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February 6, 2018 15 mins

Bethany has some EXCITING news about her podcast! We also chat about when Alexa takes over control of YOUR LIFE!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcasts show.
Really excited about this. I'm really I'm honored, Bethanie. Yeah,
I'm excited to you guys. Garrett. Are you able to
come right now? You have on your baby? No, No,

I can't. Hen't had a baby just to get out
of coming and Danielle's go to see Jam again. I
feel I feel like I want because I know you
said there's limited and a lot of people are like
waiting on the list to get in because I feel bad.
I want somebody who, like you know, who listens to
every week and has to be there. Take that away
from that we're talking about is nice, Bethanie. Yes, web

girl Kathleen and Sam producer Sam they have that podcast
and acquired Taste podcast and they're doing it and acquired
podcast live. Yeah. It's our first live event from um
a place called the Ainsworth and Hoboken. Yeah, it's so great. Um.
We are so amazed because we we had a limited
number of people we could invite and we opened the

passes up online and before we were even able to
say on the podcast the passes are up, they sold
out like people just found them and got them and
so we were able to open up more and they
sold out in ten minutes. Did you guys move speakers
around to more? Now twenty people are able to come. Um,
So so what we were We invited everybody from the

Morning Show of course, and a bunch of people from
My Heart and um. But we said, look, it's honest,
it's next Sunday, the eleventh, Sunday, after late afternoon. A
lot of people live far away, so we understand, like,
if you cannot come, please don't feel like you have
to come out, understand flying in for this, Yes, that's
so cool. Now we're reading emails from listeners and tweets

and stuff, and we're crying because, you guys know, like
we on the on the Big Show, we just kind
of assume that when people show up, it's because of elvit, right,
like because it is of Elvis, like he's he's names
on the shirt. Yeah, he's the dude, um, and it's
his show. And of course, so when it isn't Elvis
and people are still showing up, there's this feeling of

why are you coming? Like Elvis isn't hosting it. It
is this feeling of disbelief that people would want to
come to this. I will say also the difference between broadcasting,
which is a morning show, and podcasting. I'm learning every
day how much more intimate podcasting is and how people
get to know you more because you know, we when

we put on a show in the morning, people are
on the go. It's live, it's real time, and it's
on our schedule, like whenever the show is on, that's
when it's all right. But it's also fast paced, mean,
like we go from this to that to this, because
it's kind of like a smorgese board or like a
buffet of things going on. And there's so many of
us on the show too, that you get like one line,

two lines, whereas with podcasting, yeah, we can talk for hours.
How many How long is your podcast is normally, like
Acquired Taste is usually between twenty and Walkers and Talkers
also about an hour and Garrett fifteen minutes. Is that
normal for a podcast? What is a normal time for

a podcast? It varies. I've heard all of your podcasts
at least once or twice, but like they are different times,
it's not all the same time. I think it falls
down to just the brand of the podcast, and it
also it depends on the day and what you have
to say. My heart starts hurting from yelling when the
ambulance come, when I can't beee on my right side

of my my body. Yeah, where is it? We're excited
at Acquired Taste because our brother podcast, the Brooklyn Boys,
are both coming to the live podcast Free food. Yeah,
free food, well scary can't eat the free food, and
I'm coming. Even though I didn't get an Acquired Taste
holiday card, I have one for you. But now is
it true? You guys are doing an after show called

the Acquired Aftertaste. They thought it was very funny. Okay,
so yeah, I think this is awesome. This is legendary.
This is the first time any one of our podcasts
or offshoots decided to do something like this. So I'm
curious to see how this goes. I know it's going
to go well. I'm nervous, but I'm excited. And we're
not gonna as Brodie and I are not going to
waste your your drink bracelets because can't drink. It's all good.

It's all good. But there will be food and we
will report back and hopefully this sound will be okay
and we will be able to have it as an
actual podcast. You guys are borrowing my laptop. I understand
for that. Oh so yeah, it would be great culture.
Will there be video because I bought um now I
grew up. I called it oak tag. What's the paper?
It's like post So I'm making signs like the Today Show. Yeah,

there will be video. Do not make mean sign? The
only sign came all the way from Nebraska. We love
you guys, Today's show kind of sign. Yeah, No, it'll
be It'll be really really fun. So if you haven't,
I mean, I know we've been harping on it. But
you know clearly if you're listening to this, you listen
to podcasts. So listen to Celebrity but Us with Garrett,
and listen to Brooklyn Boys and Walkers and thank You

and with Scary thank You. Well. Yes, Jamie from also
Danielle has a two podcasts in the work, Yes I do.
They've been in the work for a long time now
eventually they'll be coming out. They're they're they're just one
of the podcast Now that's not happening now, as we know,
the government is keeping you from doing that exactly. We've
gotten a call from the government and they said to us,

if you do that podcast, we will find you. So
we're not doing that. Now here's the thing. You guys
have another podcast. You have a name, it's fetch Ham.
But not only have a name. You took a professional picture. Garrett, Yes, Garretson,
you have a beautiful We have a we have a publicity.
They just don't have a podcast. We have a house,

we have a facade. We just don't have anything. No plumbing,
there's no plumber. We're having a brunch coming up in
a couple of weeks, our listeners can come. They don't
have a podcast. Picture. I want to see it. I
don't even know where it's the kind of you look
at the picture, you go I would listen to that.
You know what you can't about exactly how long is
your podcast? You asked about very long. I read an

article that there are eight hundred fifty thousand podcasts. Everyone
can have a podcast, right, And I know the people
listening to this podcast that absolutely have a podcast them.
So it's not easy to find everyone's podcast either. Because
when I go to I Heart and I put in
the search, I put in Brooklyn Boys. First. You should
have been what the freak came up, what the hell, Well,
you have to do the drop down the podcast because

you don't, then it's okay. It's all kinds of ship.
But we complained about this on our last episode episode
of The Brooklyn Boys. If you search for the Brooklyn Boys,
you get the Bowery Boys first. No. No, if you
asked Alexa to play the Brooklyn Boys, you get an
e M channel of two d days called the Brooklyn Boys.
You know what, I have my problem with Alexa, and

it's Danielle's fault too, because we have a commercial where
she talks to Alexa in production but and she sets
Alexa's alarm clock every morning to seven am. I've been
changing people's alarm clock, so everyone's alarm clock at at
at their homes have been going off at seven am. Now,
if you're if you've never set the alarm on Alexa before,

you're wondering what the hell is going on in your
house at seven am. By the way, you just did it.
It's not my fault either. Alice is in that commercial too,
and it's someone wrote it and we read it and
we didn't think about until later, and now people are like, um,
thanks for changing and airs every day. So every day
she sets the alarm no matter what. And it's fine

if you've already woken up. No, it's fine if you're
gonna wake up later, But if you were supposed to
have woken up at like five am. Yeah, you gotta
set it every night because of this commercial Alexa. And
you can change it to answer to other words. You
can have it wake up to Echo or Amazon, but
I feel like you should be able to have it

wake up to anything like I want to name it bitch, Like, hey, bitch,
set my alarm. I want to do it because it's funny.
That's not funny, That's okay, I call it stupid. Hey,
still live in a house with four women. That's why
I gotta call something. That's what scares me. Yeah, I'm
just said joke. I would never and by the way,

never this is a female dog. Yeah I know, but
it's I have one of those, so it's okay anyway.
But you should be able to name it fun things
like Herbert. When you call it a bit, you're not
referring to a dog. Do you intend to call it
a dog? You don't to call it a nasty woman.
Now he's gonna back when there's poop in my house.
I put echoes nose into it. I put her Alexi's nose,

and I don't do that. Not a fact of training method. Anyway,
I'm gonna have to change it to Amazon or Echo
because every time it's a commercial for alexaid answers. I'm
not familiar with that. You know. I was in the
shower once I had to teach. It was a Tuesday.
That one time they gave me a day and my

TV was on in my bedroom and it was really loud.
I'm guessing an Echo commercial came on because when I
came out of my shower, the Echo was playing you know,
you make me want to shower, and it was really loud,
and it was late at night. I'm like, what the
fund is this thing doing? That's horror movie stuff right there.
I'm like, why is why is the Echo playing? You
know you from Animal House? You know you make me

want to share? No, the other version day, I'm like,
I'm like, what did I say? I said, there was
no way in my apartment. It had to be the TV.
And so we think, did you dance naked in the house?
I didn't, but she had um she was doing like

an update or something. Because I'm in my kitchen, hutson around,
I'm not speaking, nothing's playing, there's nothing to trigger her,
And all of a sudden, the blue light just starts
to spin. And at first I just saw it and
I stared at it, like like in a horror movie
where you watched the thing come to life. And I
just looked at it, and it kept spinning, and I said, Alexa,
and it just kept spinning. I said, Alexa, what you doing?

Just kept spinning, and then I realized, Okay, it's probably
an update. It's like probably, and then it just stopped
after a while. But you know, we don't know these
things terribly well. Yet they are not completely immersed into
our lives, and say, I don't know. It's like the
Apple agreement. The Amazon Alexa directions are so long and
and tedious you don't have the time to read them.

So there's many things that could do. We just don't
have the time or bother to read them. So when
when the alarm goes off, guarantee you've never heard your
your alarm on your echo. It is not a normal alarm,
So you think something's broken in your house. Oh yeah,
can you do it? I'll see if I can find
it on YouTube real quick. But you go around your
house listening to it, thinking like something's broken, and like

the carbon monoxide detectors needs a battery. I said it
to I said it to my heart. I said it
to music. But you can just say set an alarm
and Garrett's it plays this weird pitched beeping thing. We
just want to just say shut up Alexa. I think
to say pre rules are death for radio, bead skeep

bad skeep bad at in. There we go, how do
you do that? Okay, here's the echo again and right now,
I believe if you need to say shut up clock,
but maybe if shut up, she doesn't what time you
wanted to go? Paul will switch to slide this to
off getting there. So I'm gonna find out what curtain
time is. First. I got shut up alarm for eleven,

see shut up for once we hit eleven. So she
has a snooze feature. You just say her wake word
which is her name, and say snooze. Everyone also has directions.
I think we have a topic to you to bring,
like how is open Alexa? Runger like scared the crab

out of you? That's upgrade or update. The tones might
be able to change, but so far, Yeah, that's it.
But two minutes and forty one seconds, can we I
just say, if you're doing a makeup tutorial, a woodworking tutorial,
a tech tutorial, I don't want to sit there and
watch you narrate everything you went through to get up

to this point of starting your tutorial. Hey guys, my
name is Alex and I'm gonna do makeup tutorial for
you today. I love makeup. I know a lot of
people wear it. I know meca is a fun thing
that I like my face, and so I don't know
if you like to wear makeup, but I'm sorry. And

then another thing I thought about when I was about
to make this video is And then also, if you're
thinking of doing cancel on that note. If you're going
to do an unboxing video, you guys know what an
unboxing video. Every time there's a new phone out, I
want to watch someone buy the phone and open it
up and use the phone and drop it hopefully and
be hilarious. I watched one on boxing video and the

guy couldn't get the box open and he had to
go look for his box cutter. Have the box cut
already you're doing an unboxing video part right, like you
should be able to open up. Jamon Jamison, Why is
filming us us fish fishing? We're goldfishing a bowl. Wh
Is Jamison trying to sell far jackets? Yeah? Anyway, but no,

we all know him. Actually I know Jamison thirty years
al right. Nobody cares on the podcast. The most confusing
part of the podcast. No one knows even know what
you're talking. This guy outside the studio filming us with
his phone that so happens to be scary friend, not
a sponsor, He's a dude. No, I'm kidding anyway. Point
is uh My question do you guys, was why do
kids why? Why do kids find unboxing videos fascinating? I

think it's voyeurism. It's fun to see it with no
patients though you know a lot of they say they
have no patients, But did they sit there and they
watch for videos? For like makes me feel what it's
like to open it and experience and sit and see
what it's like to play with it. You don't know
what's coming. I don't know what's coming. Also, like as
as they're fumbling with the stuff, you're on your phone.

I mean, it's not like this is the only thing
you're watching. You're on your phone, you're checking, you know,
you're teching, text messages, whatever, and then you look and
see what they're unboxing, and you go back to your phone,
I think, But it is. It's really fascinating to see
what other people do in their lives. It's why I
sit with with my you know, magnifying glass. What are
those doculars? Stare at my neighbors for hours and hours

and hours just in the dark. That's why I bought
an apartment right across from Bethany's. Yeah, I see every
movie you made, so you've watched watching you, I am watching.
You should call the police, just see what you did
there giving us all his family's information when he could

have just said okay, I meant to. I would never
call him minute Morning show off.

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