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January 16, 2021 36 mins

Chris and Rob debate whether or not Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans should feel confident in Tom Brady heading into this weekend's playoff showdown with the Saints given that they're 0-2 against New Orleans this season, and discuss why the sports media continues to disrespect Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Plus, former NFL wide receiver Tori Gurley swings by to preview this weekend's NFL Divisional Round playoff matchups.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
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You're listening to Fox Sports Radio. Yeah, it is The
Odd Couple. I'm Chris Bruthard alongside my partner Rob Parker,

and we're coming to you live from the Fox Sports
Radio studio. Good Love, and we have a great show
for you as we help bring you in or take
you in to the NFL playoffs this weekend and last
weekend wild Card weekend. This weekend we got the second

round and boy, it's going to be a lot of funds,
some huge games, so we will get all up into that.
We got Tory Gurley from an NFL wide receiver now
an NFL analysts who will join us at the bottom
of this hour to talk about it. Let me welcome
in my partner Rob Parker. What up man? What's happened
to mister Chris Bussard. I am great, How are you?

I don't know, I'm not sleeping. I don't know what's
going on, having an issue, and I don't know, really,
I don't know what it is. How long has that
been going on the last since you got back from Vegas? Yeah,
basically like likes, I know, I know it usually stays there.
But in the spirit of helping you heal and get

some rest, you gotta tell us what happened in Vegas. Nothing,
nothing like that. But I don't know. I don't know.
Just no, I'm just saying, you know, usually the only
thing that happens for me in Vegas happens after she
gets the approval of my master card. Here we go,
you know what I'm saying. But but but uh, I

think it's because I'm not moving around Chris, like like
it's come to a total halt as far as like, like,
you know, leading up to Christmas, you're busy, you're kind
of doing stuff. I'm like totally out of I don't
go to restaurants. You can't even go out to really
eat anymore. You know, before I was sitting outside I
could do something. I'm like, I've come to a screeching halt.

So so my point is I think I'm not I'm
not so I'm just and turning all night. Nah, it's
just like I'll go to sleep, but I wake up early,
like I woke up this morning. Tweets and stuff. I've
been like, ale, I'm up early. People text me and
then like like, first of all, they're like, I can't

believe you're up. I would like to get to myself.
Well why did you text me at five o'clock? La time? Right?
You know what I mean? Like, I can't believe your answered. Well,
I'm up. But normally when I write my column for
dead Spin, I wake up at five thirty. I start
at six o'clock, so that with the East Coast time,
you know, and after fall by seven thirty in the morning.

So I'm used to getting up at like five thirty
and then start writing at six. But the last couple
of days, I've been getting up at five, and today
I got up at four. But I'm good. Let's get
to show I got plenty of energy. Let's make it happen,
all right, Well we will. We will to take it
to God in prayer, and yeah, you get some sleep, God,
please give me some sleep this weekend. Can I sleep

till seven? Just one day? Just I just want to
sleep till seven am? Is that a crime? Chris? Can
I sleep till seven? Believe me? That is not the crime.
I do it? So, no, that's not a crime. All right.
We got the Star of Yes, that was a really
good tight Shitt's Tower of Trivia. Yes, No, it was
just could you want? That's all? No, but but really

it was funny. You. I'll give you this. I did win.
I won going away all that I get. Whatever you did,
I will give you this. You had the best clue,
the splish splash. That was good. I'll give you that one.
But uh, we got DJ Alex Tyshon on the Ones
and the twos. Super producer Rob g is back in

full effect and helped by assisted by who's by himself?
Oh he is in the studio studio, yes, all right,
Rob Ge And of course the always professional Steve de Savi,
the best in the business. He the best of the business.
Here's where I'm Here's where I'm starting. There's a lot

of angles we could hit a lot of ways we
could start off heading into this great weekend. But I'm
going here and I know this is your wheelhouse, or
at least you think it is. I know that you
you know, you think that he's in trouble, but I'm
gonna tell you this, Rod Parker, Tom Brady is throwing

the football incredibly well as he heads into these playoffs.
Can I read you off some numbers? Can I read
you off some? Do I have your permission read them off?
I know this hurt you. You probably squint every time
you hear one of these. But here we go. First
of all, this is the whole season. Tom Brady led

the league with a career high or I'm sorry for him.
It was a career high in completions in quote unquote
downfield throws. That's twenty plus air yards that the ball
travels thirty four of them. That's a career high. At
age forty three, he threw for four thousand, six hundred

yards thirty three yards most since twenty fifteen, forty touchdowns,
most since two thousand and seven, and over the last
seven weeks of the season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers averaged
thirty four point six points per game, number one in
the NFL. There's more. Over his last four games, his

completion percentage of sixty nine percent is the best he's
ever had over the last four games of a season.
His passing yards over the last four one thousand, three
hundred thirty three the best he's ever had over the
last four games of a season, his passing tds twelve
the best he's ever had over the last four games

of a season. And his pass the rating of one
twenty six point nine. Yes, you guessed it, Rob Parker,
the best he's ever had over the last four games
of the season. I'm telling you Tom Brady is smoking
and I ain't joking. It's gonna be a dandy down

in New Orleans. You're done. I'm done with that fluff
stuff fluff. That's that's all facts, because can we know
you know, no, I'm gonna give you facts, because let's
talk about the teams he's played. To compile those numbers.
Atlanta twice, the Lions, which was a seven on seven

game and it was it was seven on seven, and
then uh Washington uh as a team that was under
five hundred, but they were under five. You spoke what
you spoke? Can I talk? You spoken? Let me get
mine out. Didn't you talk? All right? You want to

talk ahead, No, don't take it and I talk. I'm
just asking you just had ten minutes and I can't
get it right too, but go ahead, I'm done, all right,
go ahead, it's are you okay? Against the also rants?
He's a stat Patford, that's what that's what he turned into.
Tom Brady's season was so great that Kyler Murray, who

didn't even make the playoffs, was a Pro Bowl quarterback
over Tom Brady. That's how fraudulent your numbers are, Chris,
because they didn't matter if he was so good and
you just bragged him, boast about Brady the best, that
he never had his career, but he didn't make the
Pro Bowl. They picked a quarterback that didn't even make

it to the playoffs, all right, So stop with that.
And here's the other thing. He's not playing the also
rans on Sunday, He's playing the New Orleans Saints, who
have owned Tom Brady this year. Versus the Saints, tom
Brady sixty point eight percent completions, a whopping six point

one yards per pass, two touchdowns, five interceptions, passer rating
fifty eight point eight. It's been sacked six times. All
of his numbers are against the other teams, and his
record against teams over five hundred one in five. That's it.

So you can go ahead and pump up these inflated
stat Padford numbers and beat your chest and tell you
house how great Tom Brady's been playing. But he ain't
playing like that against the Saints and that defense. So
you go ahead. I understand, Chris, you gotta pair of
joins on the line. You're gonna lose again. No, you

know you got another pair of me you okay, No,
but it ain't. You don't win this week. If he loses,
I win. You don't win till he gets to the
super Bowl. So you still got two weeks I win
if he loses to the Saints. So you could ahead
and make yourself feel better so you can sleep at night.
But I'm telling you it ain't. He hadn't done that

against the Saints, And this hogwash you can't be the
team three times is all hogwash. This is the playoffs.
This is totally different. Nobody's talking about that. That defense
held the Bears to basically a field goal, and watch
and see, and then I don't want to hear on
Monday about what use forty three years old that is.

I don't even want to I don't want to hear
that it is he can't hurt his legacy. I'm sorry.
He could have come out and been the worst quarterback
in the NFL this year, it wouldn't have meant nothing
because he's a made man, just like Washington didn't hurt

Michael Jordan's. This is just gravy, and right now that
gravy is steaming hot Rod Parker and tasty too. It's
amazing the double standard that you use. It's amazing. I mean,
you want to sit here and criticize Tom Brady's numbers

over the last four weeks because they didn't play anybody.
I'm all about who you played. I want you to
play the tough teams. You wasn't saying that when Lamar
Jackson was racking up numbers at the end of the
season against a bunch of bumps Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Dallas. Oh,

you were just raving He's back, Chris. Everybody buried him.
This guy just wow, he just came back. I mean,
my goodness, everybody buried Chris. You buried him. Everybody was
talking about he wasn't gonna make the playoffs, and now
look at what he did to Dallas, did Jacksville. I mean,

my the double standards must cease. Roy Parker, tom Brady's
throwing the football. Well, now you're right. New Orleans guys
a great defense, and it's gonna be a tough one.
I'm just saying you after it. Man, if you watch
the games of Tampa Bay, come on, he is spreading
the wealth. Mike Evans is eating Chris Godwin is eating

antony o'brown. Yes, that man is eating Scotty Miller's getting
a bite here and there. Gronk didn't last week, but
Gronk is back man, and for NAT's running with a
little bit of spirit. I'll tell you what my own

concernatidog my own, because they're going to New Orleans. My
only concern is that woeful defensive backfield. I mean that
that defensive back rob Honestly, I think I could catch
a ball or two against them. We already saw a

no name quarterback, Heineke come out of nowhere and uh
and throw the open people all day, all day. Right,
It's scary, it scares me. But I saw a nice
pair like thirty five dollars Jordan's Walgreens the other day.
I already picked him up. In case I don't you

picked him up in your side, Jason McIntyre. The last
time he bet me on Brady so sick he wounded up,
buy me two pair? Does he know that because you
you spilled the beans, you should have kept quiet. No,
I wouldn't do that because the national radio it's gonna
show up on his credit card. I wouldn't. I'm not
gonna be like that. I bet him one pair and

if he still hasn't gotten back to me, but if
he does, I'll send them the money set for the
first pair, return knows and keep the fly pair I
got in the mail. Wow. All right, Well, that ain't
happening with me because I'm confident in my boys. All right,
A seven seven ninety nine on Fox A seven seven
nine nine six sixty three sixty nine, Your turn to

weight in? How confident are you in Tom Brady heading
into this weekend showdowns with the New Orleans Saints. We'll
continue the conversation with you. Next is Chris and Rob
The Eye Couple Fox Sports Radio. Be sure to catch
live editions of The Odd Couple with Chris Brussar then
Rob Parker weekdays at seven pm Eastern four pm Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio app. Alright, it's

the Eye Couple. Chris and Rob on the Funky Flashback Friday. Now.
DJ Alex Tysher told me before the show he was
going to be bringing heat all night long. He couldn't
wait till Funky Flashback Friday to get all up in
the crates. We don't need any heat out here, Chris,
it's just bake it still. It's really almost what was

it in the valley? Was it? It's eighties six? By me? Chris,
absolutely baking. I mean, like I need bar to get
out and walk around. Rob, Yeah, did you get out?
You didn't get out today? No, today I did, I,
you know, run some errands, take care of a couple
of things. Today. I actually got out. So go take
a walk Tomorrow. I think that I'm gonna start doing

that walk. And monday's my diet. I'm got a couple
of things to clean out my system. I'm gonna I'm
going on. I need to get down to one sixty eight, man,
one sixty eight, that's the goal. One eighty is finally
for you. Nah, nah, I'm where are you now? About
two hundred? Probably? Yeah. Well, we have brought to you

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Com Slash Yes twenty twenty Nielsen Report limitations apply eight
seven seven ninety nine. On Fox, Are you as confident

in Tom Brady as I am? Or like Rob, do
you think he's about he can't do it against the Saints?
Your turn? All right, there we go? Or you're just
afraid that you might be losing another pair of George
Dre and Michigan. You're under the couple? Fox Sports Radio.
What's up, Dre? What to do with people's Man, Man,

I've been trying to call y'all the last couple of weeks. Man,
can't get through. Glad you got that's a good thing.
We glad you got through. But deposedly there is some
type of strategy to doing it. Yeah. I used to
get in but it just happened. But hey, real quick, Doe, Rob,
I want to tell you, man, I'm latting them. Two
weeks when Chris was off, Man, you was hilarious brother,
I found that you are not a Disney comic. You

comed another day. If Chris would have missed another day,
you'd have got fired fired Chris. Hey, Chris, you you
would never get a TV show if you keep hitting
these dudes over the head with facts, man, you'd be
having skip stutter and Nick well, well what Chris had, dude?
Keep handling your business? Brother, than thank you. That's a rob,

no doubt. But the first time Brady like Rob said, Man,
he's been getting most his stats against bottom feeders. Man. Yes,
it's impressive what he's doing at forty three. But at
the same time, man, look who you're doing it against.
You know what I'm saying. That's like if you bomb joke. Man. No,
but christ and that defense. But the defense he wasn't

playing against defense. I get that, right, right, I get that.
But the other three teams, the Lions, Vikings and Falcons
and all of them. Come on, man, Yeah, no, good,
I agree with that, but you probably have a good day.
Appreciate it. Dre. Thanks for the call mark for me.
You're on the odd couple of Fox Sports Radio. What's

going on in gentleman, He's trying to get me? Yeah,
all right, Chris, you know what to hear. You get
on your Brady high horse and to start yelling and
screaming all these numbers. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, I got
number number for you. Can you listen all? I got

one number that's gonna trump all of that crap you
just said, all them numbers. Two that's how many times
they got pushed in the place by the Saint And
I'm gonna gonna make it three after this week. Man,
hard to be the team three times the cliche for
a reason, for a reason, Chris. All right, Chris, I'm

gonna give you the facts why I said that. Take
the numbers off, because you can make numbers fit all
you want. Right that their front line is going to
really eat up the below average offensive line of of
this team. Man, that that's what you said. For two
games they're offened him. I ain't got no better. That's why.

That's why his numbers are bad. Against Washington. The Saints
won nine games in a row. Mark off that defense.
That's how good that defense is. And I'll give you
one more, one more quick stat Chris. You you brought
it up that bad defensive backfield and Michael Thomas is back.

Give you. It's a horrible defensive backroom. My goodness, unbelievable.
All right, I'll give you that. I'll give you that.
It's just gonna make it sweeter. All right, here we go. Uh,
let's go to Jason and Texas. You're on the odd
couple of Fox Sports Radio. What's up, Jason, Hey, Chris,
she's gonna You're gonna lose that bad big time. Uh

because but not for the reason you think Lady can
take this team. But the week link on his team
is Arians. You might not lose it this week, but
you're gonna lose that bad just letting you know. So Arians,
you say he's gonna be the ultimate the reason why
it doesn't work out absolutely. Okay, who you know Arias

has never beaten the Saint. Did you know that Arias
has never beaten Well, he's never had time Brady either.
Well I'm I'm reading for Brady. But but h but
I still think Arians is a weak point on this team. Well,
I think the weakest linked as We've said that defensive backfield.
But we'll see. Albert in Riverdale, you're on the couple

of Fox Sports Radio Riverdale in California. What's happening riverside.
Sorry about that, riverside. You got the speak speaker. You
gotta hurry up. We don't go on hold, who was that? Yeah?
We got all right? Yeah, ready, Chris going down, he

said much a bad team last couple of weeks. You're
going down the Sunday. Why didn't anybody talk about the
bad teams? Lamar Jackson was was beaten at the end
of the season. He wasn't in the playoffs, and he
had to win. He had to win out to make
the playoffs. He had to win out. That's why it

was impressed. It took that, but in the playoffs, not
to going into what the last the second to last
week or the last week they were in the playoffs, Chris,
they weren't. They weren't. They had to get there when
they got their tenth win. They made it when they
got their tenth win. So their last two games and
the play don't forget that playoff game and don't poopoo

Washington orally win seven games. The defense was stout until
they met Brady. All Right, we got Tory Gurley coming on.
We'll talk to him about this as well. Last time
Tory Gurley defied me rob about Tom Brady. He ended
up buying me like twenty chicken wings. You last time
you defied me on Tom Brady, you ended up buying

me twenty chicken wings. Fox Sports Radio has the best
sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our
shows at Fox sports Radio dot com and within the
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Man former NFL wide receiver now in the NFL analyst
Tory Girley, Tory, what's up? What's happening? What's going on? Hey?

I was just saying to the audience before the updated
dragging the last that you defied me about Tom Brady,
you ended up buying me a nice limp wing dinner.
Remember that far in the whole with queens. Hey, I'm thought,
now you owe me and got you anything? Dude, No,

you got one bit right, but talk about all the
other ones you got long. Well, let me ask you
this were started Tim Brady. I think he's throwing the
football incredibly Well, you are a former wide receiver, so
you know about such things. How how do you think
he's gonna fare against the New Orleans Saints this weekend?
At all? Depends on how the offensive line of the

Bucks can hold stronger against that Bucks, I mean against
that the Saints defensive line. Those those guys are a
great job of getting pressure. And that's what affects Tom Brady.
He's someone that loves to be comfortable and stay in
the spot. But if you can get him off of
it and force on the rush throws, he looks like
an average quarterback. But um, you know, in that game,
I'm leaning towards the Saints. I just can't sit there

and try to, you know, give Tom Brady the benefit
of the doubt because of the things he did in
New England. Like this is a brand new year, He's
on a brand new team and right now he's he's
owing two against the New Orleans Saints. I was going
to ask you about playing in Green Bay in December
and January, and is it an advantage for you for

people for the Packers because they're kind of used to
it and it comes the ram for Southern California that
play indoors and now it's thirty degrees at game time
with some snow flies. Do the Packers have an advantage
of the weather when it comes to the weather, rob
it's truly a home fill advantage in Green Bay. It's
a different type of coal, and you notice it when

the guys run out of the tunnel for the first time.
During pregame warmups. You know, you might have some guys
that show up and they don't have a shirt on
and they're trying to pretend to be tough. But when
it's kickoff and that wind gets the blowing and that
ground continues to get hard. With the weather just freezing
your body and your toes, it makes it extremely difficult

for you to go out and just be comfortable. You
can't play because you're you're so worried about your feet.
You feel like you're getting frost bite. The ball is
coming at your one hundred miles an hour. And that's
just advantage to Green Bays because when I played there,
that's something we did, is we practice outdoor, even though
they had an indoor facility with practice outdoors for those games,
and that's how guys were able to go out and

play and play at a faster speed compared to the
other guys that are just getting cold on the sideline.
You hear guys talk about, you know, when we saw
them come out and they had sleeves on and long
jimes and all this stuff that you know, we knew
we had them, or being intimidated. When you see a team,

you know, where the guys aren't wearing any long sleeve
shirts under their jerseys. Does that really play? Do play?
Do you really look at the opponents say, oh, they
didn't wear long sleeve shirts, they're ready or vice versa. Well,
it kind of it comes into play, but you really
notice what the guys speak. Just pay attention to that.
On on Saturday or Sunday when the game has played,

you're gonna see those guys from the Rams, Uh, they're
gonna try finding ways to stay warm, because once you're
told get cold, it's hard to play football because you're
it distracts you. You know, you're you're worried about trying
to get warmed up on the sideline or the bench
and you have these quick change of directions or turnovers
or whatever, and you're out there running around and you
really can't feel your toes. And whenever you can't drive

your feet into the ground and play fast, you know,
he who has the takes has lost. And that's why
you see the packerses go out and they have that
stuff down to a science from their equipment manager. They
go out there with the six stud cleats where you're
not gonna see them slipping and falling because it's something
that's just practiced on a daily routine there compared to
someone coming from La where the Brothers, as you guys

mentioned earlier, eighty plus degree. I mean, it's really gonna
be a culture. There's gonna be a culture shock for
those days should have spent the week in green bag.
They should have. Absolutely you've been out there, yes, sir,
because you're gonna hear a guy. They're not gonna mention
it if they lose, but you're gonna see guys in
their body language, how they're just like man, they're trying

to bundle up next to each other because it's just
it's a different type of coal. Uh tory. Um, we
got a big game with the Ravens and the Bills.
I'm looking quarterbacks, yes, a big yes. Who you know?
Both of these guys are hot. Um. Everybody seems to

be on Josh Allen right now, who do you like?
Which quarterback do you like to perform better and lead
his team to victory this weekend? I love Lamar Jackson
in this spot we all rode them alls, and for
somebody reason, a lot of people wanted to put Josh
Allen on the pedalstal as the next Patrick Mahomes or whoever.
But Lamar Jackson, I feel like he's taking his lumps.

He understands the magnitude of this game. And with their
offense kind of revamping themselves and getting back on track
and the defense going out to to create turnovers, I'm
gonna lean on Baltimore and coach Hardball and Lamar Jackson.
I feel like they have everything it takes to get
to win against the Buffalo Bills. This h this weekend,

the last game. You know, everybody expects Kansas City to win.
I mean, you just do, just like most people expected
Pittsburgh to be Cleveland. I'm I'm going to take the
Browns plus to ten or eleven points only because since
week eight, Kansas City hasn't won by double digits. What's
been different? They got all these weapons, they got Patrick Mahomes,

We know how talented he is. Why haven't they been
blowing out teams like like that? We were used to
sin It seems like that stopped after Week eight. A
lot of guys are just haven't gotten complacent. But I'm
gonna give you guys a little story. Back in two
thousand and eleven and my workie year with you know,
with Greg Jennings and all the great packers that we had.

We were fifteen and one, and everyone had us projected
to be in a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.
And for a player like myself, I was so confident
in Aaron Rodgers that on my bye week that I
went to an anxiety at car dealership and picked out
a car and told the dealer that I was gonna
pay this cash with my Super Bowl money. I'm not
the first person to do that, and I won't be

the last person to do that. So can you imagine that? Wow? Yeah,
So it can be the gift and the curse for
the Kansas City Chiefs, because I'm willing to bet there
are younger guys on that roster. They're like, man, we
got this in the bag, like we played Cleveland on
my even though due to COVID these guys probably can't
travel and go as far. But I'm willing to bet

somebody is already picking out a house or a vacation
or something to do with the Super Bowl money that
they think they're gonna make because they're hearing what the
guys did the year before, and anything like that that
can distract you and and and and take you off
your game. I've seen it come to light where a
wild card team will come in and hit you right
in the mouth. And that happened to us with the

New York Giants, and those guys went on to win
the Super Bowl that year as a wild card team.
So when it comes to playoff football, I've experienced it,
and that truly hurt. I mean it was I didn't
even play in that game, and Grid, did you get
the car? I had to I had to get something different.
I had to gett I had to just get a

lifetime Uber subscriptions because I couldn't. I had to get
a bus pass. But literally, um, that humbled me because
I went out as a young guy, was twenty two,
and I was so confident in Aeron and in my
teammates that I was spending money that I didn't have.
And uh, that's a story that I tell each and
every young man has never counter chickens before they hatched.

So um, if they're not focused, I can see the
Cleveland Browns going out there to Kansas City and and
pulling the biggest upset. Because I've been a part of
things like that, I can look look look all that said.
Who you picking? Oh give me the Browns, baby, you
wanted another wing back Tory. You gotta give me the point.

I'll take the point. You got to get points. Yeah, no,
you don't yet. Point? What is it? What is the spread?
I'm holding out on the point. Yeah, that's the only
thing that scares me. Chris. I'm with you. Are about winning, right.
I thinking the Chiefs are gonna win, But I don't
know if they're gonna win by more than ten. I'm serious,
I don't know. It could be. And what we thought,

what we saw last year out of the cheeses. They
fell behind in a bunch of games and you make
a living doing that. Every playoff game they were down
almost twenty plus. So if you do that with the
with the Cleveland Browns team that can run of football,
where you have Kareem Hunt, you have Nick Chubb, you
have those guys toting the rock, that game is gonna
shorten up. And I've seen it before. This isn't the

first time, and it won't be the last. And you know,
I'm not a huge betting man, but Chris, if you
give me those points, we're gonna put some wings on. Nah.
Let me think about it. All right, brother, we gotta
roll great stuff. We appreciate the time. Man, have a
good weekend, all right, thanks for having me. All right,
Lamar Jackson. The disrespect Rob is getting too much. It

is over the top. Okay, he stopping questioning, but they're
going too far. All right, Maybe maybe we'll see I
couple keep it live Fox Sports Radio. Fox Sports Radio
has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch
all of our shows at Foxsports Radio dot com and

within the iHeartRadio app. Search f SR to listen live.
All right, it is the I Couple. Nice start so far, Alex.
You're getting into crates, my man, I can't see the light. Yeah, alright.
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limitations do apply. All right, Rob, here's what we were
referring to with Lamar Jackson, and you know I threw

in a little bit of hyperbolely, but here it is.
NFL dot Com ranked the eight quarterbacks left in the
playoffs based on this rob who you would want for
the next three seasons, not now, but who you want
for the next few seasons. Here it was the top.
Here's the order for the whole thing. Patrick Mahomes number one,

Aaron Rodgers to Josh Allen three, Lamar Jackson four, Baker Mayfield,
Tom Brady, Jared Goff, Drew Brees. You got a problem
with that list? Yes, I don't understand um why Lamar

I was gonna say, Lamar I go, Lamar bitch. Lamar
Jackson is being downplayed, do you know what I mean?
Like Chris he was No matter what if you're you're
like forecasting what he's gonna do or out in the
road or whatever, it's not fair. We're talking about them

and this one it is looking over the next. No,
I know what I'm saying, but but it's based off
of what you've done. He's won an MVP, his team
won fourteen games. One year, they had an impressive run.
This year they were out of the playoffs, they won
six straight game. I'm just saying, if you put all
that together, I do believe he's ahead of Josh Allen.
Josh Allen had a fantastic season, they won the division.

I get it, Chris, he's the flavor of the month,
but I do believe he belongs to ahead of Josh Allen.
That's my problem. I think this is why it's happening.
And I'm gonna say, honest, if I would take Allen
for the next three years, and I think this is why.
It's certainly why I say it, and I think while
others saying it, because Lamar doesn't throw it as well

as these other guys that are ahead of him, and
he ran it well for a thousand yards again, but
how long is that going to continue. Josh Allen actually
had more rushing touchdowns than Lamar. Now I know he's
not a better rusher, but he had more rushing tds.
He can do both, but he throws it much better,
doesn't run it obviously as well as Lamar. But I

think that's what it is. And we saw even this
year that he wasn't as dominant on the run as
he has been in the past. And they look fine
in the playoffs, but they didn't light it up against
a defense that's not good. Tennessee's all offense. Their defense
is bad. It's one of the worst than the league.
And they didn't light him up. And so I and

then at the end of the year when they played
I'm not saying he's not playing well, but they didn't.
They were beating bad teams. The same thing you said
about Brady could be said about the Ravens. So he
goes out there and wins this weekend. Perhaps it'll change,
but I think people still look at running quarterbacks have
a shorter shelf life. How long is Lamar. He's fantastic
right now, but two years from now, suddenly, three years

from now, he's gonna be running like that. You could
say that too. I'm not. I'm just saying I still
like him better. Uh and and maybe he'll get a
little bit better. He doesn't have to be the greatest
passer to be able to win, but he has such
a dynamic ability that he can change the course of
a game. He count he did it last week that

he did that run. Chris changed the whole game. And
that's what he can do. And That's what was impressive
to me. That's all. No, he look he's he's great
right now. But I don't have a problem with the list.
They didn't put him behind Baker Mayfield or Town Brady
at forty three, although Brady's playing like he's got many

years left. We'll see. But a couple two hours left,
we got much stuff to get into with. You keep
it like Fox Sports Radio, the odd couple,
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