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  • Never miss a minute of the Marcus and Sandy Show on Star 101.3 San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland

  • Marcus & Sandy's Second Date Update

    If you go on a date and thought it was great, but then it gets weird… we’ll call the other person and find out what’s up. Warning: It could get awkward! Subscribe to hear Marcus & Sandy's Second Date Update everyday on the iHeartRadio app.

  • Marcus and Sandy Off The Air

    What do Marcus and Sandy talk about after their show ends on Star 101.3 in San Francisco? Listen and find out how they really feel about pop culture, news, and each other.

  • 2 Girls 1 Podcast

    The reality of the single life of girls over 35. Sandy and Carolyn talk about the reality of being single after 35 from wanting to stay home at night and wear your favorite scrunchie to bed to finding that first grey hair down THERE! You'll want to make fun of them until you realize you can totally relate!

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