guilty on 34 counts in his Manhattan 'hush money' trial was "not a factor," while 28% said it was a "major factor" and 17% said it was a "minor factor."

Trump's conviction also ranked last at 28% among seven major factors in vote, following the economy (81%), inflation (75%), state of democracy (74%), crime (62%), U.S.-Mexico border (56%), gun policy (52%) and gun policy (52%).

Last week, a poll released by Emerson College showed the majority of respondents would vote for Trump in a matchup that includes all candidates in the first released by the polling system since his conviction. The former president was reportedly picked by 44% of respondents while Biden received 38% of the vote, followed by independent candidates Robert Kennedy Jr. (6%), Cornel West (1%) and Jill Stein (1%). An estimated 9% of voters said they were undecided.

The survey also showed that 46% of respondents supported Trump, the same percentage as the three polls released prior to his conviction, and 45% supported Biden, a 1% increase from the previous month, in a hypothetical 2024 ballot test.

Additionally, 40% of voters said Trump's criminal conviction made no impact on their decision for the upcoming presidential election, while 33% said it made them less likely to support him and 27% said it made them more likely.

“Trump’s support in our polling remained the same before and after his conviction,” said Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling. “A majority of Democrats say it makes them less likely to support Trump (51%) and a majority of Republicans (55%) say it makes them more likely to support Trump. A plurality of independents say it makes no impact (41%), while 38% are less likely to vote for Trump and 21% more likely.”

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