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August 13, 2019

At times when everyone around them accepted the status quo without question, some people have dared to challenge accepted beliefs and conditions. These people weren’t just controversial for the sake of being controversial. They were crusaders for causes – big and small – that had the potential to change society. Yes, they often paid high prices for speaking up. But their resistance brought change that lasted way beyond the end of their lives. Even when the consequences are grave, it often pays to be unpopular.

Yves Jeffcoat

Yves Jeffcoat is a writer, host of the podcast This Day in History Class, and co-host of the podcast Afropunk Solution Sessions. A Southerner through and through, Yves was born in South Carolina and raised in Georgia. When she’s not behind the mic or at her computer, you can find her practicing yoga, viewing art, or enjoying the great outdoors.

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