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August 20, 2019


Jonathan, who refers to himself in the third person regularly, is happy to be a part of BrainStuff. He’s also happy to be the host of Fw:Thinking and the TechStuff podcast. When not explaining the universe to anyone who will listen, he enjoys playing video games (badly) and engaging in philosophical debates with his dog.

Though she joined HowStuffWorks as an editor and social media writer, Lauren Vogelbaum is now proud and only mildly bemused to be a co-host of BrainStuff and Fw:Thinking. Her main interests rest in food science and particle physics because she regards culinary arts and quantum mechanics with uncannily similar awe/terror. In essence, she laughs a lot, thinks the world would be better if she could use plasma grenades to end unpleasant conversations, and would probably bake cookies for you.

Although these days Josh Clark is frequently put in front of a camera and told to say stuff, he still considers himself a writer and has ever since his third-grade teacher told him a short story he wrote was kind of good. Josh and his wife, Umi, enjoy traveling, solving mysteries, having pizza parties and visiting museums (both renowned and obscure).

Ben Bowlin still secretly wants to be an astronaut, spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about pizza and enjoys writing science fiction. He's lived in Nashville, Quetzaltenango and Atlanta. He relishes adventure and would love to travel the world via cargo ship. At least, that is, the water-covered part.

Cristen Conger is woman by birth, writer by trade, Stuff Mom Never Told You co-creator by passion and Internet personality by luck. Additionally, her cooking has been described as "impressive for a feminist."

Christian Sager is a writer and host at HowStuffWorks where he has worked on Stuff To Blow Your Mind, BrainStuff and Stuff of Genius. When he's not exploring eldritch knowledge he writes comic books about demonic children and arctic horror.

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