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How the Founder Is Using AI to END Corruption | Glenn TV | Ep

By Staff, Glenn Beck

December 4, 2023

On today’s Glenn TV Friday Exclusive, Glenn takes a break from the political stress that seems to consume America more and more every single day. Therefore, perhaps in part due to the upcoming Christmas holiday, Glenn shares some uplifting videos he recently found while scrolling his phone at midnight while his wife was away. So if you also want a break from the 2024 election season, from brewing world wars, or from our dismal economy, keep watching for sweet babies and a hilarious, satirical Christmas commercial instead. Then, Paul Allen, co-founder and former CEO of, joins Glenn in the studio to showcase a live demo of his new venture: Citizen Portal. It’s an artificial intelligence tool that brings transparency into politics and could be the end of government corruption. Citizen Portal is proof that while AI certainly should never have free rein, it also CAN be used for good.

This story originally appeared in Glenn Beck

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