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April 6, 2024 40 mins

LaVar reacts to a Legendary Moment with NFL analyst & former NFL player Merril Hoge, talks about Bronny James’ decision to declare for the NBA Draft and enter the transfer portal, Stefon Diggs being traded to the Houston Texans, thoughts on the latest round of mock drafts, and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
This is up on Game Cock Bye Hushbazada for the touchdowns.
This is the show for you. LeVar two with LeVar
airing Test, TJ, Hush Benzada and Plaxico burres J.

Speaker 1 (00:20):
I love the way you break the game down.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
L lady man, you were jacking by my.

Speaker 1 (00:23):
Squaw number two overall ninety nine and plaques man, you
were at seven five seven product ain't everybody Kneho Flaq
was growing up around her man.

Speaker 2 (00:30):
Three of the best to ever do it on and
off the field. Live from the tire rack dot Com studio.
So Fox Sports Radio with the guys out hearing is
pro bowler LeVar arring test.

Speaker 1 (00:44):
All right, everybody, welcome into hour two of the show.
That's right, This is up on game and I am
rolling solo dolo, but not really. I got held my
man cuts the legend with me and I always got
my guys bowl perfet and my man I love with me.
So we're gonna we're gonn tackle this hour two. We
got legendary moment coming up and merely moments. It'll be

Merrill Hodge that we listen to. But we're gonna also
talk to Bronnie James. We're gonna get to step on Diggs.
I ain't had an opportunity to weigh in on that,
and CBS came out with their latest mock draft. I
want to give a reaction or two, get our guys
reaction or two on what the latest is coming out
from CBS. Souh. Yeah, you know. If you didn't know,

now you do. We're broadcasting live from the tire rack
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I don't even know if that was a repeat read,
but you know what if it is. If it was,

you need it to hear it twice. But if it wasn't,
then you need it to hear it the first time.
Cause well, they support us, and they support us very well.
But without further ado, let's jump into this week's legendary moment.
I'm so I had such a great time listening to
Merrill Hodge. I'll give you some stories on Meryll Hodge.
On the other side, let's listen to this week's legendary.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
Moment, Present conversations with a legend, and now this is
your legendary moment.

Speaker 1 (02:19):
What's your take on the latest state of the team.
I know Roethlisberger came out not too long ago and said,
it's the culture isn't the same anymore. It doesn't seem
the same in the locker room, doesn't seem the same.
And maybe that could be the reason why the team
is kind of where they're at right now. You are
a part of that that Steeler culture and creating and

continuing to push and build that stealer culture. What's your
what's your take on the current state of the Steelers?

Speaker 4 (02:49):
Listen, Ben Roethlisberger was probably the epitome of like a
stealer and holding people account counter a stealer.

Speaker 1 (02:58):
All right, And I didn't know that that's that's the
first thing to hear that, you know.

Speaker 4 (03:02):
I mean, I don't know if you remember the footage
where Antonio Brown was doing the locker room thing, there
was somebody in the background going get off the phone.

Speaker 1 (03:11):
That was Ben. That was Ben.

Speaker 4 (03:13):
You know, like he was trying that he tried to
run the locker room like you know, like pro should.

Speaker 1 (03:18):
Run and that turned into that that's interesting perspective because
it was almost like who's right and who's wrong with
the AB And Roethlisberger did like, is it is it
been not being a good teammate? Is it is it
AB not being a good teammate? And that became like
kind of a conversation. Yeah, well I could tell you

this because I know both.

Speaker 4 (03:40):
I know the scenario intimately that and you know this
is true in any in any true environment, but especially
professional environment. When you are trying, when you're a leader
and you're demanding structure, and you're demanding ownership and accountability,
and that is being fought back on, You're always going

to be looked at as you always be looked at
as bad when somebody's trying to make you accountable and
fall in with the team.

Speaker 1 (04:08):
And this is this is what everybody's doing.

Speaker 4 (04:10):
Okay, this is not time to sit there video yourself
and introduce whatever we just did the world. We've got
our time. Coaches just called us up here. Let's go
to the rest. So I've been a part of the
scouting staff. I had to withdraw from it, but you
know they're intimately and committing to finding Steeler players okay,

and I.

Speaker 1 (04:31):
Haven't known that, and that is a thing.

Speaker 4 (04:33):
That is a thing, that is But I also believe
that you have to get Steeler coaches to coaching is
so important. That's a thing too. You know, people who
have played the game and no sports. I mean, coaching
does matter. And when you have a combination of good
coaching and good players, good things can happen, and magical
things can happen.

Speaker 1 (04:52):
You just can't have one of the That was Merle
Hodge with this week's legendary moment. I thought it was
an amazing conversation with him, obviously me being a big
Pittsburgh Steelers fan. If you want to hear the rest
of that conversation and interview, all you got to do
is look at wherever it is that you get your
podcasts from and go to up on game presents and

look up conversations with a legend all Right, I mentioned
telling you a story about Merrill Hodge. It's pretty cool.
I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steeler fan, and when
I was in high school, Meryll Hodge was just getting
involved in the media scene and was working for I
want to say Action for News. When I was there

and he did a couple couple sideline deals where he
came and did interviews and stuff like that, and I
thought it was the coolest thing because because I had
gotten to know the team so well, which leads into,
you know, another story, but finishing up the first one,
just to hear the respect level that he had for

me when I was in high school and just interviewing
me right out the gate of him getting started in
his career and the things that he had to say
in the input because I was a running back. For
those out there who may not even remember me as
a football player, I played linebacker, but when I was
in high school, my first position was tailback. I was
a tailback six foot three, two hundred and twenty pound tailback,

and I remember, I remember, I want to say, the
game was against Penn Trafford and I think I ran
for I ran for a lot of yards that game.
I think I did really well, And just the things
that he had to say and the feedback that he
had had to say. I always respected Merrill Hodge. But
one of the stories I tell in the conversations with
him when I was interviewing him was the idea of

me being a I want to say a thirteen year old,
maybe fourteen. But we went over to Barcelona, Spain, and
the Steelers were doing an exhibition game with the San
Francisco forty nine Ers, and I'm over there with my
basketball team. I was playing basketball. I was a big

basketball player at the time, and we were over there
playing playing exhibitions around the country. And so we're there
with the Steelers and one time we went to I
want to say, I don't want to mess up the ocean,
but y'all helped me out with this. Is it was
it the Mediterranean? Is the Mediterranean? Barcelona? Is that? Is

that the body of water there? I want to say
it was the Mediterranean. Yeah. So anyways, we're on the
beach and it was my first introduction to a topless beach.
For one that that kind of caught me off guard pleasantly.
I was pleasantly surprised by my experience of a topless beach.
I didn't feel any type of weird vibes or anything

like that. Was just kind of cool, But that was interesting.
I started trying to puff my little bird chest out
because you know, chess were out and I just you know, anyways,
that's a whole nother conversation. But we're there with the
other the other pros and the Niners and the Steelers
are there. And the one thing I remember it was
Merrill Hodge came out onto the beach with a Leopard Prince.

He came out with a Leopard Prince speedo and I
was like, dude is the goat. Not only does he
block hard as hell and make sure he opens up,
you know, the hole for Barry Foster and all of
those guys and Tim Worley, but dude came on to
the beach with a with a leopard print mospito on
and I was like, dang, we are in Barcelona, Spain.

I had some some knee long, knee long, knee length
shorts on. You know, that was back when the Fab
five was out and long shorts were in. But anyways,
it was a fun time. It was a great story.
I can remember it so vividly, seeing so many people
that I ended up working with and seeing later on
in life, from Eric Davis to Andre Hastings, who people

may not remember from Georgia Receiver, but he was one
of my favorites. Super cool dude tim orally because he
was a tall, running back out of Georgia as well.
But he was tall and he was fast, and I
kind of patterned my game out there him quite a bit.
But yeah, I think it was a pretty awesome time
with him, and just having that kind of built relationship

with him to now talk to him all these years
later and hear him talk about the culture in Pittsburgh's
locker room and with the coaches as well as the players.
I had made a statement months ago about Ben Roethlisberger
not being the proper person to talk about the lack

of culture in the Steelers' locker room. I thought that
there might be better guys to come out from the
past to have that conversation. And I was humbled, and
I realized that I stood corrected in saying that, and
wanted to make sure that I set the record straight
that I had no idea that Ben Roethlisberger was that

type of leader and in the Pittsburgh Steelers' locker room, and
so to hear someone of of the statue and of
stature and reputation of Meryll Hodge and what he's represented
to that that Steelers organization, which I talked like as
a part of that organization, I was not a part
of the Steelers organization per se, but I was a

part of the Steelers organization because I grew up in
that that culture. Anyway, I stand corrected, and it was
interesting to get his perspective on it. And I felt
really happy to have that that time with Merrill Hodge,
And anytime I get an opportunity to talk to someone
that I grew up watching play and get their perspective,

it was really it was. It was really humbling moment.
It is a really cool moment. And like I said,
if you want to hear the rest of the conversation
and the whole entirety, make sure you check out up
on game presents and go to conversations with a legend.
You'll be able to hear the entire deal. But it'll
be interesting to see what that culture looks like going
into this season with the total changing of the quarterbacks

room with Russell Wilson now being there and Justin Fields
now being there. Obviously, Russell Wilson seems to be the
guy who's going to be leading out the gate, but
how does that play out and what does that look
like for Mike Tomlin. I've made bold predictions that if
this doesn't work out with those two quarterbacks. While you
got them out of value price, it still raises the

conversation of is it time to take a look at
moving on in a different direction from the head coach
if this doesn't improve, which sounds crazy to think because
Mike Tomlin has always made the playoffs and has yet
to have a losing season as a head coach. But
those are all things to think about, all things to
talk about. If it's football, and if it's the Pittsburgh Steelers.

All right, what we're going to do is we're going
to take a quick break and we're going back in
to basketball for a moment, not for the basketball itself,
but for the topic matter. Bronnie James declares for the
NBA Draft and enters to transfer portal. At the same time,
I want to have an opportunity to weigh in on
that conversation, and we'll also get to Stephan Diggs and

mock draft reactions, the latest mock draft. All right, I'm
LeVar Arrington. This is up on game that was our
legendary moment. We're gonna take a quick break and on
the other side of the break, Yeah, we're gonna talk
a little Bronnie James.

Speaker 2 (12:34):
Guys, Chicago Bear, two hundred and fifty seven names, names,
thirty two teams, a three day.

Speaker 5 (12:43):
At the best time to get the show started.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
And we'll be covering it all, covering it all, your
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Hey, it's me Rob Parker.

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Check out my weekly MLB podcast, Inside the Parker for
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Speaker 1 (13:33):
All right, welcome back in. We're up on game. We're
live from tyrack dot com studios. I'm LeVar Arrington alongside
huh LaVar Arrington. Yeah, TJ and Plexico are off this weekend,
but that's all right. We got got my guys, we
got Bo, got prefet, we got I Lo in the house,

so and we had cuffs in the first hour. So
we've done well. We've pushed through, We've we've knocked this
thing down, and we're going to keep the party going on.
After a great legendary moment with Merril Hodge in the
first segment, we're talking Bronnie James, all right, and this
isn't about talking about what Bronnie James does on the
basketball court. It's just kind of like more or less

the business side of what's taking place in the college
ranks these days, and you know, just getting an opinion
on it. I was off this whole entire week. I
did not do two Pros and a Cup of Joe.
I didn't do up on games Saturday. I took a
little break. I took a vacation. But I wanted to
weigh in on this. But before I weighed in on it,
I wanted to make sure we could hear what Jay

Williams had to say from ESPN about his take on
what lebron junior Bronnie James was thinking in terms of
the decisions to declare for the NBA Draft while keeping
his options open at the college level by entering into
the transfer portal. Here's what he had to say.

Speaker 7 (15:00):
For me, this is just Brinnie James checking out his
options right going into the transfer portal. Why not go
through all the workouts. I know people are going to
jump to conclusions like he's definitely going into the draft.
Why not see the entire landscape. So open up the portal,
see what opportunities are there, Go into all these pre
draft workouts, go through the routine.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
See where you're going to be, see.

Speaker 7 (15:21):
What you know Rich Paul and company, what they're going
to talk about as it relates to what potential teams
you could go to. That's you know, late first round,
early second and then weigh out all your options.

Speaker 1 (15:32):
I think it's a smart move.

Speaker 7 (15:33):
I'm not going to jump to conclusions by saying Bronnie's
definitely going to the draft. He's just seeing what the
entire landscape looks like.

Speaker 1 (15:41):
So the first question I had coming out of hearing
the announcement. Everyone's had so many things to say about
it and weighing in on it. My first question was
is it the right decision? I heard Jay Will say
smart decision. I think it's a smart decision. For a

couple of reasons. One because he's not like every other
college prospect. He's a pretty good ball player, and I
think we all know in terms of his skill level
and his potential, he's already proven by playing against some
of the guys he's already played with in the past
that he can play at the NBA level. He can

play in the NBA, So that's not up for debate
regardless of what we look at as what his body
of work was at USC. I think there are a
lot of elements that you can put into play in
terms of why he met didn't have the most dominant
of seasons there. I mean, obviously the health scare dealing

with the cardiac arrest issue, and glad he got through
that well and was able to actually continue to play
and it wasn't a career ending prognosis on him. But
then there's the idea of one thing that Jay Will
mentioned that wasn't in that SoundBite. There was the mismanagement
of how things were taking place at USC and how

that could have played a part in him wanting to
look at other schools outside of just staying at USC
for another season or so before he declares for the
NBA Draft, But it led to the next question, like,
let's be clear here, how much of lebron james influence
plays a part in the decisions that he's making. And

I think it's there's a tremendous amount of influence there. Obviously,
it's been stated that Lebron James is going to continue
to play basketball until his son is able to make
it to the NBA and had the possibility and the
chance to play with his dad. I don't have any
ill feelings towards that, no malice towards that. I ultimately

wonder how true is that? How true is it that
you're actually trying to get to a point in your
career where you can play with your son. I mean,
so many things would have to play a part in
that playing out for for you to end up having
your son on the same team as you, which which
kind of leads to the question, because that's a narrative

that's always been out there. Is he unfairly scrutinized? Is
he unfairly measured and weighed Bronnie James and what his
basketball career is right now? And and and listen, we
all we all will have opinions on what the scrutiny
represents what comes along, would it Some say to whom

much is given, much is required. He's been given a
lot because he's Brownie Jr. I mean, that's just what
it is. He's Lebron James's son, and he's actually good.
He can actually play. We've had we've seen, you know,
guys in the past where you know you're Michael Jordan,
you're his child, but you're not as good as Michael

Jordan is, or maybe even close to it. Now, not
saying Brownie James is close to being as good as
Lebron because he's not. But he's good enough to be
an NBA player. Is he good enough to be drafted?
Is he a draftable because while I'll say I think
he's an NBA he has NBA potential and could play

in the NBA. Is he a draftable NBA talent? Is
he a draftable NBA prospect? And if I'm being a
if I'm being totally honest with myself, it's a no.
I don't think he's a draftable player right now. In fact,
I think the wisest decision of it all is to

keep your name alive in the transfer portal and possibly
find maybe a better scenario or situation that fits your
what your talents are best somewhere else. Maybe it's coaching,
maybe it's personnel, maybe it's environment. I'm not sure which
one may be. It's all of the above, but I

think it's a wise decision if you didn't feel good
about what you had in development, because that's the biggest
thing for Bronnie James right now is development both mentally
and physically. I think that those are the two biggest things,
not a it's not a knock. It's generally what every

young athlete needs at the point in time of the
age that Bronnie James is right now is more more
mental development and more physical development. Now, when you're a
guy like Kevin Garnett, and I've said this before, if
you're a guy like lebron James, if you're a guy
like like Kobe Bryant, if you're those type, if you're

those types of talent, you don't have to be mentally
as far ahead as the people you're going to go
up against, because athletically you're going to be right there
with them or above and beyond, and as your mental growth,
you'll see the results get further and further away from
the guys they're playing against in the league. So when

I look at Bronnie James and what is his situation,
it led me to my final my final question, which
was is it a blessing or is it a curse
to be Bronnie James. Is it a blessing or a curse?
I think it's both, to be honest, I think it's
a blessing because you have so many opportunities afforded to

you and real opportunities, and he gets he gets the
chance to prove whether those opportunities were because he's the
son of Lebron James or because he's deserving of them.
And regardless of if you fall on the side of
saying he's deserving of it because he's Lebron James's son,
he still gets the opportunity to prove to you by

his body of work that he's deserving of it because
of what his talents allow for him to do in
this skill and what he brings to the table. His
body would work gets to play out for him. Now,
maybe other guys don't get those opportunities. There's somebody sitting
here listening to the show right now, if I was
Lebron James's son, I get that opportunity. I wasn't his son,

and so I didn't get that opportunity to show somebody
my talent and my skill sets and get those opportunities.
And I'm sitting at home and you know what, You're
probably one hundred percent correct, But isn't that how life works?
So get in where you fit in. Lebron James has
created what he's created, Bronnie James gets the benefit from that.

And if that's giving him the opportunity to prove who
he is and what he's able to do, even at
the pro level, where you can sit there and honestly
say he's done absolutely nothing that would give thought of
he's ready for the NBA. There's nothing he's done that
would have anybody say that other than he's Lebron James's son.

But if it being Lebron James's son being represented by
Maverick and Rich Paul and those guys and going to
the next level, he gets that opportunity to prove that
he belongs, then that's a blessing. The curse of all
of this could possibly be in being that person of
Lebron James to make sure your child can make it

to that next level and get that opportunity that he's
going to receive if it goes awry, if something doesn't
go right, if it goes bad, do you run the
risk of him being in that scenario the rest of
the way. I wouldn't want to be known as the
person that's only making it and doing well, because my

dad is making it and doing well. I don't want
to hold any resentment towards my family based upon opportunities
that maybe I didn't necessarily earn on my own, and
they keep coming up short. There could be the curse
in that where it has an emotional toll on him
from the certain circumstances of earning things on your own,

struggling on your own. And while I think he does
struggle on his own, and I do think that there
are elements that Lebron excuse me, Bronni which he is Lebron,
he has to endure and he has to go through
on his own. He can't have anybody else get them through.
I still think that the curse of it all could
be all of the fame, all of the fortune, and

all of the opportunities if they don't pan out the
way that they're supposed to for him, how will he
feel in the end. But I gotta say, if I'm
Bronnie James, that's probably a chance I'm willing to take.
So we'll see how that all plays out. I personally
think that it makes sense for him to go to
the pros right now if he's going to get a

fair opportunity to get on a team, no matter if
it's non drafted or undrafted, or if it is drafted,
rather than come back to college and give anybody any
more material where they could try to pick them apart
or anything like that. Take your chances, or you say,
I'm a bet on myself. I'm gonna come back for
another year school. I'm gonna go to a situation I

feel is better for me, and I'm gonna learn, I'm
gonna develop, and I'm a prove to y'all that I
can go in this draft. And then I entered the
draft after a year, more year more development. I think
the better one probably is to enter the draft just
see where you're at. I mean, nil era transfer, portal
Era transfer into the NBA. That's my take on it,
and I wish Brownie James the best of luck, to

be honest, which I hope it works out for him.
We're gonna take I LO, We're gonna get We're gonna
get a update from Ilo, and then we're gonna talk
some are yeah, some stuff on Diggs. We're gonna do that. Ilo,
just what you got, my guy.

Speaker 8 (25:47):
Big news today in Major League Baseball LeVar As the
Cleveland Guardians announced that their ace pitcher Shane Bieber needs
season ending Tommy John surgery Guardian, said that Bieber experienced
a recurrence of right elbow paine after his first two
starts of the season, and that imaging and evaluation then
revealed a re injury to his ulner collateral ligament. The

thing is, Bieber won both of those starts. He struck
out twenty in twelve innings without allowing a run while
basically pitching with an ulner collateral ligament that needed to
be replaced.

Speaker 5 (26:21):
There is one Major League Baseball.

Speaker 8 (26:23):
Game going on right now. The Oakland, Las Vegas, Sacramento,
United States, Planet Earth Alpha Century Milky Way A's have
a two zing lead at Detroit. They're going to the
bottom of the second inning on a two run home
run by Brent Rooker. His second straight game with a

home run. Basketball Hall of Fame class of twenty twenty
four was announced today. It includes Vince Carter, Chauncey Phillips,
Michael Cooper, Doug Collins, Walter Davis, and Bo Ryan. The
men's Final four tips off at six ' oh nine
Eastern with Purdue taking on NC State, then at eight
forty nine Eastern. It'll be followed by Yukon against Alabama.

Coming up on Sunday the women's National Championship game between
Iowa and South Carolina.

Speaker 5 (27:14):
And that's what's trending.

Speaker 1 (27:15):

Speaker 8 (27:15):
Oh, hold on, LeVar, we also just starting to trend.
Merrill Hodge Leopard print speedo.

Speaker 1 (27:23):
Thanks to SA. Have a great day. I love you too.

Speaker 2 (27:30):

Speaker 1 (27:31):
Uh, that's really good. This is up one game. I'm
Levi Ron, this is Fox Sports Radio. So let's let's
transition into this Stephan Diggs conversation. I wanted the weigh
in on this conversation because I felt as though I
had said it before, and so I want to double
down on it since I have some time to double
down on it today. Is that the mindset of Stefan Diggs,

the the way he feels about his work, Steph has
always been that underdog type. He's going to train like
an underdog. He's going to train like he's got everything
to prove, everything to gain by what it is that
he does. And I feel like something took place in

Buffalo that totally turned him off and upset him clearly.
I mean, there were there's there's, you know, evidence of that,
and I just wonder, it's like, Okay, is this between
Josh Allen and Stephan Diggs? And I got to thinking
about it. It's like, because if this is between Josh

Allen and Stephan Diggs, and this is a problem, especially
if they can't find a way to sift through it
and get on common ground. We just talked about that
Meryl Hodgen is his shorts with Ben Roethlisberger and and
Antonio Brown. It can tear a locker room apart when
you're number one receiver and probably top influencers in the

locker room along with your coat, your player at quarterback
or at odds. I get the feeling that it finally
starts the surface and solidify itself that there's a problem
with Josh Allen if I'm Stephan Diggs, and it was

a problem that was not going to go away. And
if I am Buffalo and I'm trying to fight time,
because that's what's happening. They're losing time. They are in
a fight, in a battle against time to if they
have a super Bowl caliber run team, I would say

today they are not a super Bowl caliber team. By
losing Stephan Diggs, They're not. But what you can potentially
do is free Josh Allen from the bondage, the shackles
of a strong presence and influence of Stefan Diggs in

that locker room and possibly bring in guys that are
going to fall in line and do things that are
positive towards what their purpose is and what their goals are.
You know, they brought in Samuel, they brought in Handler,
They've brought in guys. Are any of these guys one receivers.

Are any of them replacing the production of Stefan Diggs.
We don't know. But what we do know is is
that now you have a leader without any type of
take drawbacks, any type of blowback, any type of resistance
in Josh Allen in that locker room. And I think

that that was the biggest to me just looking at
all of this and having some time to sit on
it and really marinate on it. This is not about
production on the field. This is about what we talked
about before, the culture in the locker room. If something
doesn't go right, if something doesn't feel right, If Stefan

Diggs the way he's wired, it's feeling as though the
play calling isn't right, the way Josh Allen handles things
isn't correctly. One of the biggest criticisms that has fallen
on Josh Allen at times is that he does too
much at times on his own to try to win. Well,

if you're trying to do so much on your own
and too much on your own maybe at times to
try to win, then those other guys out there that
are trying to win as well, that have that mentality
of I'm gonna do it all. I'm gonna put it
all on the line in the off season, I'm gonna
put it on the line in preseason and training camp
and in practice is leading up to the game, my preparation,

my film study out reports, what coverages look like, what
is going on out here. If I'm gonna put all
of that time and that energy into what it is
that I'm doing y'all need to lean on me, and
I don't think they leaned on Stephan Diggs. I don't
think they leaned on him. I don't think he appreciated it,
and I think that it became now a debate on

what the appreciation factor is versus what the need factor is.
And I think now the need factor of Stephan Diggs
was not as great, and so we're gonna unload this.
We're gonna take this big ass cap hit to unloading
just to see if we can get further ahead with

Josh Allen as our quarterback, with this team as their
window seems to be closing more and more each year
on trying to get back to a Super Bowl and
possibly win a Super Bowl. I don't know. We'll see
what happens, but that's just my opinion on it. I
wanted to weigh in on it, and now I got

my opportunity to do so. So on the other side
of the break, we're gonna have some reactions on the
mock draft, the latest from CBS. But until then, sit tight.
You're listening to Fox Sports Radio. This is up on game.
I'm LeVar Arrington will be right back. Oo we ooh
lot ooh we all right, y'all. Last segment for y'all

get Jonas knocks. Good luck with that. Welcome back to
end at n tyrack dot Com Studio Supoint Game. I'm
Levi Arrington, TJ and Plex are off this week. I'm joking.
I love Jonas Knox to death. That's my guy. Make
sure you tune in for the JKS show immediately following ours.
You'll also be able to check out our podcast as

well and listen to anything that you may have missed
during the course of this show. Before we get up
out of here, I wanted to get some reactions on
the latest mock draft to take place. I'll give my
opinion last I'm going to I'm going to defer into
the second half, but I want to hear what you guys. Did.
You guys have a hot take on the new the

latest one from Tom for Nelly from CBS on his
mock draft, any any takes on this guy's takers.

Speaker 5 (34:21):
I have a few reactions. Let's just start with one
real quick disclaimer. I I know for Nelly somewhat well.
I'm just gonna say, man like, I don't appreciate your
mock drafts being used to wish cast your Chicago Bears
fandom and having Malik Neighbors show up at nine, Like, come.

Speaker 1 (34:38):
On, that's a hot take.

Speaker 5 (34:43):
No, I don't think that should be a hot take,
like as someone who's worked in fan media like I,
I mean, I don't do it here and I certainly
wouldn't do it at CBS, Like I mean, just come on, all.

Speaker 1 (34:54):
Right, that's your first hot that's your take.

Speaker 3 (34:57):
That's that's your take on it was he was all
about in the break Oh, I just well he's he
said some other stuff before about you know, either teams
and champion the Bears when the Bears then do stupid things.

Speaker 5 (35:07):
I'm just saying, like there's there's something else too, Like
I'm scratching my head a little bit at Joe Alt
for the New England Patriots when everyone seems to have them.
I could honestly see that. I don't think there is
much of a lot to take quarterback as we think,
but it's kind of hard for me to also envision
them doing anything but quarterback at this point.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
I agree with that. I certainly agree with that. Yeah,
my other takes what we got.

Speaker 9 (35:32):
My biggest takeaway from the mock draft, so far is
that we the draft starts it too. We all know
Caleb Williams is going first overall. There's not even not
even a point in that anymore. I don't I don't
think that the Jade and Daniel stuff to Washington is real.
I was talking with TJ last week. It just feels
like teams are overthinking it at this point in the season.
And that's kind of the same thing with the uh

the recent chatter about Molik Neighbors overtaking Marvin Harrison Junior
or not that Neighbors isn't good or anything. But I
think it's just, you know, Marvin Harrison Junior has been
putting stuff on tape for what two years now three years?

Speaker 1 (36:04):

Speaker 9 (36:04):
We know what he is. He's great. He just don't
overthink it. Just take the guy. So yeah, I think
Drake may Goo's second overall, and then I think the
draft kind of starts at three.

Speaker 5 (36:13):
I have I have two more amazing I have two
more things. Number One, I think we're gonna learn that
in this draft teams are gonna be a lot more
intractable than we think. It's been really sexy to pick
the Vikings trading up or Las Vegas trading up to
try to get into the top ten for for some target.
This year, I just kind of see the talent being

so top heavy in some cases. I just don't I
I'm not discounting a draft, but I don't think it's
as we're not gonna get teams as aggressive, just because
I feel like teams are gonna be a little more
desperate at the top this year. The other thing that
I'm really not understanding at all is the fascination with
putting JJ McCarthy in Minnesota. To me, I don't have

a first round grade on him at all. I'm sorry,
he doesn't have the body of work for me to
justify a first round pick on him. I'm sure some
team will talk themselves into it, and I'm sure a
lot of the media, especially those who graduated from the
University of Michigan or grew up his fans in the
University of Michigan, will love it and gush all over it.
But JJ McCarthy's shown me nothing to prove that he

can be a Day one starter in this league. And
if you're going in the top fifteen of this class,
you have to be a day one starter. JJ McCarthy
is not a Day one starter in the NFL. I
don't even know if he might be a start. He's
barely thrown anything, Like, I can't go off of just
one or two good passes a game at Michigan, and

the rest he's doing is just elite handoffs to his
running back.

Speaker 1 (37:43):

Speaker 9 (37:43):
And my last thing, based off this mock draft, if
Malik Neighbors is somehow there at pick nine for the Bears,
Ryan Poles might be the luckiest person alive at that point,
because that is just wildly fortunate for him. If that actually.

Speaker 1 (37:56):
Happened, well, I mean, why wouldn't he be there? I mean,
if you really think about it, would he not be there?

Speaker 5 (38:01):
I think he's gonna go at least six.

Speaker 1 (38:03):
I mean I think he was going to see it
takes them.

Speaker 9 (38:06):
I think either the Chargers of the Giants take him.

Speaker 5 (38:09):
Okay, I'm sorry, real quick. I scrolled down here and
I see him taking Tyler Nubbin at twenty nine for
the Detroit Lions. I know the Lions don't really care
about positional value, the one thing they've done need, but
the one thing this is just like again, man, I
know you're a Bears fan over there. The one thing
the Lions don't need is a safety, Like, come on,

I just.

Speaker 1 (38:30):
But is he the best available at that time.

Speaker 5 (38:32):
This is coming from a man who said that the
Lions were dumb for going with Jared Goff and that's
why they'll always be the Lions, while the Bears do
smart things like draft justin fields.

Speaker 1 (38:41):
Which, by the way, he has Quinon Mitchell going to
the Giants. I mean, did that not jump out at
you guys? No? I think it seems to me that
seems like, while I like the player, I feel like
that's that's an underwhelming pick for the Giants.

Speaker 5 (38:58):
Yeah, I'm not sure about the Giants have to look
more into their backfield situation. I do you think Quenyan
Mitchell has legitimately moved himself up into that top cornerback category?
You know, small, small school and when you do ball
out at something like the combine like that does get
people going back looking at your tape and being like, oh,
all right, yeah, this is the best cornerback and cornerbacks

in the last few drafts of tremendously shot up in
value because they're just harder and harder to find.

Speaker 1 (39:24):
I hate to do this. I hate to do this
to everyone out there. I heard overthinking, I heard you
say you talk to TJ and all this. I don't
want to I don't want to hurt my boys. A
head coach, and I you know, I don't want to
say all this whole craziness. But Washington, if they don't
take Jaydon Daniels, did the biggest favor for whoever it

is that's in play to take Jaydeon Daniels. In fact,
I feel like Jaydon Daniels should be the first quarterback
taking off of the board if I'm being honest about this,
So to me, whichever team takes him, which, by the way,
there was another guy by the name of oh yeah,
Patrick Mahomes. He wasn't the first guy taken either. How

many people are regretting that one right there? Jaydon Daniels
to the Raiders in this Mark Draft, Come on, Raiders.
That might be a fan take, It might really be
a fan take, but you know what, I thought it
was pretty hot take. Jaydon Daniels is going to be
a beast and he's going to be in Las Vegas
doing it. Jonas take it from here. Fox Sports Radio

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