iHeartRadio Your Weekly Mixtape

By Gabe Miller, Product Manager

July 29, 2018

You must be logged in to listen to Your Weekly Mixtape. Go to iheart.com to log in or create a free account. Then go to iheart.com/mixtape to start listening!

What is iHeartRadio's Your Weekly Mixtape?

Your Weekly Mixtape is a personalized playlist made just for you by iHeartRadio based on your listening preferences. It contains music from some of your favorite artists, as well as songs from trending artists and recently released tracks. Your Weekly Mixtape will refresh and update every Monday with brand new songs picked just for you, so don’t forget to save the ones you like!

How can I get an iHeartRadio Weekly Mixtape?

Your Weekly Mixtape is available to Free, Plus, and All Access users in the United States. Sign-in or create an account at www.iheart.com to get started.

Where can I find Your Weekly Mixtape?

Your Weekly Mixtape will show up in your list of playlists in Your Library and as a recommendation on the For You screen.

I love this playlist! It’s like it knows me!

That’s not a question, but thanks! Our Data Science team put a lot of work into this :D Keep listening to iHeartRadio and Your Weekly Mixtape will get even smarter while adapting to your preferences

This is cool, but it’s not quite what I expected. How can I influence what music it picks?

Keep listening to your favorite stations and artists, and use those thumbs! Your Weekly Mixtape will adapt to your listening preferences over time.

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