Dilemma Deep Dive

Dilemma Deep Dive


Cheating Is Normal

February 13, 20198 min

8 min
Curtis Get's Snipped W/O His Wife's Knowledge!

February 7, 20197 min

7 min
Dilemma Deep Dive: Phil and His Teen Daughters

January 31, 20198 min

8 min
Dilemma Deep Dive: Anita Follows Her Husband

January 24, 20195 min

5 min
Dilemma Deep Dive: I Used The Wedding Ring Account To Buy Pats Tickets

January 10, 20196 min

6 min
Anthony and The Mystery Baby in the Midwest (Follow Up)

December 13, 20187 min

7 min
Dilemma Deep Dive-Cancel Christmas

December 6, 20188 min

8 min
Dilemma Deep Dive-Erica and Her Boyfriend of 15 years

December 6, 20187 min

7 min
Barry's Wife Wants To Spank The Kids-Barry Disagrees

November 29, 20189 min

9 min
Danny Loaned $3K To His Ex Girlfriend and She Has No Intent On Paying It Back

November 29, 20187 min

7 min

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