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August 9, 2017 16 mins

Skeery is the worst liar in our group!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
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slash fifteen. What would you talk about on your on

your podcasts morning show? I'm really ever ready? Are we
ever ready? For? What? I mean? You know? So what
ends up happening is as we start the podcast every morning,

we kind of look around at each other and see
if we're ready to start, and we always say someone says,
you guys ready, So today Brodie is like, now I'm
not ready. But I'm like, but even if Brodie said
were ready, I wouldn't have been ready. Say, sometimes it's
easier to just hit the button and start the podcast rolling,
and then we get ready. What happens once the lights
are on, once the microphones are on, We're ready. Everybody's ready.

What's the matter being? You know? I feel like Sam's
microphone is really hot. I'm always very loud. It's just
hot in general, Dan yelle, you're gonna make also, Dan
yell with the flattery of me. You need to stop
because I don't even think things as nice as you say.
So it's like a deer in headlight. So thank you,
But Jesus, this was the opposite of what thank you? Scary,

But now I'm embarrassed. Sam's Sam has a problem. And
she was telling me outside and it was making my
feet sweat. I do have a problem, and your reaction
to it was what I was fearing. Um. So I
have a friend and she's lovely and whatever we have,
we've like a real friend. We've hung out and everything's great.
Nothing happened between us. Our conversations are super but lately

she hasn't been putting in much effort as far as
either texting first or asking to hang out or anything
like that. So the last time we tried to hang out, um,
she's oh. Backstory. She's admitted to me before that sometimes
to other people she uses her dog as the reason
she can't hang out. Wait wait, wait, she has a dog.

She just says, oh, every once in a while, and
I don't want to hang out. I just say puppy
this or that, you know whatever. So she told me, okay,
this was a while ago, and then I was walking
to her apartment, which is in Hoboken, so I had
to leave about forty five minutes early, and about seven
minutes after I left, she texted me, puppy just got sick.
Like I got it. I got to cancel. It gets better, Okay.

So at that point I thought, oh, okay, you know
it could totally happen. She was going away for the
weekend to a wedding, so I, okay, you need to
go take care of puppy. I get. I keep walking
to Hoboken because I wanted to stop off in a
store and I someone taps me on the shoulder in
the store. It's her, she's shopping. Why would she tap

you on the shoulder in the store. Maybe you was
afraid we'd see each other because they were only like
three people in the store. She said, oh my god,
I forgot to get a gift for the bride and groom.
I was just in here before I went to go
take him to the vet, and she she wasn't panicking, though,

So honest, shopping, this is what you should have heard.
And that was hard. Diving behind the clothing rack, you
wouldn't see her. I know I think that she I
think she wasn't panicking, because this is what you do
when you get caught. You have to really own it.
And if you know that, to panic will make you
look guilty, So you have to be like hey and

own it and then quickly come up with the reason
why you're there. First of all, do you have practices constantly?
I am always I'm canceling plans all the time. I
go to Bethany for excuses. Total I perma canceled. This
is why I don't make plans anymore in the first place,
because I know I'm going to cancel him. Danielle canceled
on me because a hard dog didn't even have a dog.

Bethany gave me that excuse. I got out of work
three times for the same grandmother dying. That's how I
got into radio. Just three grandmothers wild same one died
three times and she's still alive. By the way, I
feel like bless her. The Norwegians are strong people, hardy people.
She's stupid that she gave her secret in the first place,
because you just totally fucked herself up with that one.

I mean, is it's am I so naive and yes
shut up to think that maybe I can't wait around
for the rest of the question. You you are so kind,
You probably are the kindest person we know, and you
give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You always think
everybody is being on and you're awarded as you also

really tend to keep people around who aren't the nicest
to you for longer than you should because you think
better of that. Realized I'm the male version of sham. No,
you are not some respect, You're hot and do yoga. Respect.
But it's true though, I feel like I always think.

I always believe people because I want to. I know
that I'm a good person, and I only treat people
the way that I feel like I should be treated.
So I'm thinking the best people are always giving me
the real answers, and and and and now the fact
I catch people in lies. You know you've caught people
in lies. Have caught you, Ashole, I would never lie
to you. Why would you do that to me? I'm not.

I mean, you guys are all going to laugh at me.
I'm still not convinced it's a lie. Are dogs get sick?
And she did have to take him with her for
the weekend, so it wasn't like she could just wait
like they were going to go to a car for
all of your eyes are seering. I agree, Actually, honey, listen,
I agree with Scary that you two are both kind

of the same in that vein, and that you really
do think the best of people and assume the best,
and sometimes you get used because of that. And Scary
doesn't even think that that girl was telling the truth.
So exactly, Okay, so do I now what? I think?
You got to talk to her? I talked to her
because I'm not going to get over it. It's been

bothering me more over time. It's been a couple of weeks.
If this was a guy, what would you do if
you were dating him? If I were dating it, you'd
break up with him. That Yeah, why put up with
that from a friend? Good point? All right? Now, you
wouldn't tolerate that from anybody, But you're tolerating it from
somebody who you call a friend, who treats you like that,

who obviously doesn't respect you enough not to do that
to you. Here's what you do? You send the link
to the podcast? And why not? I think it would
be different if I felt like her efforts continued afterwards,
But for that to happen, and for her to not
text first, not asked to hang out anymore, not this that.
I'm like, girl, what's up? Wow? I'm starting to listen

to you people as somebody who does cancel a lot um.
I would have done in that situation if I had
lied to you, which would have been crappy, and I
wouldn't have lied to you. I would have texted after
we ran into each other quote unquote and just said, dude,
super random, like you know, I hope, I don't know.
I would have said something. I would have closured it

a little, right. I like, if I were in that situation,
let's assume that it's it's not like, let's assume dog sick, crap,
I have to get a gift, let me do it now.
Because the store was by her apartment, I feel like
I would start it with this, couldn't look where it's hot,
like I would. I would address the awkwardness that the
other person must be feeling because she was normal. But
there's no way my eyebrows looked normal right seeing her,

I remember thinking, what, yeah, even if she thought it
was fine, she should see that you didn't think it
was fine. Okay, yeah, that part. I definitely am with
A and also, like you, Sam, are probably the most
understanding of people being quirky with their plans. We've talked
before of how I never can hang out or on

when I actually can hang out. I often don't want
to because I've been in a position of not being
able to be alone for a while, and you are
great about it and super understanding, and so I feel
like of anybody, she should have felt comfortable saying I
just don't want to hang out. I feel like, what
do you think should people start just making because we
I get crap it's on for that kind of stuff,
and so do you some people, you know, you can't

just say I don't feel like hanging out right now
and had to be okay. Maybe maybe she's gotten a
lot of crap from other people and she's like, I
just need to be as from henceforth. I don't know.
I I think she just think she got away with it,
didn't get away with it. I think the real issue
here is that if you have a secret, you don't
tell people, or if you have if you have a

way out. I think that's the issue. So I I
did the same thing many years ago. So you guys
know I do improv. And so my wife and I,
many many, many many years ago, were involved in a
situation that I had to talk away out of, and
I convinced the people the situation. I told a story
from my childhood. I got a little teary eyed, really

sold it hard. We won the situation, whatever the case was.
And afterwards she said that was unbelievable. I had no
idea that you know, And I said, bro, so I
mean I had an opportunity there to say, yeah, you know,
I just I felt I needed to say those things.

But I felt like bragging about my ability and saying, oh, yeah,
it's a gift I have. How great am I? But
my ability to lie to your face with a straight
face is not good when you actually tell the truth
to your wife and she thinks you're doing improv And
so it's been twenty years since you believed me. But

but now whenever I tell a story or if like
we're a group where couples are at a party and
I'm telling a story, she's like, I don't know if
that's a true story, because I tell the story, is
if I believe it, because that's what you have. Crazy.
But that's what makes me go to phone taps. But
in that regard, I get into a different frame of mind.
But but as far as like lying to people's faces,
I'm so bad at lying. Like if my friends asked

me to go out. I don't want to go out.
You know, maybe I would. You used to have been
like trying to make up every excuse in the book,
but now I'm just like, I fucking tired, man, I'm
going to bed, and you don't make fun of me.
All you want, that's the chance. And now I'm okay
with it because I'm okay. I'm okay with telling people
how I feel. But you're also bad at lying to
cover up when you should have lied. Well, no, I don't,

but because I don't like it like doing that. Yeah,
But but here's the things like if I say to you, hey,
you want to hang out or whatever, you go, no, no,
I'm going home whatever legitimately, But then you'll go out
and you'll go to a club or a dinner with people,
and then the next day will come out with you
the next right, the next day, I'm fine with that.
Next the next day, I'll go what you do you you?
Oh my god, I was at this party. I was
crazy because that's what I did. Right. Sometimes you should

lie and you don't. So you're saying it would make
you feel better if I, like, if I call you
that time that we were on the phone and you
were at a party. You didn't say, uh, yeah, it's
just I'm on the subway. It's really loud here. I'll
call you later. You're like, I have this great party.
It's too bad you're not here. That yeah, there would
have been kind of nice because it wouldn't asking you
how you feel about their haircut, like the haircut is

totally done. Might be nice to compliment the haircut and
then later on if they asked if they should get
it again, and then they say, now, I clearly liked
you better. I clearly like you better with longer hair.
But yeah, and you listen, but I personally like you
with longer hairy. You have done this also when Elvis
took you on that trip and Greg Tea was so

jealous that he didn't go, and you like lied about
when you were on a boat, and then you posted
pictures on Facebook on the boat when you like, wasn't me,
it was Froggy's wife Lisa, okay, and then you whatever,
you were smiling in the picture, you were posing in
the picture. He didn't see me with my with my
carry on and he was like, hey, where you where?
You came into work with luggage stead of going out

with some friends for the weekend. But it was his friends.
It was a co workers, And it wasn't like you
were going away for the you went away for the weekend.
You didn't go like you from New York to New Jersey.
You went from New York to Miami on a boat.
But he wasn't. He wasn't going, So I would have
been screwed. I mean, at least not post would because

that he would have missed out. That's scar. I don't
want to spote to miss out. If I go, who's
that can out? But I'd rather people be more honest
and be just say what you mean, Like, hey, if
you don't want Bethany, you to my face you've said, yeah,
I'm just gonna stay in with my cats this weekend,
or I'm not. I never said, by the way, I've
never said I'm staying in with my cats. Do not

two cats for a week and a half. She never
said that. I literally never said in my life I'm
staying in with my cats. She's rights, although better conversationalist
than you see times liar. She just called you out exactly.
I told you even lie? What did I say? No? Yeah,
A couple of weeks ago, you were hanging out my neighborhood.
It was like a Friday night, and you said, Hey,

we're gonna be out if you want to join us,
and I literally said, I'm exhausted. I haven't had any
time all week. I'm gonna say it, by the way,
I appreciated that, and I hold it against you, But
had you lined that would have been And then later
on he saw you at the the one time you
said you were in Bethany's neighborhood that you wanted to
hang out with her, she made up a story about
being evicted, and now she's moving to go away from you. Yes,

and I've been evicted to leave my apartment and move
somewhere else. Scary. I don't know where. I'll never know where.
She's become French too, so committing to character. But I
feel like if you're really honest about it, then when
something crazy does happen legitimately, people will believe you. So
like if your dog really does get sick, they're gonna
last seven times she made up a really lame excuse

or was honest, so I'll believe her like this, Yeah,
but I think I'm trying. I try to be very
honest too with things, because if something does happen, then
I want to be able to say this just happened.
I gotta go. He stop talking about Hey, we were

just talking about nothing. Nothing the podcast you guys are doing.
I mean, the odds of Gregg getting upset in a minute,
or just why do you scary? What he's doing? Nothing?
Just hanging out here and alright, cool guys, cool like them,
great T shirt. Ye you feel like we were talking
about you for the past. You know, I just walked things.

I know where ust to go, nothing else to do.
It's kind of wasting time. This is a thank you God,
A couple of cookies one there. It is. You know what.
He's gonna leave right after this, and then whenever he
says while you leave early goes. I just did the podcast. Man,
leave me alone. He's probably the most honest person here
because he'll tell you to your face. He hates your guts,

tell you like, on Friday, I'm going home to masturbate
totally Friday, totally. The other day I hate everyone here,
and I said that's now. By the way, if anyone
can't make plans because they're masturbating, I'm fine with that.
Scary Go to Miami this week fifteen minute morning show

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