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Country House Party

Country House Party

CMT After Midnight with Cody Alan

CMT After Midnight with Cody Alan

12:00 AM-6:00 AM

Women of iHeartCountry

Women of iHeartCountry

7:00 AM-8:00 AM

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  • UNIQUE CONTENT - and a bit more "biting wit" than what you'll hear on the air! Get Scott and Sadie's, um, unique perspective on the world around them bundled in a 20-minute package perfect for the drive home. Uploaded weekdays by noon. Make sure you click FOLLOW on the iHeart Radio app and SUBSCRIBE on other podcast apps to get Scott and Sadie's 20-Minute Morning Show for the drive home - or whenever you want to listen! And DON'T BE SHY about rating us and writing reviews!

  • Scott and Sadie's Debate of the Day

    Welcome to recreational, no-contact, no-harm/no-foul arguing. You know what they say about opinions: Yup, everyone has one and they all smell just as bad! The Debate of the Day is where our opinions will be expressed and stink the place up. Welcome! And PLEASE feel free to express yours on the Debate of the Day page at!

  • But, why?

    Why does he make more money than I do? Why does going to the grocery store feel like a vacation? Why don’t I get cat-called anymore? These, and thousands of other questions women ask themselves each and every day. Hosted by Sadie, of Scott and Sadie in the Morning on Big 97.9.

  • Scott Cast

    Scott James is a husband, father, son, public servant, and radio guy. Politics, community, service, faith - here's a peak inside the guy's head you've heard on the radio in NoCo for over 30-years.

  • The Whole Damn Show

    Miss the Scott & Sadie show this morning? No worries! We've got The Whole Damn Show for you, right here, music and commercial free.

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