About Everywhere

August 20, 2019

Everywhere is a travel podcast with a mission to support people in their quest to overcome fears and dump preconceptions about travel. Hopefully travelers will listen to Everywhere and it will aid in engaging with the world in an even more deeply meaningful way.

Meet the Host

Daniel Scheffler

Hi and welcome to Everywhere, I am your host, Daniel Scheffler. I have spent the majority of my life circling the globe. I have fed stray dogs in Cairo for a day, been tattooed in an opulent back of a jewelry store in Istanbul, I’ve joined a chef to seek out new sources of protein in the Amazon for fun and as a travel writer. So I want to tell you how I travel, and how you could. I don’t like lists, or ‘Must Dos.’ I don’t care about aspirational luxury nonsense. In fact, throw out that word luxury whilst we are at it - you’re being conned. It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy or not, alone or with your person or people; you can have an amazing adventure. All you need is to open your mind. Don’t think about what I’m telling you, just feel it. It’s not head knowledge, it is heart knowledge. So come with me, and I’ll show you everything.

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