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July 30, 2018 16 mins

Greg T is bursting with happiness! Plus we talk about spending money from time to time to do something CRAZY!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You hear us talk about brook Lennon dot com. I
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Plus you get a risk free sixty nights satisfaction guarantee
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They're based in Brooklyn, not your typical New Yorkers. They
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to helping us get the best sleep ever. I love
my sheets from Brooklyn, and I want you to sleep
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your own. Go to brooklyn and dot com. It's b
R okay, l I N E N dot com. Use
the promo code Elvis, get twenty dollars off in free
shipping Brooklyn and the best sheets ever. What would you
talk about on your on your podcast Elvis Presents Show Yea,

Elvis said, why don't you host today? And I go,
all right, I don't know what the hell I want
to talk about, but you go, I wouldn't if I
was hosting. I wouldn't know what I was talking about.
I have no idea. Anybody got something? All right? You
have fourteen minutes and thirty seconds left to go. Oh
my gosh, that's such a long time. Anybody doing today? Exciting?
This weekend? Great? I have something for you, Okay, go ahead.

You get the feeling that like you have all this
energy inside your body again, but you just want to
let it out, like in one scream, but not a
scream in horror, but a reream in excitement, like you
just want to. Like some sometimes people can't take it
and they go into a closet and they let it
out right a scream of happiness. Yes, Like I'm feeling that,

Like I have this urge, like it's it's climbing up
through my chest and it's going up into my neck.
First of all, how many of us are jealous that
we don't have that? SAME's awesome. I really think that's
a great thing to happen. I mean, you don't have
to act on it, but at least you know that
there's something going on. It's good. I just feel like
I don't know what it is. Like something is good

in my mind right now, and I don't know what
it is, but I'm feeling so excited to the point
that I want to go you know what, let's call
it happiness. Yeah, so I want to scream for happiness.
So I wonder if you guys ever feel like you
want to scream for happiness. The past couple of weeks,
I've been smiling a lot. Yeah, I've been in a

great move, just got engaged. Yeah, that's definitely a part
of it. Anyone else in the room so happy that
that would be your scream for happiness because you just
want to like let that out scream. But I'm happy
when I have like all that extra energy, and I'm
so happy. I tend to dance. I tend to put myself,
I put my headphones on, I put on it's usually um,

you know, old school music, and then I just let
it and I'm going crazy and I'm dancing and I
get out all of my energy. So what did you
want to box it up and just scream it out?
Or running the closet like he said what he was
doing before? He kept so Brodie and I were sitting
in here and he kept opening the door and just
screaming and then closing the door, and We're both looking

at each other like what the hell was he doing?
Now we know what we want to al Right, Brodie, scary,
Do you want to add to this? Have you ever
been so excited you just want to scream? Well? I
usually scream when I'm excited, so I have I don't
I don't hold it back. How often are you excited?
I'm excited. I'm excitable a screamer, though, But if if

I'm going to scream, I'm just gonna go be out
with it. I'm not gonna just try and think about
when Scary gets excited and happy. He does have a
lot of energy. He talks really fast, and he gets
nervous energy. I do. I get anxious. Yeah, you know what.
I don't see Brody getting all excited. I get excited.
I actually, uh, last week I thought about how I
was about to get excited. I bought my Mega Millions

ticket and I started thinking, how will I react if
the numbers are like? Will I just go or will
I just go? Like? Great? Yeah, I saw I was
imagining winning. Of course I got zero numbers. If you
can keep you want to get an update on that.
That's why I'm saying the best part of a lottery
is until it's all great, until you find that you lost.

Don't buy the tickets today, But do you ever in
your head like give the speeches? Because you know there's
the press conference that comes with winning the money usually,
so do you think about how you're going to address
people in the crowd and in the press come. No,
but here's what I did think. I was like, do
I need to get the lawyer? You have to get
a lawyer? Do you tell my wife before I tell

the kids, what do you do? And then do I
not tell you? Guys? And then if the story comes
out in the paper and you're like, oh some guy
named it? What see? I would understand if you didn't
tell you. I get that because then come out and
from the press conference, I'm gonna say as little as possible,
Mr Durand how excited are you? You just want five
million dollars? Very could you guys come to work and

be completely normal having just won five million dollars? Do
you mean say anything? And the way you always do?
I haven't. No, you would have bought the radio station.
I wouldn't believe me if I had money, I wouldn't
get into radio. What you get? What would you get into?
What would? I don't know, but I will tell you this.

I do know enough about money too not go out
and blow at all. I do know someone who want
a very sizeable, sizeable lottery um number whatever a lot
and it's gone. It's gone. They just went out and
bought every stupid thing they could think of. They're like, well,

this is just money I didn't have, so might as
well just go spending all the stupid stuff. Well that
was their choice. That you can do it. That's why
I worry about like, you know, I look at artists,
like when we see who we're talking about, what we're
talking about Cardi b and House, you are going to
go and buy a blue in a green Lamborghame, right,
So like I think about that, and I think that, Okay,
well she's buying all this stuff. I hope she's saving

her money as well for her future, because you know,
you never know, because we've seen like people like you know,
if you don't know who that is, google it from
back in the day, and you know, you look at
him and you think he made so much money and
he blew blew it all. I mean, he could have
been sitting pretty right now. That's the thing you win.

Let's say you are a recording artist and you make
a lot of money and you don't have someone helping
you manage it, so it's not like you're buying nothing
but Lambeau's. You could be out there like buying apartment
bill holdings because someone told you it's a great investment
for the future, and but they go, they go tis
up and you lose all your money. I have a
friend who's an accountant and he works with musicians, and

he does everything he can to help them understand that
music is not like an ongoing job. It's it's EBB
and flow money comes in, that money stops. He teaches
them to like put money away because it's gonna stop.
It's important. I think and Sync was like one of
the boy bands that actually did well because I think
Joey Fatone and Lance I think they actually did very

well with doing the right thing with their money and
they didn't spend it, like curiously, what are you doing
with all your money? No? No, no, no, I I
save it. I'm hoping for a nest egg? Is that
what they call those things? Well, yes, I don't know
if you you guys watched the nest Egg? Did you
guys watch the Money episode of CBS Sunday morning? It
was all yesterday. They do this money episode every year

and they're talking about savings, They're talking about happiness and money.
Does money bring you happiness? They actually, I think we
talked about this in the room or on the air.
They actually gave let's say, a hundred dollars to three
different people. Each got a hundred dollars over here and
said go buy whatever you want with it. Then three
people over here. They gave them each three hundred dollars
and said, either spend the money on an experience, or

spend that money on hiring someone to come in and
make your life easier, like someone's gonna come in and
clean your house. Those people were infinitely more happy with
their hundred dollar win following what they did with than
the people that went out and just bought something, because
how many things can you buy? Plus after a while
that thing usually wears off. The shiny new thing becomes
the you know, old thing, dusty, the dusty old thing.

I have. Somebody gave me from my birthday three years ago,
a two gift card to Amazon. When I got it,
I thought, this is fantastic. I can put this Twitts
things I wouldn normally buy. I can put this twits
something I couldn't afford, and this will help me get it.
And I can't find anything that brings me more enjoyment
than having the gift card knowing that I could spend
it at any time. Anything's able. See what you're doing,

it's the experience that you're loving and not the actual thing.
That's what my son does. He's nine, and he won
a hundred dollars on one of those scratch offs. So
when he went to give the card and they gave
him a hundred dollar bill, he will not spend that
hundred dollar bill. He will just open his wallet and
look at it, and I'll say, don't you want to
spend it? No, mommy, I won this hundred dollar bill.
This is the coolest thing ever. And he doesn't know

that that gives them so much enjoy You guys could
buy me a thousand dollar Amazon gift card. It could
be fake. I'll think it's real. I'll get so much
enjoyment at I'm never going to spend it. Well, that's
why you get enjoyment out of owning a lottery ticket
before the lottery's numbers or show yes I'm a winner
until I'm not. That's true. So what about you, Uh, Garrett,

you have two kids, you have a wife. Do you
do you have money? Are you putting money aside? So
my wife and I actually had this conversation last week. She's, uh,
she's thinking about, you know, maybe looking for a new
job in the medical field down the road. And we
said that if she were to get a job like
that she's looking for, we could probably live off of
one of our paychecks and save the rest, like put

it straight into savings. So you're talking about what you
could be doing, could be, but you're not doing it
yet to a degree, yes, but not like full full,
full blown right into the deep end. We're kind of
like in the shallow end right now of the pool.
A study was recently done millennials. Here we go talking
about a group of people, which I hate putting people

in these in these categories, but they're saying that millennials
cannot afford houses anymore because they're spending too much money
on their bachelor and bachelorette party. I could see that
the study actually from real estate website Zillo suggests that
lavish pre wedding bashes might also be the real culprit
hendering newly weds from buying houses. This is what I
don't get. Like to me, Okay, we spent a lot

of money on our wedding, but we would we thought
about it. That is a down payment on a house
and a lot of you know whatever. You can take
that money and invest it into something you know and
start on apart in or whatever and a start instead
of spending all that money on a wedding. So all
of this our advice to you. I don't want to
believe me. Get yourself a house, so okay, So when

is it worth shelling up money for something that's probably
too expensive? I think life changing things like a house,
like a new car, like a vacation that you'll probably
never go on ever again, if somebody, like if a
cleaning lady is going to help you get time back.
I always look at things with time, like if you
have very limited time on your hands and something, spending

a little bit more on something will help get you
that time back. Like maybe you're out there constantly mowing
the lawn and gardening and baha, and you'd like that
to buy some time. Maybe get some time by getting
somebody in to help you with it. And I'm not
talking about that. I'm talking about what if you've got
a thousand dollars today someone handed you ten crisps. What

about us just going to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and
getting a room for a night, and let's us live
it up and let's just blow that money. Look, it's
it's not a wise decision, right, but some people I
lead on that, but that decided I lean on rather
than saving it, because but you don't have kids. You
don't have a you know what I'm saying, having a

family or children, So to him, that would be a
good idea to do. But even if you don't have
a family, every once in a while you need to
do that to have some type of normalcy where you're like, hey,
I did do that, which actually that it's abnormalcy is
what we're looking for. What I'm saying, you want to
do something that's because look, you've got look at you,
great teeth, roundheaded, fried pot. You've got a wife, two kids,
and and your kids are at this expensive part of

their lives. Gosh, wouldn't it be great just to like
not tell anyone and go get a room at an
expensive hotel, just order room service, and I would be
like home alone, boy, I would love that. I think
that we deserve it. I think that we needed when
the last time you did it, it has been a
long time since we've actually done somebody much. The last
time you just blew money out like there was it

was worth nothing, like it was monopoly. I was twenty Yeah,
that long ago. Mine's coming up in August. I'm doing it.
You're doing it. We're going My wife and I were
going to NAPA and we're going to this restaurant called
French Laundry. French Laundry is great where you pay upfront
a hell of a lot of money that I've probably
have never paid for in my life going to eat dinner.

But but it's for the experience. It's the Hey, we
did do this, that's cool. I've been a French laundry,
but someone else paid. When someone else paid, I'm ready
to spend the money. Look, I know it's rough. You
know what making ends meet, and you know you just
don't know where your rent is gonna come from this
and that the last thing on earth you should be
doing is blowing a thousand dollars at some restaurant or wherever.

But damn it, don't you want that lottery just win?
At one time you could go out there and just
do those craziest things come on every now and then,
Like I'll put aside a little bit of money to say, okay,
this is my like if I sell something, like sometimes
I'll go sell some of your body. But I'm doing
a pot No, I'm doing Poshmark right now and certain things,
so so I'll take that money. Okay, this is my

spending money. I can spend it on myself to do
what I want with Brody, you bought the car you like?
Oh well, at least it because buying it was not
an option. But yes I did. I that's one thing
that that my family we all agree that I can
get the car I want. Leave Daddy alone. About you, Elvis, like,
what what was like that? That one thing that you
just said? You know what, screw it. I'm just gonna

go do it and not think about it. Like I'm
older and I've I've I've thrown away a lot of
money on stupid things. I've learned that if I'm gonna,
if I'm gonna put a lot of money out there
that I shouldn't be doing. It's too an experience. It's
to a trip. It's to something that I can remember
and not just look at that's gonna get dust. And
I don't. I don't. I'm not buying stupid shit anymore.

I'm really I stopped doing it. I don't. I mean,
I just don't buy stupid stuff anymore. When I lost
all the weight, I was up buying a ton of clothes.
That was a phase I went through. I'm not doing
that anymore. You barely buy clothing now, I barely buy clothing,
not know and what I do? I mean. We went
to t J Marshall, t J Max. We went to Marshall.
We went to Marshall's Downtown. There's a secret Marshal's Downtown Manhattan,

and no one knows about. No. I'm done going out
and overspending on stuff. When I saw that check at
this morning, I said, that's definitely a t J Max.
This is two years old. But actually you probably might
be able to get into t J Max if it's
a designer. You just have to dig to dig. So
spending money is a lot of fun, but what are
you spending it on. Don't spend it on stupid crap.

Spend it on stuff that's gonna make you go God,
that was a fun experience. My husband does that. He'll say, look,
if we're gonna do it, if we're gonna go on
this trip, we're going to do it the right way.
We're gonna save our money, and we're gonna do it
the way we should do it because we never know
if we're gonna ever do that trip again. You know,
we have an opportunity next August. It's so a year
from this, coming in this month. So Trish's family, her aunt, uncle,

they got a villa in Tuscany. Well, so they're gonna
be there for five weeks and they're like everybody can
come whenever. And I'm like, Trish, I don't know if
we go now, just get there. You have, but you're
gonna stay in a villa in Tuscany someone else. So
what is just paying for it? I don't know. Go
fund me, go fund olive guard. It's cheaper to go there.
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