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Impeachment, censure, or what? Thom lays out his case for why Trump's impeachment could be more like Nixon and less like Clinton. Plus- playing with knives- Dr. Justin Frank puts Trump back on the couch to see how his childhood made the man.

April 22, 201961 min

61 min
Thom takes stock of the implications of the Mueller Report- what it really said- and the next big question- to impeach or not to impeach? Plus listener calls on other important issues of the day.

April 19, 201962 min

62 min
The redacted Mueller Report- Thom's powerful analysis- what the 'Coverup General' Barr is and isn't talking about.

April 18, 201962 min

62 min
Will the Greedy Old Patriarchs be able to use hate and fear to avoid responsibility for their crimes and corruption and win the next election? Is it finally time for the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified? Plus- the crowd cheers for Bernie on.. Fox News??

April 17, 201962 min

62 min
Pete Buttigieg is reclaiming Christianity and taking it back from the far right and reminding us that Christ was a progressive and his message was about as far left as one can get. Does this mean that Vice President Mike Pence and the right-wing Christian fundamentalists are hell-bent on denying human rights to people they imagine are going against God's word and not Christians?

April 16, 201962 min

62 min
Today- the consequences of the Trump tax cut on all of us, and especially the millionaires that pay much lower taxes than people who work. And- a deep dive on Fredrick Douglass, and the subtle consequences of America's ugly racial history.

April 15, 201962 min

62 min
The past and present criminal history of the Kushner family- now includes possible treason- will the Trump Crime Family's corruption be revealed when Congress finally gets the tax returns? And listeners share their sad stories of losing family members to the brainwashed false-anger pushed by Fox News.

April 12, 201970 min

70 min
As Julian Assange is hauled out of the Ecuadorian embassy, is journalism under attack? Are we already at war with Iran? Trump's corrupt business practices. Plus- Richard Wolff on what money is.

April 11, 201962 min

62 min
The NRA has been at the heart of many hurdles to pass comprehensive gun control legislation, but how can progressives defeat the NRA? Enter Igor Volsky, who has a plan to do just that - and you won't want to miss it.

April 10, 201962 min

62 min
AG William Barr AKA "The Cover-Up General" has a deep resume of hiding the crimes of presidents. Thom's guest Lamar Waldron ties strings between the seventies CIA operative William Barr to Ollie North to evading the exposure of Trump's crimes.

April 9, 201962 min

62 min

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