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Covino & Rich is Fox Sports Radio's new daily show from 5 to 7 p.m. ET, 2 to 4 p.m. PT on hundreds of Fox Sports Radio stations around the nation! This sports-focused program from the widely-popular broadcast duo Steve Covino and Rich Davis will feature their unique take on the hot sports topics of the day, injected with their brand of humor, fun and relatability. About Covino and Rich Hosted by Steve Covino & Rich Davis, the Covino & Rich show debuted in 2004 on what was then Sirius’ Maxim Radio. Covering lifestyle, relationships, sports, comedy and music, the popular program aired on SiriusXM for 16 years, and moved to a Patreon subscription format in March 2021. Covino & Rich also previously aired on ESPN and SNY, the NBC sports affiliate in New York City. A defender of New Jersey, and a proud Yankees fan, Covino has a passion for rock music, bringing that to life every night as the host of SiriusXM Turbo 41. He also hosts weekend mornings on Ozzy’s Boneyard - SiriusXM channel 38. Covino previously worked at K-ROCK/WXRK-FM in New York. A loyal Mets fan and softball enthusiast, Rich is one of the lead voices in pop music for SiriusXM, with hosting duties on their Pop2K channel, Hits 1 and The Pulse. His resume includes stints at iHeartMedia’s Z100/WHTZ in New York, Q102/WIOQ in Philadelphia and HOT 107.9/WWHT in Syracuse.


October 6, 2022 42 min

C&R get you over the week's proverbial hump on FSR! Things get heated when Rich wants to brush off Covino's hero Aaron Judge and his HR accomplishment! Callers weigh-in, as Rich attempts relationship advice and then he asks for Mets starting pitcher advice for New York's best out of 3 series versus the Padres. Plus, they give you a 'Facing Nolan Ryan' homework assignment and tell you what NFL games are alrea...

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Covino asks Rich if he feels comfortable about the plan he laid out at the end of the 1st hour. Is it lying or harmless? Callers weigh-in and the show discusses AB, after he trolled Tom Brady on social media. Where did Antonio Brown's big problems really begin? Wednesday is 'gym day' and the crew explain how to plan dates around football. Some starting pitcher "strategery" is asked for by Rich when it comes to h...

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October 5, 2022 39 min

C&R get mid (week) on FSR! The fellas have some fun describing the crew, talking sports docs and the just announced MLB playoff schedule. Aaron Judge hits 62 HRs to break the Roger Maris mark and Yankees fans like Covino are deflecting some hate! All of a sudden this isn't a big story? The debate gets heated over NL/AL records and if people care. Covino has an amazing late 80's story about two worlds (mustaches) collidi...

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October 4, 2022 39 min

C&R are kicking some butt on FSR! The fellas discuss the thin line between loving and hating Jimmy G. by fickle NFL fans. There's a report that Adam Sandler is considering a Happy Gilmore sequel, which leads to a fun sports movie sequel debate with the crew and callers! Plus, Rich shares a great Shooter McGavin story and 'Aaron Judge Watch' is in full effect.

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Covino & Rich ask if the fuel in Tom Brady's personal life will add to his competitive fire and they switch gears to an Adam Sandler story. Is it true that Sandler is considering a Happy Gilmore sequel? Should a classic like that be left alone? A nice debate opens up with the crew and callers around the country regarding the best & worst sports movie sequels of all-time! Plus, the boys talk pressure on Aaron Judge and R...

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C&R are rocking the airwaves on FSR! After a rousing win for the Niners, the fellas talk fickle sports fans when it comes to Jimmy G! They have fun discussing how "he's a bum" one week, and "our team's leader" the next. Plus, they dive into the reports of Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen hiring divorce attorneys. Covino shares how he focused at his studio job during his divorce and the show looks a...

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October 4, 2022 33 min

C&R get your week going on FSR! They introduce Things That Make You Go Hmmm to their new weekday audience (NFL Week 4 takeaways), and laugh (for now) at a QB controversy in Dallas! Rich gets booted from a Mets group chat and is accused of being a "Happy Spin" sports fan. Plus, the fellas draw a line in the sand with Baker Mayfield!

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Covino, Rich & Spotty discuss being from the East Coast, as it relates to Covino's cross-country story and Rich's Mets group chat boot! A member of the group chat calls-in and accuses Rich of "happy spin!" This leads to a fun topic of positive fans versus negative sports fans. The fellas preview Monday Night Football, talk Davante Adams and Metcalf/AB dramatics. Plus, they ask Dodger fans on the crew about the B...

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C&R on FSR! The fellas crank up Week 2 of their new weekday show with Things That Make You Go Hmmm! All of their biggest takeaways from Week 4 in the NFL! Mahomes, mistakes, Cooper Rush, Amik Robertson, DK Metcalf cart, Geno Smith, Josh Jacobs, JuJu shade and Jets coaching, all get some love! Plus, a Catching Kelce flashback, Rams/Niners preview, embarrassing Jimmy G. story from Rich and the Ravens go for broke!

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September 30, 2022 30 min

C&R are sharing laughter, and pizza with co-workers! They cap off their first week on the FSR weekday lineup by going over some rules and theories about pepperoni pie. Based on Tua's health and questions about how the Dolphins handled it, Covino asks if you sit out (in your real life) when you're not feeling 100%. Things get kind of heated in the studio as the fellas debate this topic! They have fun with a New Zealand c...

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September 30, 2022 38 min

Covino & Rich put a bow on their Tua-talk by asking if you sit out (in your real life) when you're not feeling 100%. It turns into a somewhat heated debate between the two, until their producer steps in. Imagine being a top prospect and suddenly being thrown into the Mets lineup right NOW! The show talks PRESSURE! They struggle with tire brands, take a call from New Zealand and help Ramos with an accent! Plus, NFL teams wit...

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September 30, 2022 40 min

C&R have the pie to prove that it's a Friday!! The fellas have fun talking Rich's intake and dabbing grease, then get right to the big story of the day; Tua. Who's responsible for sitting an injured player out? Covino uses a boxing analogy and some Rocky audio to make his point. Callers from across the nation weigh-in, leading to the first "dump" of the week and the show reacts to the Bengals sweet unis!

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September 29, 2022 38 min

C&R making 'his-hory' on FSR! A memorable night in Toronto, including two fans, one named Frankie Lasagna, who had a chance to catch the Aaron Judge #61 ball worth millions! Rich tries to convince the crew and callers that HE would've made the near impossible catch! They ask if this is truly a "statement game" for Tua, and his coach Mike McDaniel has a comment that activates the show's 'Gen Z Transla...

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September 29, 2022 39 min

Covino & Rich have fun kicking off NFL Week 4! Is tonight's Dolphins/Bengals game a "statement game" for Tua? Is it just a dumb sports-talk-term? A Mike McDaniel comment activates the show's 'Gen Z Translator' and laughter ensues over Swag Bags under Covino's Christmas tree. Plus, Rich previews a couple of big games coming up this Sunday and you'll find out why there are jarring pickle jokes! 


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September 29, 2022 40 min

C&R doing it big on FSR! The fellas get right to Aaron Judge's historic 61st home run! The good.. AND the bad from a memorable night in Toronto, including two fans, one named Frankie Lasagna, having a chance to catch the ball worth millions! Rich tries to convince the crew and callers that HE would've made the near impossible catch! Plus, someone is gambling on Thursday Night Football!

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September 29, 2022 34 min

Covino explains to Rich how last night's division clinching victory for the Yankees just didn't feel the same as when he was cheering on his '96 Yanks. This sparks a great topic on why our classic winning teams will always impress us more when we were kids! The fellas ask you to choose one potential piece of memorabilia (or is it a weapon?), involving Aaron Judge and The Walking Dead! Plus, the Bills OC is still in the ...

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September 28, 2022 40 min

Covino & Rich continue their fun sports memorabilia conversation, and they pause for a moment on the legend that is David Wells! The Bills OC Ken Dorsey is still in the news over his flip out that was caught on camera, after losing to the Dolphins. This leads to a topic of the best sports and celebrity meltdowns of all-time. From Bill O'Reilly to Mike Gundy, the show is filled with laughter. Plus, Hurricane Ian's plans ...

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September 28, 2022 39 min

C&R have too much fun on your Wednesday! The Yankees clinch the AL East, but last night, Covino didn't have the same kind of joy he had as a young NY fan. That sparks a topic on why our classic winning teams as kids can never compare to winners today! Bill Belichick sounds like he was Meeting the Parents, not the press, and they ask what flashback video arcade game you would run to now as an adult. Plus, a legendary meme ab...

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September 27, 2022 34 min

C&R were actually given key cards to get back into the building after Day 1! The show has a spectacular story from Covino (thanks to his daughter's no-filter) and a 'dad bod' debate takes over the country. Tom Hanks feels that he's only made four classic films in all his years of making box office hits, the show all share their personal 'Top 4 Tom Hanks Movies' list and they all have different takes! Plu...

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September 27, 2022 39 min

Covino & Rich explain how Tom Hanks only feels like he's made four classic movies, which leads to a 'Top 4 Tom Hanks Movies' debate! Update anchor Isaac Lowenkron gets upset over one of Danny G.'s movie picks and callers from across the nation weigh-in! Myles Garrett is lucky to be okay and the show discusses Niners (Jimmy G.), Raiders (unlucky) and Mahomes/Brady (let's go)! The show has fun with Rich’s upco...

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