Ted Nugent Addresses Rock Hall Snub: 'It’s Literally Disrespectful'

By Katrina Nattress

January 17, 2022

Ted Nugent's not afraid to speak his mind, and during a recent interview with The Real Music Observer, he talked about how "literally disrespectful" it is that he's not yet been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame despite being eligible since 2000, especially if you consider some of the acts that have made it in.

“When I criticize the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame…let’s take me out of the equation. Let’s say I don’t qualify — which is ridiculous — but let’s pretend I don’t qualify. But why ABBA before Styx? Why Patti Smith before Triumph? Why Grandmaster Flash or JAY-Z at all?" he questioned. “I mean, to think that they would qualify before the artists I just mentioned, and myself included, it’s just dishonest and it’s literally disrespectful to the Gods of this music — Chuck [Berry] and Bo [Diddley] and all the Gods that created this incredible soundtrack.”

Nugent then made it clear that he doesn't care if he's inducted or not, while continuing to trash others whose inclusion he doesn't understand. “I don’t take it personally because I don’t need it. And quite honestly, the authenticity of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been so tainted by the inclusion of not just non-rockers but anti-rockers. Madonna? Really? So I find it offensive on that level," he said.

“I go back to the people thinking I hated Grandmaster Flash,” he added, referring to comments made last month. “I don’t hate anybody…I don’t take this stuff personally but I find it offensive to real rockers, to real rock artists and to real rock and roll fans…And I hope he’s happy, I hope he’s healthy and successful."

“But Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Why don’t we just go down to Chuck Berry’s grave and take a s**t on it?" Nugent continued. "That’s what that represents to me. And it’s unforgivable.”

Watch Nugent's full interview above.

This past October, the Rock Hall inducted Carole King, Todd Rundgren, the Go-Go's, Foo Fighters, Tina Turner (solo) and Jay-Z and plans to announce its 2022 nominees some time this month.

Ted Nugent
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