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On The Move with Enrique Santos

On The Move with Enrique Santos



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Nick Wize

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  • Best of The Russell Rush Show weekdays from 3-7PM on 96.1 Now in San Antonio.

  • The Jubal Show

    Listen to the Jubal Show every weekday from 6am - 11am live on your radio or on the iHeart App!

  • The Jubal Show - Just The Clips

    Clips from The Jubal Show. If you only ever listened to this podcast from The Jubal Show, you would have only heard parts of The Jubal Show. And in some ways, that will make it easier for you to pretend you're a fan.

  • First Date Follow Up - The Jubal Show

    What happens when you get ghosted after a first date? You call The Jubal Show and have them find out why! It's like putting yourself in a situation to get roasted, when you really just want a second date.

  • Idiots in the News - The Jubal Show

    From The Jubal Show. The Idiot News Network brings you daily breaking news. It's the ONLY network where idiots aren't just in the news, they report the news!

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