Billie Eilish On The Price Of Fame: 'I Lost All My Friends'

By Katrina Nattress

June 11, 2024

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Billie Eilish is one of the biggest singers in the world right now, but her meteoric rise to fame was at the expense of her friendships. She opened up about losing all her friends when she got famous during a visit to Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver's podcast Miss Me.

“Well I lost all of my friends when I got famous,” she divulged. “I suddenly was famous and I couldn’t relate to anybody. It was tough. It was really hard.”

Eilish did not that her best friend Zoe stuck by her but all her other friends were her employees. “And then it was my 20th birthday and I remember looking around the room and it was only people that I employ. And all 15 years or more older than me,” she recalled.

One of those employees ended up quitting out of the blue and stopped talking to her, which was gut-wrenching for the young star. “It was the worst thing that happened to me," Eilish admitted. "And that made me realize like ‘Oh wait, this is a job.’ If they left me they would never see me again.”

That experienced made Eilish wary about getting close to people she works with again. “I’m very freaked out by loss and I have a lot of abandonment problems,” she said.

Thankfully, the singer was able to rekindle some old friendships. “Exactly a year ago, I reconnected with a bunch of old friends and now, I have so many friends. I have a crew now!" she exclaimed. "I could literally cry about it. It’s been the greatest thing that’s happened to me.”

Billie Eilish
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