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April 13, 2024 37 mins

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Anthony Davis stating the Lakers are in a great place! Next, they talk who they think will most likely miss playoffs between LeBron James, Steph Curry ,& Kevin Durant! 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Ah, yeah, it is the Odd Couple.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
I'm Chris Bruce hard along time my.

Speaker 3 (00:17):
Partner Rob Parker, Rob from the tire rack dot Com studio.
Lot tire Rack dot Com is the way tirebine should be.
In this right here, the Odd Couple is the way
sports talk radio should be. So keep it locked here
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Speaker 2 (00:40):
XIM Channel eighty three.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
However you may be listening, you won't be disappointed for
the next three hours.

Speaker 2 (00:49):
But that's it. Let me welcome in my partner, Rob Parker.
What's up man? What's happened to mister Kristal Seawan? How
are you man? I'm lovely, I'm lovely.

Speaker 4 (00:59):
Nice day here, Yes, it's great walking on Jersey out here.
Yes afternoon when I was walking the streets to Manhattan,
Chris and tonight had a nice dinner with a couple
of friends, Moe and Ed.

Speaker 2 (01:13):
We just went to a Mastros so it was delicious.
Was where's the Mastros?

Speaker 4 (01:19):
You know? Yeah, I think it's new. It's on the.

Speaker 2 (01:24):
Fifty second Chris and sixth Avenue, that's near Fox six.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
Okay, yeah, television, we're not in that studio firstmore no
we're on the we're on the east side or the yeah,
the west side.

Speaker 2 (01:39):
Oh wow, Okay, I didn't know that. I didn't know
they weren't in the building. Out of there.

Speaker 3 (01:46):
Alright, okay, so cool man, cool, I'm glad you had
a good time. Yeah, and we got a lot to
get to So let's introduce the Eye Couple crew and
get this party started. DJ Alex ty Shirt in once again.
We started us to you again?

Speaker 2 (02:02):
Yo, Alex? How do I get flashed back Friday? Rob?
You sound majestic? Okay, thanks, Alex.

Speaker 4 (02:08):
Don't take this the wrong way, Alex. This means that
he's gonna dump on you.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
When he said, but Mary, Mary has been getting busy,
really funky flash, am I right?

Speaker 5 (02:22):

Speaker 2 (02:22):

Speaker 4 (02:23):
You know what woman who just turned legal? Right Mary,
she's been bugging on the ones and tubs.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
Well, how about this guy. Since you guys love her
so much, I'll let her be here Monday Tues next week.
Just look at it. I'm sure did you hear that?
We see what's gonna be in anyway?

Speaker 6 (02:41):
She was actually.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
Is that what it was? To make her feel bad? No? Actually,
she's my main plug. I hit her up now for
my days. That I went off, all right, well she's
a good job.

Speaker 5 (02:52):

Speaker 3 (02:53):
We also have Rob g the super producer is also
in his place. Shae Mowingard is pretty do seem today's show,
so shape welcome.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
Were looking for Shae's the man we love Thanks guys,
great pronunciation the rare. Did he get it right? Yeah, yeah,
of course, yeah, I mean he got as close as
he can get, you know, right, what is the what
is right? Give us? So it's if you actually it's
on Mohan guards. But I would always say Mohan guards.

People can do the hu So I don't know. I
don't force you. I don't I have phlem so I
can do it. Yeah, yeah, that was you got that.

Speaker 4 (03:34):
That's gotta be That's a drop right there, Yes, Alex,
you got that right, Okay.

Speaker 3 (03:38):
Uh. Moncey Milanos in the rare Friday where there's no
Steve di Seger.

Speaker 4 (03:43):
But mont it's amazing, you know, Monty is a big
star on the radium.

Speaker 2 (03:47):
Shocked that she's here on a Friday night, just.

Speaker 3 (03:49):
Shyeah, I mean she's slumming. Yeah, she's she's going on
the bigger and better things. But and on the social
media of the Great Elijah Sebuna all right, Rob, let's
get to it now. The Lakers weird situation because they
have been playing fairly well. You know, they've been winning
a lot of games, and it's not like they look

that bad. But Rob, they're not even the ninth seed anymore.
They're the tenth seed in the West and likely is
not official yet, but likely to face Golden State in
the first right or in the playing I should say,
or it could be Sacramento. And Anthony Davis said today

they played at Grizzlies tonight. I think we're in a
great place. He can go on the two games that
we lost. I played a quarter and then Lebron didn't
play one. So he's talking about their injuries. But that's
you know, they still have lost plenty of games with
those two. But he says at the bottom line is
I think we're in a great place. At the end

of the day, no matter where you are in the stand,
you still have to win. For us, it's about taking
it one game at a time, whether that's tenth place,
ninth place, eighth, no matter where you are, you can
be the first seed, you still have to win basketball game.
So that's our mindset. No matter where we are we
just gotta win. Now, that's the attitude you should take.

That's for sure. And they're forty five and thirty five, which.

Speaker 2 (05:22):
Is not bad. But they are the ten seed because they're.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
Tied with Sacramento and Golden State, and those two teams
have the.

Speaker 2 (05:32):
Tie breakers over the Lakers. Rob.

Speaker 3 (05:34):
So here's the question I want to throw out to
you and later to our listeners. If you're the Lakers,
would you rather face in that play in the first
play in one and done scenario, Sacramento or Golden State.

Speaker 4 (05:54):
I'd rather take Golden State, Chris, Golden State, they were
able to man handled.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
They had a matchup issue. Nobody to guard.

Speaker 4 (06:04):
Uh, Anthony Right, nobody really to stop them.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
Last year.

Speaker 4 (06:10):
They couldn't do anything. Uh for whatever reason. Sacramento has
their number, Chris Right. I don't know what you've got
the numbers. The last they've owned the Lakers.

Speaker 3 (06:20):
Sacramento has been the Lakers eight of their last ten matchups.

Speaker 2 (06:25):
Yeah, I mean, if any games.

Speaker 3 (06:27):
Has never beaten Demonti, that's crazy, that's crazy.

Speaker 2 (06:32):
And nine against the Bonus.

Speaker 3 (06:34):
Now, in fairness, Rob, the Warriors are three and one
against the Lakers this year. Yeah, but the one game
the Lakers won was in overtime.

Speaker 2 (06:45):
I remember that. That was a big company.

Speaker 3 (06:47):
They've had the Lakers number as well this year, but
last year they man handled the Warriors.

Speaker 2 (06:57):
In that playing game. Yeah, okay, but we're talking about
this year. No, I got it. I still would.

Speaker 4 (07:04):
I still would take the Warriors over Sacramento. Sacramentos, they
have had a longer stretch of for whatever reason, Chris
beating the Lakers. And it's shocking that Anthony has never
beaten Sabonis. I mean, when you O and nine and
you want to talk about we talk about sample size
all the time.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
Chris, that's a big sample size. Oh and nine, Yep,
that's me. I would I would take I would take
the Warriors.

Speaker 3 (07:31):
Well, the Warriors in a one and done scenario, Rob
are scary. That is a scary proposition one and done
for the NBA players. Rib You know, it's tough because
you're not used to the one and done. You're not
used to win or take all loser go home and

watch with the rest of the broadcasters, you know, and
so to face the Warriors in a one and done situation, man,
that's scary.

Speaker 2 (08:05):
That's scary. We saw it last.

Speaker 3 (08:06):
Night the other night when they hit sixty three percent
of their threes against the Lakers. So that I mean
they can get hotter than any team in the league
because Steph Clay and they've got some other good three
point shooters too, So it's scary. I would defin, I
would take the Lakers in a seven game series with

the Warriors, probably take them in the play in, but
I feel a lot less confident about a play in
one and done than seven game series. The Kings, on
the other hand, rob eight and one against the Lakers
in their last nine meetings, as we said, and the

problem they present to the Lakers is their speed. The
Aaron Fox. They just can't stay in front of him.
He's arguably the fastest guy in the league with the ball.

Speaker 2 (09:00):
Have been a Laker, they should have drafted him, Huy.

Speaker 3 (09:03):
That I mean, we see if he'd still be here, obviously,
but still, I mean real talk, you know, But he
breaks down their defense.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
AD has to help.

Speaker 3 (09:17):
This is a simplistic thing of what happens a lot
of times when they play. But a d has to help,
and then the Bonus can dominate the backboards, which he
does when he plays. The Lakers rob also the Lakers
will likely be on the road. They're the worst Western
Conference playoff or play in team on the road seventeen

and twenty one. They're not good away from the crypt
for whatever reason. All that said, Rob, I just wanted
to add a little drama, I do agree with you.
I would take I would say yes, okay, And I'm
not saying that they are. You know, they can't be

eat Sacramento, Rob, you and I have covered the league
long enough we've seen own a team in the regular season. Absolutely,
so I'm not saying the Lakers couldn't beat Sacramento in
the play in.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
But of the.

Speaker 3 (10:17):
Two, I think I'd rather face Golden State because they
have a The Lakers have a distinct advantage with Anthony
Davis and also Lebron. If Lebron wants to play big
against the Warriors, he can't.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
They can't stop Lebron inside.

Speaker 3 (10:37):
He could have a field day against them inside. Obviously
a d can as well, and so that's the big
advantage they have. No Look, as I said, the Warriors
were three and one against the Lakers this season.

Speaker 2 (10:51):
AD played in three of those games.

Speaker 3 (10:54):
Lakers were one and two in the three games that
AD played, so they've played him tough, but still one
game scenario ribe Lebron doing whatever it takes, dominating his
side and AD doing the same.

Speaker 2 (11:10):
With this defense, he changes everything.

Speaker 3 (11:13):
So I would I would rather if I'm the Lakers
face Golden State.

Speaker 4 (11:17):
And you know what, Chris, Golden State could get hot
as some grease on a fish fry, right, they could.
We saw, we've seen it. But you if they do that,
you have to tip your cap. If they're gonna shoot
sixty three from three, Chris, you got no shot anyway.
It doesn't even matter right matchups, it doesn't matter about
anything what an Ad did. If you're making threes at

that clip, you're not gonna beat, get beat.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
It doesn't matter. Right.

Speaker 4 (11:46):
But we've seen them also have the stinkers the bad nights, Chris,
And with the matchup and when Lebron and Ad, they
could beat the Warriors.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
If they're not shooting the lights out. So I'm with you. Yeah,
I agree.

Speaker 3 (11:59):
Like if the Lakers, I mean again, if they get
hot from three, so be it. But if the Lakers
play the right way offensively, at least, I think they'll
be tough for the Warriors to stop. So let's start
out to the listeners eight seven, seven ninety nine on Fox.
If you are the La Lakers, who would you rather
face in the one and done March Madness style playing game?

Speaker 2 (12:24):
The Warriors, who.

Speaker 3 (12:26):
You're won in three against this season, or the Kings,
who you're won in eight against over the last two
plus years, You're turning away in with Chris.

Speaker 2 (12:36):
Rode Odd Couple, Fox Sports Radio. Thanks for listening to
The Odd Couple podcast.

Speaker 7 (12:41):
Be sure to check us out live every weekday from
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Speaker 9 (14:04):
Welcome inn It is the couple, our number two, Rob
Parker Chris Bussard, and we're broadcasting live from the tire
rack dot Com studios.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
All right, our number two of a three hour show.

Speaker 3 (14:23):
And if you're tired of feeling alone in your job search,
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Speaker 2 (14:36):
Don't go at it alone.

Speaker 3 (14:38):
Visit expresspros dot com to find the location nearest you.

Speaker 2 (14:44):
That's expresspros dot Com. All right, Rob, we got JP Morosi.

Speaker 3 (14:51):
MLB network analysts, so he can break down what's going
on in Major League Baseball so far, Robert, this early stage,
So that'll be fun.

Speaker 2 (15:03):
It's always good to have John L. Rossie, Yes, JP,
John Morosi on the Odd Company.

Speaker 3 (15:10):
All right, Rob, we're sticking. We kind of got a
theme going here tonight on the eve of the NBA
playing which I Eddie Eddie House said, Rob.

Speaker 2 (15:22):
He loves it. He thinks it's added a lot of
excitement to the league. I gotta be honest. I love
it too. I'm guessing you don't.

Speaker 4 (15:31):
No, I don't know why you played the eighty two
games to let teams that haven't played well all year
get in the playoffs. So I'm out on the playing.
The LEAs and Warriors have played well. No, they're not
well enough. They couldn't make the top eight teams. That's
not well enough. I mean they would be fighting.

Speaker 3 (15:50):
They probably both have home court advantage in the West
or in the East.

Speaker 4 (15:54):
Yeah, but they're not in the East. I mean we
could say that every year. You could pick teams and
be like, well.

Speaker 3 (15:59):
The ninth intenc don't play I mean they're playing good basketball.

Speaker 2 (16:03):
No, but they didn't.

Speaker 4 (16:03):
They haven't played well enough where to where the Western
conferences this year, Chris, That's all I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (16:09):
But there's separations like a game. Yeah, but that's what
you played for that. I get what that's that's it
was done like that all the time.

Speaker 4 (16:17):
There were teams that that you would say, oh, if
you take them and put them in the East, they
make the playoffs. So we'll put the not in the East. Yeah,
and you got to keep up with the Jones much better. Yeah,
and you're and your in your conference. And forty five
wins is fine, but it's what's the final record going
to be?

Speaker 2 (16:33):
Forty five? And uh rob forty six? Forty seven wins?

Speaker 3 (16:37):
You know and whatever the eighty eighty two minus.

Speaker 2 (16:41):
Now I'm bad at mad is Yeah, that's why we journalism.
So yeah.

Speaker 3 (16:47):
I And interestingly, let's see Michael Jordan. Where were they
The Wizards were thirty seven and forty five his last year.
I'm trying to see what they had there. Been a
play in where would they have ranked one? Uh would
they have Yeah, they would have been. They would have
been They would have been in the playing in the

ninth seed. They would have played the Knicks. It looks
like in the play in the ninth tenth game. But
I love it. I do think it's added excitement. I
also think Rob it has given us a dose of
a little bit of March madness for the NBA. You know,
Eddie said it, and I think he's right.

Speaker 2 (17:29):
Like this, that one and done scenario, which thrilling, and you.

Speaker 3 (17:33):
Know, ninth inten seed, you can't. You know, it's not
like they would. Now the eighth seed could could complain
if they want, right, because they might get bounced and
miss the playoffs entirely, and they could say, hey, we
played eighty two games to be in the top eight
and we got there and now we're right. I don't

know that they will complain, but I'm just saying they could.
But for the ninth and ten seeds, hey it's a
shot to get in the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (18:04):
And obviously seventh seed could fall out as well.

Speaker 3 (18:06):
But this year is interesting, Rob, not just because of
the thrill of, you know, watching the race but three legends,
absolute legends. One of those three is likely to miss
the playoffs entirely, almost certainly going to miss the playoffs entirely.

Speaker 2 (18:29):
And I'm talking about Lebron James with the Lakers.

Speaker 3 (18:33):
Steph Curry with the Warriors, or Kevin Durant with the Sons. Now,
I would like to see all three of them advance,
you know, for the excitement of it. But it's not
gonna happen. And I want to ask you, and again
later our audience robbed, if one of those three superstars

has to miss the postseason this year, which one? And
would you rather it be? And it's not even like
you don't like this guy or whatever, but just you know,
it could I could ask it is which two would
you rather advance? But either way you look at it,
you're picking one that you you know, rather not see

in the playoffs.

Speaker 4 (19:18):
Of the three, can I say all three? And normal
me stop? Okay, I mean.

Speaker 2 (19:24):
It's a conversation, you might. I mean, do you feel
that way you're ready for the new.

Speaker 4 (19:29):
Batch to take you know, after a while, I'm getting
closer to that where we could talk about some new
people and the only way we'll ever talk about new people, Chris,
is when they're not around.

Speaker 2 (19:39):
That's a good point. It's just it's just that that's
just how it is.

Speaker 4 (19:43):
And you know, like we talked about Tom Brady at nausehim,
you know, because he was still playing, and you had
to talk.

Speaker 2 (19:49):
About still talking about tom Brady.

Speaker 4 (19:50):
Yeah, but I'm just saying, but at that point, thanks
to tom Brady. But at some point, you know, you're
ready to move on and start talking about other people.
So anyway, if I really had to pick one guy,
uh to miss the playoffs entirely, I'm gonna say.

Speaker 2 (20:09):
Lebron and the Lakers. Wow, wow, Wow, all right?

Speaker 4 (20:16):
Why because I think I think I'll get a little
sentimental with Steph and the Warriors as the last hurrah.

Speaker 2 (20:24):
Really yeah, a little.

Speaker 4 (20:25):
Bit, just a little bit, I'm okay. And and then yeah,
he won't be one of my targets, I guess.

Speaker 2 (20:33):
And then KD. I just think they have too much talent.

Speaker 4 (20:38):
I would like to see them make a real run, Chris,
with their their big three and what they could do
in the West if they were healthy and those three
guys were playing.

Speaker 2 (20:48):
So I'm intrigued more about KD and the Suns. Does
that make sense. Yeah, yeah, no, that's a legitimate answer.
That's the reason. Yep, no doubt, no doubt.

Speaker 3 (21:01):
I'm gonna say, if one of the three has to
sit and watch, I'd rather be kd okay because and
I don't. Look, I don't think either of the three
are winning the West. The team I have the least
amount of confidence in the team I am most frustrated

with are the Phoenix Suns. I think that they they're underachievers.
I don't think they're as a team mentally tough. I mean, rob,
I get it. This is the three point shooting age
with those three players. How in the world do you
ever find yourself down thirty five to four with those

three Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, especially when you're.

Speaker 2 (21:57):
Fighting for your playoff lives.

Speaker 3 (22:02):
I mean, come on, And so to me, that was
emblematic of a team that's just somewhat rudderless for all
their talent. And you're right, they do have a lot
of great talent, obviously, but I don't expect a thing
from them. So I would go like the Lakers, I

think could make a run. I don't think they can
beat Denver, but I think they got a shot against
anybody else. I think they can make a run. And
Anthony Davis and we've been saying this for years, Rob,
but it would be nice if he would just take
the rains once and for all.

Speaker 2 (22:42):
He has been probably their best player this year.

Speaker 3 (22:45):
It's arguable he's certainly been a phenomenal defender, and he's
in the running for Defensive Player of the Year. But
it would be nice if he took the rains once
and for all. And this is my team, and it'd
be interesting to see what they could do with Lebron
still as their leader Golden State, I see him playing

very good basketball again. I think they are dangerous if
they get to the eight, the final eight, you know,
eight playoff teams, I think they could be dangerous. And
their style is fun with all the three point shooting,
the driving with Steph and you know, there's a fun
team to watch. There's a fun brand of basketball. So

I would like to see them in it as well.
I hope Phoenix makes it. I was as excited Rob
as anyone when they got Kevin Durant, and I thought they.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
Had a chance to win a championship.

Speaker 3 (23:44):
But as it stands, right now, just watching them this season,
they're up and down, they're inconsistent.

Speaker 2 (23:51):
You don't know what you're getting.

Speaker 3 (23:52):
So I would say KD would be the one that
I'd rather not be in the playoffs of the three.

Speaker 2 (24:01):
And I want KD in it. But I'm just saying
if one ask to go, yeah, it'd be him.

Speaker 4 (24:06):
It's funny because I just see it the other way,
like you just said it. They're so frustrating, but if
you get in the playoffs, Chris, you just all you
gonna do is play well for you know what I mean,
for a stretch and could it click in and all
of a sudden, Because when KD first went there, you know,
with with Devin Booker, people were.

Speaker 2 (24:26):
All like, oh my god, the Sons. Look at the Suns.
People are ready to crown them.

Speaker 6 (24:33):

Speaker 2 (24:34):
I thought that, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (24:35):
I think they In hindsight, Rob, they would have been
better off and I know he's not what he used
to be, but better off keeping Chris paul.

Speaker 2 (24:44):
As because one of their problems.

Speaker 3 (24:46):
They're bad in the fourth quarter, and I think one
of the reasons is because they don't have a true
point guard. They don't they got guys that can handle
the ball. KD, Devin Booker, Bradley Beal. They can all
handle the ball and when they draw attention, they can
kick it out and get assists. They can get six
assists tonight. But that is not being a point guard.

And they don't have a guy that can direct traffic,
that can control tempo, that can get the ball to
the right guy in the right place, that can, you know,
make sure everybody stays involved. They don't have it. And
it's not blaming those guys. They're not point guards. Chris Paul,

even in this diminished state, Rob, I think would be
huge for them, and I think they would be better
off if they still had him. So we'll see, But
let's throw it out to the listeners eight seven, seven
ninety nine on Fox eight seven seven nine nine six
sixty three sixty nine. You're turn away in one of

them is likely to miss the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (25:53):
It's sad but true. So if you have to.

Speaker 3 (25:57):
Send one home, which which one is it going to be? Lebron,
Steph or KD? Your thoughts next, Chris and Rob The
Odd Couple, Fox Sports Radio. Thanks for listening to The
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Speaker 2 (26:32):
It is The Odd Couple. I'm Chris, He's Rob.

Speaker 3 (26:35):
We're live from the tire Rack dot com studios, and
shortly after our show, the podcast goes up. So if
you've missed any of today's show, just check out the pod.
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Post it right after we get off the air. All right,
we have a special guess. He's an NFL reporter, does
a great job covering the league for USA Today. Friend
of the Show, We welcome in Tyler Dragon Tiger.

Speaker 2 (27:12):
Welcome to the Couple. He did say Tiger, you said,
I'm sorry leaving a message. Hey, this is first. You
want to know how Junior is doing. How's your son?

Speaker 7 (27:29):

Speaker 2 (27:29):
How's everything?

Speaker 6 (27:31):
Oh? He's doing good. He's gonna be four months tomorrow.
He's growing every day already, have a little personality, But
he's doing great. Appreciate you.

Speaker 2 (27:40):
Enjoy it, man, because it goes fast.

Speaker 4 (27:42):
Yeah, all right, let's start.

Speaker 2 (27:48):
We obviously have the NFL Draft coming up.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
Are you with everybody or most other people, that Caleb
Williams is the best player or best quarterback at least
in this draft class?

Speaker 2 (27:59):
And if so, where does it go from there? For you?

Speaker 3 (28:02):
A lot of people like Jaden Daniels, Drake May some
now JJ McCarthy like, where does the rest of the
quarterback field step a stack up for you?

Speaker 2 (28:13):
If indeed you have Caleb number one?

Speaker 6 (28:16):
Yeah, I have Caleb Williams number one, and it's pretty
much a done deal that he is going to be
a Chicago Bear once the Bears officially put their pick in.
But my order is a little bit different after him.
I do have Jayden Daniels as my second ring quarterback.

Speaker 4 (28:35):
I really like his mobile JJ McCarthy no, sure, no, no.

Speaker 6 (28:40):
No, no. I like Daniels' mobility. He's six ' four, Yes,
he's a little bit slender, but I believe he's going
to add some weight on a professional level. And then
number three, I actually like Michael Pennix Junior. When I
saw him play in the college football playoffs and at

University Washington. I just like the way the ball flies
out of his hands. He have arguably the strongest arms
in this draft class. Now, he does have a little
bit of injury history.

Speaker 4 (29:14):
Wait a minute, that's a part of his resume, because
that was my next pushback, is the injuries.

Speaker 2 (29:19):
That doesn't scare you, Tyler.

Speaker 6 (29:21):
That doesn't scare him because he did play a healthy
season of Washington and as long as you have an
offensive line to protect him and as long as he
does not absorb those brutal hits in the NFL, I
think he'll be fine. All his injuries were pretty much
when he was seeking out contact as a quarterback. So
he's my third ranked quarterback. And then I have Drake

May from North Carolina and then JJ McCarthy. So that's
probably my top five big board as far as quarterbacks
in NFL drafts.

Speaker 2 (29:56):

Speaker 4 (29:56):
Let me ask you about the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott.
You know, there's all kinds of stuff going on. They're
gonna make them, let them play out the contract and
then see or is Jerry gonna cave?

Speaker 2 (30:08):
What are you hearing with the Cowboys and Dak?

Speaker 6 (30:11):
Yeah? I'm hearing that he's probably going to play out
this final year and then they're going to negotiate from there. Now,
things can change between now and the regular season. But
to me, what I'm hearing is the Cowboys and Jerry
Jones are comfortable with Dak Prescott playing this final year
under his contract, and they have a lot of other

high priced players, marquee players that are eligible for contract extensions,
and first of mind is Michael Parsons, who might be
the highest pay defensive player ever by the time his
deal gets finalized. So there's a lot of decisions that
need to be made in Dallas beyond Dak Prescott.

Speaker 2 (30:55):
All right, So yeah, I mean.

Speaker 3 (30:59):
They talked to at being all in, I think Tyler,
it has been a horrendous offseason for the Cowboys, and
I know we got the draft and there's other stuff
that can happen, but.

Speaker 2 (31:09):
They've lost several top players.

Speaker 3 (31:11):
They only have three picks in the top one hundred
and fifty actually won seventy. They only got three picks,
so they only restock so much.

Speaker 2 (31:21):
You got ceedee Lamb, maybe holding out.

Speaker 3 (31:23):
You got leaks about them being tired of Micah Parsons.

Speaker 2 (31:27):
You're not resigning Dac.

Speaker 3 (31:29):
You got a leak about maybe they'll look at a
quarterback in the draft. What is going on in Dallas.
I think it's been a terrible offseason for them.

Speaker 6 (31:37):
Yeah, it has been a terrible offseason. They might be
having the worst free agency in all of the NFL,
especially in the NFC East. When you look at the
players of the caliber like the Commanders added and the
Philadelphia Eagles with Sakuon Barkley, with the Cowboys that they
really have not spent a lot of their money and

basically because they were, you know, they their salary cap situation,
they had to play the salary captain nastics. And then
they have, like I said, these contracts coming up with
the Michael Partners, with the CD Lamb and Dak Prescott,
and I believe that Jerry Jones thinks that his team
is still good enough to compete in the NFC. And

then they're going to look at how this draft is
going to play out. Yes, they don't have a lot
of picks in this NFL draft, but they still have
a first round pick. Maybe they can get a receiver
to go on the opposite side of CD Lamb, so
they're not too far away, but they did lose a
lot of key players in free agency. So it's going

to be interesting to see how they maneuver this draft
and how they close out for agency because there's still
a lot of pretty good players available. Odell Beckham junior,
he will see a nice addition in Dallas as a
number two, number three.

Speaker 4 (32:56):
How much does he have left though? I'm asking does
he have anything left in the two?

Speaker 6 (33:00):
I believe though, because you're not asking him to be
a number one receiver. You're asking him to be behind
Cede Lamb, maybe be a third option, a pass catching
option in Dallas, and with that, I still think he
can be a very reliable and productive player. And Baltimore,
he was kind of asked to be the number two option,
especially after Mark Andrews got hurt. At this point in

his career, he's not that, but as a third receiver option,
I think he's still a productive player.

Speaker 2 (33:30):
You you mentioned the Ravens. Obviously they got Dereck Henry.

Speaker 3 (33:35):
How much of a up Well, you know it's a
great upgrade, but I mean, how much of an impact
do you think that'll have on them? They went away
from the run inexplicably championship game, which was right? Is
this a sign that they kind of recognize the error
of their ways and will go back to, you know,

running the football more or just tell us how you
think this this move will impact this team.

Speaker 6 (34:01):
Yeah, I'm still scratching my head that they went away
from the run games this game. But Derrick Henry I
cannot wait for him and Lamar Jackson to run the
Reid option. I think it's going to call defensive fits
and it's going to be so potent that you know
they can win the division again. I mean with him
in the backfield with Lamar Jackson, that's like a match

made in heaven. I really do like what the Ravens
have done this offseason. Now, I do think they need
to upgrade their offensive line. They lost some players. They
still have Ronnie Say at left tackle, but inside at
guard and right tackle, they probably need to make some
more additions. I expect them to probably address their O

line in the draft, But overall, when I look at
this Ravens roster, it's probably the best in the AFC North.
But they're O line and pass rush rushers. They do
need to upgrade those two specific spots.

Speaker 2 (35:02):
The Jets.

Speaker 4 (35:04):
Have they done enough in the offseason. Obviously, you never know.
You got a forty year old quarterback who got hurt
on four snaps, and you know there's always the threat
that he could be injured. But what about what they've
done to show up the offensive line? Are you happy
with the Jets off season?

Speaker 7 (35:20):

Speaker 6 (35:20):
I do like the addition in Tyron Smith. I still
think he has something less than the tank, But overall,
I still think they're maybe missing some pieces, especially on
the O line and the interior. I like Morgan Moses
who just talked about the Ravens. He came over from there,
but what are you going to do on the interior,
especially at guard and at center. Now on the outside

with Aaron Rodgers, I love the edition of Mike Williams
to go with Garrett Wilson. Mike Williams has a big
catch radiant the six four. He can catch a lot
of contest to catches, a lot of jump balls. So
him with Garrett Wilson, that's going to be a very
potent attack for Aaron Rodgers if he can stay healthy.
Let's hope he lasts more than four players and he
could come back from that Achilles injury. So that's going

to be the huge question. But overall, on paper, I'd
be like the Jets Ralston.

Speaker 3 (36:11):
Well, speaking of comebacks, did you hear Tom Brady? I'm
sure you did, and he's smart, he knows what he's said.
My mouth I was going to be picked up. I mean,
I thought he was all but begging for somebody to
come get him.

Speaker 2 (36:27):
Tyler, what is the buzz around the league? And I
can think of a few teams that I think could
use him.

Speaker 3 (36:35):
What do you think about the Brady situation and what's
the buzz?

Speaker 6 (36:40):
I think it's just a whole bunch of talk. Tom
Brady is forty six years old, He's going to be
forty seven and on August third. There is no way
in the world he is going to come back as
a forty seven year old quarterback. Now, I know quarterbacks
forty five he's.

Speaker 2 (36:55):
Threw for forty seven hundred yards.

Speaker 6 (36:57):
Yes, but that's come on now, he's almost fifty. Now,
I know quarterbacks don't get hit and you pretty much
have flags on them over there. So I mean, is
the door cracked because of how today's NFL has played? Maybe,
but no, Tom Brady's just talking. He knows he's gonna
call his headlines. He's now an NFL owner too, so

he's not coming back.

Speaker 4 (37:22):
There's a better chance that him and Griselle will get
back together.

Speaker 3 (37:26):
Rob is full of wishful thinking. Last thing he was
Tom Brady.

Speaker 4 (37:30):
I'm done with Tom Brady enough already, all right, Tyler,
great stuff as always.

Speaker 8 (37:37):

Speaker 6 (37:38):
We appreciate you, alright, Thanks for having me. I have
a great knife, all right,
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